Rajiv Fucks Hot Chat Friend Sonia

Hello friends my name is Rajiv, 38 years old from Gujarat working in sales for the last 10 years. My work takes me to different places within the country. I’ve had a fairly routine life so far, with a nice family. The incident that I am about to narrate is 4 years old and completely true. During my travels, I used to chat on yahoo and rediff messenger searching for women to chat with. As it usually happens. after a few chats, these friendships don’t last or don’t go to the next level and die a natural death.

Once I came across a woman who was about 14 years older than me. Chatting with a woman so senior to me was never on my agenda but out of curiosity I continued chatting with her and realized that she was a wonderful conversationalist. We became good friends over a period of time and got to know that she was a widow with grown up kids and she was living an independent life. We shared our pictures and I was totally bowled over by her looks. Actually more than her looks it was her fit body that attracted me so much. Her dressing sense is very sophisticated and she looks very chic in whatever she wears. Coupled with that, her beautiful hair, her sensuously soft skin and a toned body added to her sex appeal. The moment I saw her, I was completely enamored by her. Of course, she was not somebody for whom I would leave my family but she was mouth-watering enough for me to contemplate cheating on my wife.

We continued chatting for several months and during this period, it was natural that we got close to each other. Our chats started including sex chat and phone sex whenever the opportunity presented itself. Which wasn’t very regular, but both of us were very happy and immensely attracted towards each other. I was desperate to meet her because I knew that somewhere something really good is in store for me. After about 5 months of chatting, opportunity presented itself in the garb of a business meeting in her city. I was supposed to be there for 2 days and had checked into my usual hotel where I had been going for years. After a hectic day at work, I called her for dinner which she declined as she had a prior engagement but was ready to meet at some place for a quick snack. We met at an upscale restaurant which was convenient for both of us. I reached the appointed spot and I was waiting for her with my heart racing at 100 miles an hour because this was the first time in 8 years that I was meeting somebody like this, and that too, a mature woman who had seen it and done everything in life.

As I looked around, I saw a woman who didn’t look more than early 40’s walking towards me and smiling. Of course I had seen her pictures, but seeing her in front of me at that time made my jaw drop. She was wearing tight fitting trousers which accentuated every bit of her sensuous figure and her well shaped hips. My eyes moved up a bit and I saw her top which was very classy and a perfect fit. The top gave full justice to her extremely curvy boobs. There was just a hint of cleavage visible. This woman oozed sexuality from ever bit of her body without being vulgar at all.

Finally my eyes rested on her face which was radiant with smile, not a hint of makeup but her skin was absolutely glowing and lips were touched up with a hint of lip gloss which made them very inviting. She came up to me and gave me a tight hug. ‘Rajivvvvvv! what a pleasant surprise! I am so happy to see you’ and I responded equally enthusiastically. The moment we met, we were talking as if we were two long lost friends meeting after ages. Inside the restaurant our conversation went something like this

“Rajiv jab main aayi toh tum kya dekh rahe they?” she asked

“Sonia main tumhe dekh raha thaa. aur kuch nahi.” I replied.

“All men are same, bas ladki dekhi nahi ki nazaar saari body par ghumate hain.! And I thought you would be different. at least you wouldn’t look at me like that” she said smilingly.

“Sonia. if I was looking at you and checking you out, did you mind at all?” I asked

“I would have been sad had you not checked me out properly. I would have thought that something is wrong with me and my charms have stopped working on men!” she replied naughtily.

She had a very charming personality with a luscious body that would have felt so awesome in my arms. We kept talking for an hour and we ate something and just don’t remember how time flew. It was time for both of us to go because she had some other engagement and I had to attend to a client for drinks and dinner. As we exited the restaurant, we saw complete chaos. It has started raining suddenly and the traffic had come to a standstill. So I called up my client and informed him of the situation and he also confirmed that he was in a similar predicament so it was ok if I got delayed. That gave me some more time with my sexy friend and I decided to drop her to her destination. As luck would have it, the rain increased and the only ride we could find was an auto. So we jumped into an auto which was covered on both sides so that water couldn’t come in. It did offer certain amount of privacy and I was really happy about it.

The auto was barely inching away and the driver wasn’t looking in the rear view mirror since it was dark and it was raining in sheets. We sat cosily together and I could smell her exotic perfume. The scent of her perfume, the closeness and warmth of her body made me forget everything. I knew we weren’t just friends because we had shared lot of explicit moments on the phone as well as on chat. It was almost certain that something would happen but none of us said anything. There was a kind of a sexual tension in the air which was impossible to break and suddenly she held my hand and said nice things about how she felt good about sharing her life and her sorrows with me because she was all alone and couldn’t show her true feelings in front of anyone else.

I could feel that she was emotional and feeling very lonely so I just held her hand and we sat quietly, waiting for the destination to arrive; both of us in our own thoughts and our world. Subconsciously, I put my arm around her and she put her head on my shoulder. It was a beautiful and romantic moment. As a married man, this was the first ever experience of being with another woman and I felt really good about it. Slowly she hugged me and kissed me full on my lips. My hands went to the side of her breasts and gave her a gentle squeeze. Suddenly I could feel a sharp intake of breath with a very soft moan barely audible to me.

The kissing became more urgent and our tongues were playing and exploring each others mouth. She was extremely hot and since my hands were caressing her body, I could feel her taut body and realized that she is one sexy woman who takes really good care of herself. All this would have taken about 10-15 minutes or less, I don’t remember. We broke the kiss and just held hands, without saying anything to each other. But I could feel that this incident had given me a hard on and I was feeling really happy with the way things had turned out. I couldn’t have expected a better outcome from this meeting. We finally said our good bye with a promise to speak with each other in the morning. I couldn’t sleep whole night and kept thinking about how could I take her to bed but sadly I had too much work and had to leave for another location in the evening. I sent her a couple of texts but they didn’t get delivered. Somehow I got free post lunch around 3 pm since the last client had some emergency and he cancelled our meeting so I had free time on my hands. I called her to see what her plans were and she was angry with me for not calling her.

“Rajiv please doesnt talk to me” she said.

“ Sonia I am sorry I was really busy and the moment I got free I called you plus I sent you messages which you didn’t reply to” I replied.

Caught on the wrong foot, she replied “Oh well in that case I have to say sorry because my network is messed up and I don’t get messages sometimes”.

“Anyways Sonia, I just called to tell you that last night was the most beautiful time I’ve ever spent with someone and I am really going to miss you.” I replied.

“Oh why where are you going? Whats your plan?” she asked.

“I have a meeting tomorrow in another city and I need to go there today” I replied.

“Oh that’s too bad I wanted to take up your offer on dinner which we missed last night” she said.

Suddenly without thinking, I said “Why don’t you join me for my trip?”

She was like “Are you serious?”

“Yes I am serious” my heart was racing now. I was desperately hoping that she would say yes because I saw the trailer last night and couldn’t wait to see the complete picture.

“Wait a minute, let me think” she said.

“Take your time, call me whenever you’ve thought this through” I said.

“Arrey wait a minute, let me put you on hold” she replied.

I waited. The seconds were ticking. After what seemed like ages, she came back and said “Okay I have a better idea”

“Shoot” I said.

“There is a beautiful resort on the way to your destination which is about 3 hours from here. So what we do is, we go there, spend some time together and you continue on your journey tomorrow morning while I will come back by train or taxi whatever I get. How does that sound? ” she asked I felt the blood rush to all the right places in my body and I said, “Oh man! That is a wonderful idea. I think that can work because my meeting wont start until 11 so even if I leave from there around 8 a.m. I can be in time for my meeting.”

“Perfect so when are you picking me up?” She asked. “30 minutes” I said.

“Hey lover, the traffic alone will hold you up for an hour at this time of the day and I need at least an hour and a half to get ready since I want this to be special” She said.

“Well don’t worry, I’ll just wait for you whenever you are ready” I replied hoping that I didn’t sound too desperate. Frankly speaking I was nervous. There were a million thoughts running through my mind at that time. One lingering thought was what if I get caught? What if somebody sees me? What If.. Oh hell with what ifs. I don’t care what happens; I am going with Sonia today come what may. I checked out from the hotel, called for a taxi and went to pick her up. She was right. It took more than an hour to reach her apartment since it had started drizzling, throwing the traffic out of gear. I called her as soon as I was about to reach but she wasn’t ready yet.

“Oh Rajiv dear. I told you I need some more time why don’t you wait for just 10 more minutes and I’ll be down” I could that her flirting had started. She called me lover earlier, dear now and probably darling half a dozen times that I don’t remember any more.

She asked me to meet her at the traffic signal near her area because she didn’t want to be seen getting into a taxi with a stranger. I was waiting desperately and each minute was weighing heavily upon me. The rain had increased to a steady drizzle and I was getting impatient. Suddenly there was a knock and I opened the door. There she was a hot smouldering woman right in front of me. For a moment I was dumb struck I couldn’t even greet her and she was like “Hello koi hai?”

“Hi Sonia come in” I said with a weak smile

“Arent you happy to see me?” She asked while sitting down.

“Are you crazy? I am so happy to see you that I could.” I let the sentence linger on since I didn’t want the taxi driver to think anything otherwise which he would have, in any case by looking at us. I was acting like a teenager and I could see that Sonia was enjoying every bit of this discomfort that I felt.

“Arrey darling chill! Whatever you are thinking of, just forget, now you are with me!” she exclaimed. The conversation kind of flowed where we left of last night. She was telling me about her life, her family, her late husband and I was telling her everything about myself. The driver stopped the cab at a dhaba since he wanted to have a cup of tea. He politely asked us if we also wanted to go and have tea or would we like to sit in the car. The guy probably wanted to give us some privacy because he could obviously sense the amazing chemistry that we displayed.

As soon as the guy left, I froze. I couldn’t move. I knew that he wouldn’t be back for 15 minutes at least and here I was with a hot woman, all alone in a car with heavy rain pelting the cars’ roof making an irritating noise since none of us was saying anything. Sonia came close to me and hugged me. I could feel the tension just drain from my body and remembered where I was and with whom. Her body was on fire and I could feel the heat through her clothes. She was wearing a t-shirt which was a bit too tight or may be felt tight because her breasts were large. The color of her skin and features somehow reminded me of Silk Smitha, the south Indian actress and the object of my fantasies for a long time.

We again kissed for a long time and almost forgot that the driver would be back soon. We broke the kiss and she did an amazing thing by licking her lips sexily and winking at me and then blowing a kiss in the air. These few minutes changed the course of this journey and things became very hot after that.

The driver returned and we resumed the journey. I wanted to grab her and make love to her right then and there and every time I looked at her, she would wink at me sexily making me all the more horny. I was only worried about one thing. I was sure that I would cum in 2 minutes if this hot woman pumped my dick a few times. In fact I was crossing and uncrossing my legs to put pressure on my cock because I wanted to get a release. But that would have been really stupid. I could see that her nipples had grown large and were pressing against the bra which was making her uncomfortable too. But naughty that she was, she kept on blowing kisses every time I looked at her or took her tongue out just enough to make me crazy.

We had been more than 2 hours in the car and I was getting impatient. I didn’t say anything but my body language probably gave away a lot so the driver said “Saab lagta hai aaj 3 ki jagah 4 ghante lagenge kyon ki rasta bahut kharab hai” well I had agree to that because I could see that rains were wreaking a havoc.

Finally we reached the destination and entered the resort as a couple. I had called the resort earlier during the day and reserved a room for ourselves. Since it was a week day, there was absolutely no rush which was good for me because I was very nervous. I made the entry in the register and the guy at the counter probably understood so he said “Sir aap sirf apna naam likhiye aur apna ID dijiye. Maine aapke liye ek double room ready kar diya hai”. This was a huge relief because it was the first time ever that I was doing something like this and I sort of felt like a petty criminal. There was absolutely no guilt, just fear of being found out or getting into some sort of mess.

The walk to the room was probably the longest 5 minutes of my life because I knew what was in store for me. The bell boy put our luggage in the room and I locked the door without even tipping the poor guy. I took Sonia to the bed and we just hugged each other for 5 minutes without saying anything. Finally my fantasy was coming true and I was really overwhelmed.

Then the urgency kicked in. I started kissing and licking her like crazy. Our lips melted into each others’ and our tongues mingled and my hands explored her like crazy. I made her to stand up and stood behind her, cupping her breasts and licking her neck and earlobes. She was letting out slow moans of pleasure. “Ohh Rajiv, this feels so good. Its been such a long time that I’ve been with a man so close and I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like. “I caressed and fondled her breasts. My hand reached her crotch and she held my hand there, digging it deeper and moaning sexily. “Ohhhh baby this feels so good please take me.. Please make me cummmmm” I slowly took off her t shirt and she was wearing a red bra which looked amazing against her bronze and silky skin. She took off my shirt and started licking my nipples and it was my time to moan “ohhhhh Sonia this is the most beautiful moment for me and I want to love u the whole night” In no time we were down to our undergarments and she looked absolutely stunning.

I lay her down on the bed and started by licking her sexy navel and planting kisses on them and she was moaning all the time. My hands were caressing her boobs through her bra and I could feel her nipples had grown really erect. I started rubbing my palms over them and suddenly she pulled her bra strap aside and my hands came in contact with her left breast. It was really firm for a woman her age and her erect nipple made mad. I wanted to suck her but I was hell bent upon teasing her. I rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and she was moaning really hard now. She pulled other bra strap aside and now both her boobs free from their confines. Now I moved my attention to her silky thighs and started planting kisses and licking them passionately. All this while I was praising her sexy body and things got really steamy from there on. “Oh Sonia, you are so sexxxxxxy, you have such a wonderful and silky skin and your scent is so amazing!” she was moaning now “aaaahhhhhh Rajiv. Please stop teasing me. Please come and fuck me hard.”

I was really horny now. My cock was erect but I wanted this feeling to linger on. She was wearing a pair of silky red panties and I could see a small patch of wetness on it. I didn’t take off her panties yet. I start rubbing my nose on the wet patch and she was moaning very hard now. “ohh Rajiv please fuck me!!! Fuck me right now!!!” “Sonia darling let me enjoy ur pussy. “Is what I told her? I slowly pulled her panties down with my teeth and she was writhing in ecstasy and I was so hot that I can’t tell you guys. After getting rid of her panties, I kissed her pussy lovingly. Letting my tongue enter her love hole and give her a wonderful lick. I could feel her juices on tongue and she tasted absolutely wonderful. Then I took her swollen pussy lips and sucked on them gently while my hands were caressing and fondling her boobs. My hands were all over her body and my tongue was deep inside her silky wet pussy. My tongue found her swollen clit and I was moving my tongue all over it. And my tongue was flicking over her clit and every time it made contact she shuddered with pleasure.
My mouth was all wet with her cum and my lips and tongue were coated with it. She had a couple of intense orgasms and was lying on her back blissfully. “Rajiv that was the most satisfying oral sex I’ve experienced in a long time. man. How do you do it? That was simply amazing!!!” she said.

Then she looked at my erect cock and grabbed it; rubbing her hand over it expertly. She put her palm on the tip of my cock and was rubbing it so well that I had to stop her otherwise I would have cum right then. She then leaned over my cock and started sucking it. Her hot wet tongue licking my shaft and her sexy pouting lips sucking on the tip. The feeling was so exquisite that I don’t have words to describe it. This was the best oral sex I’d ever experienced. I was enjoying the wonderful sensations and Sonia kept on licking and squeezing my balls. I didn’t want to cum so soon so I asked her to stop. “I want to feel your hot pussy on my cock baby. So please come and sit on my lap” I said. I put on a flavored condom and motioned her to come over me.

She came and sat on lap with my cock entering her wet and juicy pussy. “Ohhh baby your pussy is so wet and tight!!” I exclaimed. I swear guys she really was tight probably because she hadn’t had a man in a long time and I felt as if my cock was in a tight grip!!
She started moving her hips sexily while I sucked on her nipples. She was moaning. ‘Oh Rajiv your cock feels so good inside me. Aaaaaahhhhh ohhhh”

I also couldn’t control myself anymore and was moaning hard. “Oh Sonia you are such a hot and a sexy woman. I love this feeling.aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh”. She increased her pace while I kept pulling her nipples with my lips. She scratched my back and the feeling was so good. There was so much of passion in our love making that both of us went absolutely crazy.

“Ohhh Rajiv. I am cumminggggggg ohhh godddddd this feels so goooood.” I could actually feel her pussy muscles contract and put pressure on my cock. She must’ve cum at least thrice and I hadn’t even reached there yet. “Rajiv please cum I want to feel your cock emptying inside me. I am really dying for that feeling!!!” Then I got on top of her and plunged my cock deep inside her.

She locked her legs around me tightly and I started thrusting hard. I was sucking her lips and I could feel her erect nipples touching my chest. She was moaning at every thrust and I could feel my orgasm building up slowly. My balls swelled up and I could feel the pressure building up. She sensed something and said. “Oh Rajiv u are such a good fucker. Please keep going and cum inside me. Ohhhhhhhhh. ahaaaaaaaaaah.”

Finally could I could feel my orgasm bursting and my entire body got tensed for a moment before the release came in waves.. Waves of pleasure swept over me and I collapsed on top of her in a heap. We lay there on the bed. spent and almost lifeless. Hugging and kissing each other. tired from all the action. I soon drifted off to a refreshing nap.

When I woke up, I saw her wearing a sexy nightie and sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette.

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