Sex With Madam On Mumbai To Goa Bus

This is my real life story with few changes. I am Rohan. It happened unintentionally. But I felt very luck that day to have a good looking madam sit next to me. Though she was an average looking lady, but was having a maintained structure and looked little curvy. I was allotted a window seat. I was on the last seat, the madam entered the bus and she looked at the seat next to me and another last two seats in my lane were empty.

Luckily madam came near my seat and looked at me. I gave her a welcome smile. She also smiled with little effort. She was looking at window, I understood that she want the window seat. She said number 43 I said yes here and showed her the inside seat. But she was again looking at window. I asked, her you want the window seat? She said yes, if you don’t mind.
I said, no problem madam, you can have it. May be she was in her late thirties and I in my late forties. I stood up from the window seat. She was yet fumbling with her bag to keep in the upper rack. I asked may I help you; she smiled and said, oh, yes. I pulled the rack a little downward and pushed the bag inside, it was just a second’s job. She was exclaimed seeing the work done so fast.

She took her seat. It was a 2×2 bus but, even than the seat was smaller. While seating inside, she occupied some part of my seat also. To begin with without telling her I adjusted myself with some difficulty to increase the difficulty the hand rest on my right side was unmovable. I introduced to her myself; I said I am Rohan working in Mumbai but visiting Goa, for some company work.

I looked at her expectantly, to let her introduce herself to me. But she didn’t say anything. I thought the nut is very hard. I saw someone moving near window. She just waved from the glass without opening the glass. And the fellow went just by waving the hand. By age I can guess he was her husband. But I was not sure about it. The bus moved.

I tried to settle in the small space of my seat but could not have enough space to get the rest. Either I have to let my body stay over her to some extent or I have to seat half halfheartedly. The bus was expected to reach Panjim by 5 pm. The bus was passing through the Mumbai suburbs, slowly I settled next to her allowing my shoulder to press on her shoulder.

She was wearing a top and skirt. I felt that her skin and body is soft, though she looks like a strong built. That way I am 6 ft and medium built with athletic muscles all over my body. However I look little on thinner side, but I am strong physically. My skin little fairer, whereas she little on a browner side. I took out a magazine, “Computers & Electronics” and started reading it.

She expectantly trying to look at magazine, and I allowed to let her reading some part of it, if she was so eager to read something technical in computers, though I was astonished to see her eagerness, I didn’t asked her anything. I just allowed her to look at it. This made us both settle in our seats with quite a level of confidence, in which we found ourselves comfortable though our bodies were under pressure from each other. In fact I loved it that way. I knew she is quite older to me, but I didn’t mind the difference if I get a chance to make friendship with this simple looking lady. Actually I liked her simplicity.

There was definitely some shine in her eyes, which was attracting me towards her. In a short while we both were engrossed in reading an article, which was of very much interest for me, even I forgotten her for time being. It was when I turned up the page; she restricted me from doing it, because she was yet to complete the page. I looked to her, and smiled, she too smiled.

I let the magazine come before her properly, so that she can read it, till than I went through the advertisement on the same page. As she finished reading, she tries to turn the page. We both completed reading that article to gather. As we finished, I asked her are you from computer field? She nodded in affirmation.

I took away the magazine for a while and I extended my palm to greet her again and say, I am Rohan Singh, computer engineer working in XYZ MNC. Her eyes widened and she shook her palm with me. Our palms met for quite a long time till she finished giving me information about her.

She said that she had done MCA and, she looks after software department of a consumer goods manufacturing company. She told that she was facing the same type of software problem discussed in the article, so she was engrossed in reading that. I asked her the exact problem they were facing. She told me everything in long technical details.

As she went on narrating, I could find that she is not a simple lady, she is a gorgeous learned woman, with much more practical knowledge, which an ordinary MCA, programmer could not have. But she was mesmerized with the way I showed her mistakes in the program.One after another, our discussion went in to more details, I showed her many reference from the same article, to substantiate my point. In no time we became good friends, and were discussing things like we are colleagues. Our physical contact taboo, disappear and we now were close to each other, and for explaining many things we even shared rough pad and pencil and we found no problem in putting it in other’s lap while writing on it.

In all these I have many time felt soft touch to her busts, and we were also now feeling each other’s perfume closely. She said that she is Shruti, and she was originally Gujarati and married to a south Indian man from her own field, but she now feeling that they are a mismatch. She opened up more and shared her personal information about her married life. She even broke out while saying all about her personal life. I have to practically console her, like her family member caressing her and wiping tears from her eyes. We were very close by then.

The bus now left Mumbai and we were on the highway with fields on both the side, and the August weather was pleasing, all greenery across. It had a nice monsoon effect in the air. It looked as it had been recently a shower of rain in this area and the sun was giving new freshness to the surroundings. Our common interests and the god company of each other made both of us to talk freely to each other many things about many other companies, their pay structure, opportunities in this field etc. And suddenly there was a blast.

People in the bus screamed, Shruti, held me tight with my hands in her hand. I was unmoved and I declared that the tire of our bus has busted. Some said no, no, someone said yes, yes, some said something different, all were eager to know what has happened. And it was official that two front tires have busted at a time. And the bus was pulled due to it on extreme left side.

Only than Shruti found that she was holding my hands very tightly, she loosed the grip but still holding it, and she looked at me, I looked at her. She left lose my hands, I looked at her, and said its OK. She put her head on my shoulder and I caressed her cheek and also patted it a little, saying you are getting panicked so soon. Everybody was now getting down from the bus.

As we were on the last seat, we stood up last and till then, we enjoyed the closeness of each other with her head on my shoulder and again held my arm as if, showing that she liked the proximity. I stood up first, and then gave her my hand to stand up. First I got down from the bus. The bus was parked suddenly so it was little difficult to get down from the bus easily. After I got down, I helped her to get down from the bus. I have to practically hold her from her upper body while she got balance on her feet while getting down. We acted like a couple taking care of each other. It was not a bad place to pass the time, till we get some help from the nearest help point for the bus.

It had a nice typical village type highway restaurant, and eateries, water and everything was available. We had nice breakfast followed with cold drinks, and then we moved around in the fields, chatting and enjoying. We both came out with our qualities. She found my jokes quite interesting.

She was a good singer and she sung three four nice songs, in two songs I also gave my voice in chorus with her. When she sung a love song I was melted and became romantic and came closer to her and kissed her. She also came closer and we took each other in embrace. She kept singing the song, and we both enjoyed the romance.

When she finished that song, I took her face between my palms and looked deep in eyes. I wanted to melt in her eyes and we embraced each other and we had a nice passionate deep lip kiss with tongue licking to follow. We were stopped by the whistle of the bus conductor. I looked towards the bus, and found that everybody was boarding the bus.

We walked over there fast and settled in our seats. But now we were not the same old fellow travelers. We were now bonded with some glue of friendship, and knowing each other well. It was less than an hour or so, when it started raining heavily. That was not a sudden outbreak of heavy rain, as we went further, people in the area informed that it’s raining like this in this area since morning and many roads are flooded and some roads are blocked etc. The bus was now running very slow. More bad news was received, when the bus again stopped at their normal lunch restaurant.

It was little less rain over there, so we were able to enter the restaurant without drenching ourselves and we had nice food, but the worst news was that traffic is diverted to some longer route. And that route is longer by two to three hours than the normal route. I ordered nice food for both of us. We enjoyed the food as well as the company.

We again settled in the bus and the bus started running on the new route. It was some time raining some time not raining but the atmosphere was cool by and large. Shruti started feeling cold. I told I have a blanket, and said, let us protect our self. I stood up and bring out the blanket. We were now covered under one blanket.

She was already now leaving some space between her and bus body to prevent herself from the water seeping inside. The blanket made both us even closer. She was little afraid from inside, yet she tried to close her eyes and try to sleep. To sleep she was required to keep her head little on my shoulder. I let her settle on me like that. When she did put her head on my shoulder part of her front was resting on me. I felt the warmth of her boobs in me, and she was feeling the warmth of a manly chest in her busts. The tiring journey and the rain made us both to doze off little but in between we both use to get up a little. But whenever one moved, the other was also getting up.

But we didn’t know when our faces were so near that we were feeling the breath of each other closely. I kissed her suddenly on her lips, while adjusting myself a little, and she let her left hand come across my right shoulder, and that made both of us meeting in each other from our front sides. That was quite arousing and loving too. I took my arms around her and caressed her back.

In such time our faces were open but our lower body from the neck was inside the blanket. I was caressing her so nice, and she was feeling so good. Her response and eagerness was understandable from her movements in my arms, her breathing movement, in between followed with gentle lip kisses on my neck, some time cheek, and some time on chin. We lay like that for more than two hours or more. It was getting dark outside. And people started inquiring when we shall reach Panjim. My ears were open, and physically and mentally I was engrossed in making love to my new friend, Shruti. I slowly took my palm on her thighs and caressed her there. She shudders and pressed herself more in me.

I let my palm glide upward, and she cuddles more in me. I kissed her face. First few random kisses were here and there and then more passionate kissing on her loving lips. She turned out to be a good kisser and we both enjoyed nice kissing without any fear, because it was quite a night and full darkness all around us. And the seat next to us was empty.

We kept on making love to each other, I went up and up under her skirt. I caressed her crotch; she was flooded with love juices. I pulled down her panty a little. And let my finger probe in to her loving vagina. She was hairless. She made some space for me to probe in her womanhood. I was now deep in her love hole. She was moaning sexily, but in my ear.
She murmur, Rohan you are so good, Rohan, I like it. Suddenly she convulsed her body arched and she stiffened and locked my palm between her thighs. Her palms holding me were now nailed in my meat. I pressed my teeth to control the pain. She loosened in few minutes. Her palm grip softened on my meet. She caressed me, where her palms were.

She caressed her face in my chest. She raised her face keeping the touch in my chest as it is and as her face come before me, I put my lips on her lips. She kissed my lips very tenderly and lovingly. She took out her palm from under the blanket, she caressed my face and said Rohan you are so good. I said, you too. I pulled out my palm which was full off her love juices; I showed her the wetness of it and licked my finger, to confirm my saying that I like you. She pulled my arm towards her lip, and she also licked some juice from my palm. I was now eager to have more explorations.

I let my hand go again under the blanket and started caressing her boobs; just now only one boob was available for exploration from outside. As I went on caressing that boob, she managed to adjust herself in such a way that my palm can reach to another one too. My palm was caressing her sweet boobs.

Slowly I started putting my palm under her top, she adjusted herself in such a way that I was able to raise her bra and feel her boobs neatly. She moan in my ear and said, Rohan, your palm knows how to do it. We did many more explorations that time, but everything came to an end when we reached very near to our destination. Comment me on [email protected] from Mumbai.