Hot Night With My School Friend For 3 Days

This incident happened just 4days ago night with my old school friend. I cant reveal her name. Since I often travel to my native after months work and come back on Monday. Previous week when I was going back to my hometown, I saw my school friend in train going in a train. I was about to catch the train, and was searching a seat and found one lady calling. I saw her felt like I saw her face somewhere and got to know that it was my old school friend. She looking married and traveling to her hometown as well and was alone. She recognized me and offers me a seat and said she was waiting for any woman to come down since many men would grab the seat and be bully often. Since I knew her so called and it is been years last time we seen. She said that she is married a year ago to an engineer who is right now in US on a project work. And unfortunately she didnt get some documents at moment so stayed back and she got work so much in her office too after her promotion. We talked about old times and who we all met lately and exchanged numbers too. It was just casual friendly chat.

I told about my work and tough life and not getting married yet. I asked about her life when she planned to go to US and other things around. I reached home and she hers and I got her message of her getting home. We thought we would go together on Sunday night in a bus since seats were booked. Monday we got an express bus and she was early with her parents sending off to her workplace. They recognized me and wished me for my success and help her daughter to get a cab; she is married so no doubt face on their parents and they knew me during school time as well. We chat about how we spent, and how life is for some time and within less time we slept. In middle of journey I woke up and she was leaning to my shoulders and hugging me since it was so cold and window was open. Her lipsticks gloss was over my shirt. And she was so tightly hugging me. Since it was cold and road was bumpy. I had an erection which was common for men while traveling. Though it wasnt visible but she was hugging me I feel she was dreaming like I was her husband sitting next without much idea of. I didnt wake her up, and while nearing Bangalore. She gets up since she was so closer hugging to me realized that I was sleeping. Since I was almost woke up but pretending not sleeping so that she dont feel bad about her situation. Her sari was so loose. Hairs all messed up due to wind and she saw her lip gloss over my shirt. Everyone probably felt we were couples in the way we slept all during night.

I called my known cab driver to get us. And he was right at time when we reached Bangalore. We just were so sleepy early morning when reached at 4am. So I said I will drop her till her home and cab will take me back to my PG. When reached her home it was too far and reached at 5. She called me inside and told to freshen up here since no one in her flat. I was so tired and told the cab driver to take rest nearby. I was though uncomfortable, but she directed me to rest in a guest room. I went inside freshen up and she got me milk. And I slept for 2 hours. And got up and could see her ready in her kitchen for office. I got dressed up and said will have to go to pg and keep my bags their and then to office, would be late so will hurry. She said let the bags be here had breakfast and can directly go to office and not to hurry and evening when I can come back and take bags later. I was OK with that. We had breakfast and I got my cab and she got hers and both left to office. We were chatting all in days as usual of thanking to each other.

It was normal busy day. So I went back to pg without knowing that my bag was in her room, so immediately got an auto towards her home. When I reached her home it was so late 8:30. She was preparing lunch and since I informed I was coming she prepared some really good dish. We had food and I was about to go but she stopped and told me to rest of the day since it will be late again. Somehow she pestered me since her husband wont be coming for a week. And its scary alone. We chatted normal than had coffee and watched a movie, some really crap Hindi movie. More than movie it was about discussion about past and present. She asked me about girlfriend. And the topic was moving towards sexual. She somehow successfully pulls my experience with the French lady. I told her how it happened. And in a way told her that Indian woman now hardly attracts me. She was taken back and was fuming and angry on me. I eased her in way that why she should be worried since its my personal opinion and she is married already with a great rich man. She was fuming with anger about saying that Indian woman. She went inside her bedroom and locked herself. I went near her door and asked for apology and after minutes she opened the door with crying face. She said she liked me so much during school days but hard to express her but in way sad that I had sex and she is married already due to her parents force and family situation.

She was sobbing in her bed and I was just holding her head. Easing her to forget about all this and lead a good life. She immediately tried to grab my pants and pulling my belts. I was so taken back and said what happened “Pushpa(Name changed) She was in no where controlling and she saying whispering I Want you now. You say Indian woman arent beautiful and worth for bed. Come to me. I want you now. Will show how hungry a woman can be. I was so taken back. I was trying to stop her but she was in way scratching and her attempts to unzip my pants hurt my hands with her sharp nails. I was seeing and trying to control her but within no time my pants were down and she saw my erection over my underwear. She was AAA see you wanted me. I said anyone who does this action gets erection. She pulled my dick out my underwear. I was so in confusion. Was in high mood, let her do what she likes. She immediately took my dick in her mouth and starting gulping and shaking it. i was so much excited within just few seconds to utmost erection. I pulled her bed and she removed her sari so quick. I pulled her blouse and petticoat. She was wet in her panties and can see her black bra so huge books and erect nipples were clearly visible. She was pulling me making me to enter her right away.

I didnt waste time since her saliva was so glossing over my penis. And I pulled her panties down and she removed her bra is flick second and both were stark naked. I had such hard-on, seeing her curves. She tried to pull and guide my dick to her pussy. I adjusted my dick to her entrance and eased on top of her. She grunted and I was AA. As her pussy was wet and in a way a little dry inside, it went little and with another push it went so easy. Both grunted when I was so completely deep inside her. Since it was so quick I wasnt in mood to pull back and felt so tired due to quick fuck. I lifted myself and we both kissed first time and I was moving inside her.

I dont know how anyone speak about what they are experiencing or what woman is talking so clearly. But what I feel with her was intense fucking. I didnt know what she was doing; she was probably pulling my thighs since I had her scratches on my thighs and back. What I feel was both were intensely fucking hardcore like nonstop. I was able to hear our moans grunts and I was pulling her waist once squeezing her breasts biting sometimes and she used to pull my head to kiss me we were kissing sometimes and my dick was going like a piston inside and out of her pussy. I was just feeling such a build of tension between us that I was just sensing like my dick was feeling circular muscles inside her pussy slightly holding my dick rim. Probably she was pulling me and I was thrusting her nonstop with kissing we were doing I dont know as some say I had orgasm inside her and felt her orgasm. I dont know all that feeling but yes she grunted many times holding me tightly probably 3 or 4 times already and i had once pumped my load of sperms inside her.

We changed position so quick once in doggy style, once i lifted her one leg to my shoulders and pumped slowly. And once sitting she was jumping on my dick. It was bit hard to control this position but both were like lion couples. I dont know twice or thrice I probably erupted in her and I dont know about her but she was wet mostly and grunted many times; holding me tight and screamed 3-5 times already. The room was seamed not enough. She used to run to pee and I let her to till toilet to pee and just as she completed we were like crazy lover fucking inside the bathroom on the commando. Sitting and standing. I was literally banging her and she was reciprocating like pro. We were grunting screaming and all over the bedroom we were against wall, on bed, table, bathroom, hall and even kitchen room that night. Once standing lifting her in arms and letting her jump and sometimes on bed missionary doggy what not we were just fucking like 4 hours I guess. We slept fucking spoon position and morning too we fucked. Its been just 3 days and we fucked like night 3-5 hours daily so far. Probably Im not sure she would be pregnant if I fuck her this week. Bit scared of that. Since her husband may have come now.