Awesome Sex Experience With My Friend

Hellu dosto, this is my first story on ISS. My name is Rishav Sharma, from a beautiful city Guwahati (Assam). My story is 100% genuine and true. Its about one of my friend and me. My friends name is Naina. God has just awarded her with awesome assets. Like other guys I cant say about the boobs size and hips size. For any feedback or for any enjoyment if needed to any1 just knock at [email protected]

Now coming to the story… This story is about just 6months before. Till date I have done lots of sex with lots of girls. But this girl Naina has made me learn what an enjoyment of sex is. Note: The entire names in this story have been changed, I respect girls, I cant disclose and do badly to any girls. I got to know Naina through one of my friend. After that I and Naina exchanged our numbers and as committed we will chat on WhatsApp. We just used to exchange a normal message, after that Naina use to tell about her likes and dislikes, I also shared the same. This became a regular routine of wishing good morning, good evening, blah, blah, and blah. She slowly became trusting me and I also use to tell her everything what happened from morning to evening in my office. We started meeting. I still remember we first went to a temple; she is like a devotional girl. After that we went for a long drive. On the way it started to rain heavily and I parked my car in side of a road. The rain was so heavy that neither we can look somebody outside nor others can see us what we are doing inside. We were just gossiping as that was our first meet. I started talking with her and slowly. I was getting aroused. Her boobs were marvelous. Her juicy lips, I still cant forget. I thought of squeezing the boobs and lips but I controlled since it was our first meet. I dont want to lose her. We started meeting regularly. Naina started liking me but I was just feeling for sex, not more than that. One day, I told her that I am alone at home. She said that she too is getting bored. So I just asked her to come to my place, I will make Maggi for her. She thought for a moment a replied in Yes. I was a bit afraid about the neighbors which are regular practice to back-bite. She came within half an hour.

In the mean time I purchased a Viagra 100mg and 2 cups of ice-cream. I took Viagra since as per instruction it should be taken half an hour before. After that she came to my house, I safely made her enter my house. After that I took her to my room saying that neighbor might hear our voice and may tell my parents, . So I took her to my room, she sat on my bed, and I too adjusted there. After that I made Maggi and we too ate it. We started talking all the general things, she was just laughing on my words. I dont know what happened, I kissed softly on her cheeks and with my left hand i put on her shoulder. She didnt take it seriously and continued talking. After that I put my lips on her lips and started smooching which in result she also responded. It was the best kiss ever. I still remember, the situation seems that she is hungry for sex from a long time. And though its a teen age, it happens to all. I made her lie on my bed and I came on top of her started smooching like a lollipop. I really is proud of myself that I can kiss in awesome style. Trust me I am not kidding. After that she insisted me to take a blanket, maybe she is getting shy. We came inside the blanket, I was kissing her hungrily and she was too responding. I was rubbing my rock hard penis on her vagina. I slowly started pressing her boobs. First she removed my hand; later on she stopped defending her boobs. I still remember, it was the bigger and in shaped boobs I ever met. I insisted her to remove her top. She agreed and I removed the top. Her black bra has forced me to give a good pleasure to her boobs. I removed her bra; I took her pink nipples and squeezed it by my lips. It was awesome man, I loved it.

She was too high and aroused. She is shouting my name. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh Rishav eat my boobs. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. In the mean time I slowly started unhooking her pant with which I succeeded. I started rubbing her vagina above her pant. She was enjoying my action. I got an idea. I just removed my t-shirt and my pant. I became naked. I told her that its your time to remove your clothes. Instantly she threw me aside and came on my top and start biting my chest. She started smooching my ear lobes, my eyes, my chest, and she took my 7inch lund in her mouth and started smooching it. She showed her best. I am getting mad on her action. She herself removed her remaining clothes and came on my top. My penis was requesting me to get a vagina for him. I told Naina to get into 69 position which she agreed. I too started smooch her vagina at its best. Now the moment came we both cant control. I came into the missionary position. My action of Viagra has started and my penis has become rock hard. She herself took my penis and trying to insert it in her vagina. My condition was also very bad, I made a hard push and my whole penis got inside. She shouted like hell, I was trying to get out my penis but she told to wait, she will bear the pain. After sometime I started stroking to and fro. She too started enjoying. I put my lips on her, my hands on her boobs. My whole body is functioning at its best.

After 15minutes of great fucking i was about to come, I sprayed a load of sperm in her vagina and she too was discharged. I took out my penis and we were really tired, she slept on me. After talking for half an hour, she told me that she needs a fuck once again. I told that see my penis is really tired. She told that she will make her like a rod in two seconds. I told to try it. She jumped on me like a tiger and kissed me fully, later on smooch my penis; bite my ass, kissed my balls which made me ready to shoot. She came on top of me and inserted my penis on her vagina. She was jumping like hell. Her boobs showed a great jump too. She sprayed her load which falls on my thighs. I too ejaculated inside her vagina. We both were totally satisfied. I saw in the clock, it was 8pm. Its time for my mother to come from the market. So I told her that lets get ready. She agreed and wore her clothes. Before putting her top, I insisted her for a finger fuck in the ass. She told me to do slowly. I put the middle finger in the ass. It was too tight with awesome feel. My penis was still hard, its the Viagra reaction. She asked me the reason of still getting a hard penis after a long sex. I told her that I can fuck whole night continuously. She loved with that and told that if whenever she gets a chance she will ask for a night stay. Till date we had sex near about 8-9 times. Whenever I feel like having sex she comes to my place or I go to her place. I respect girls, and none of them knows about our relation except this ISS which is also published on her request.
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