Sonyas Dirty Thoughts While She Works At Her Dads Family Business

Hello everyone, I often read others stories from my mobile phone. I usually slip into bed while my hubby is busy watching his space shows on TV. I enjoy reading erotica late at night while rubbing myself as I skim through stories on For change, I decided to unload fantasizes for everyone to read. You will get to meet Sonya and learn what excites her mind. Hope you enjoy and do provide feedback since this is my first attempt. Here we go!

Ah! Another cold bleary day and I have to open shop early in the morning. Hopefully, the day will warm up a bit and will get to see sunshine. Or, a whole bunch of Johns and Davids will come through with their broad smiles, deep guttural greetings and dirty winks. Wont that be a delight! As soon as, I turned 18 my family decided that it would be okay for me to open shop on the weekends. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable by the stares from men who were used to seeing my dad when they came to shop. Overtime, I got to learn their names and quickly learned what brand did they like to smoke or which beer was their favorite. Overtime, I quickly was well liked by my customers.

Many American men do assume all kinds of things about Indian women. I cant stand the ignorance and yet I often dont feel the need to educate them. Just the other day, a 45 year old man; Sean came in asking for magazines. He had a dumb grin on his face and looked around. At first, I had no idea what magazines he was interested in buying. Then, it dawned on me that he wanted to look at the magazines dad had placed in a box on the top shelf. I lowered the box and placed it on the counter. Sean apologized for asking me to pull out the box and asked if he could go through the magazines without me watching him. I thought it was a strange request considering he will have to give me the magazine so I can punch the price in the register.

I took the box and placed it on a far counter space and walked away. Sean must have stood poring over the plastic wrapped porn magazines for over ten minutes when I asked him if he found what he needed. He finally turned around and came with a three magazines. The first one had a picture of two black women sitting on either side of a black daddy. Both women were ready to take long hard black cock in their thirsty mouths. The second had a Latina woman with white lace panties tugging against her bright pink pussy with frothy cream gushing out while her head was rolled back in ecstasy and lastly was an Indian girl tied on four corners of the bed while a shemale played with her dick.

I looked up at Sean and felt my cheeks warm up with blood. I rang up the three magazines and placed it in brown paper bag. Sean noted it took him long since he was trying to match the skin tone of the girls in the magazine with his fantasy woman. He gave me an air kiss and walked out without taking his change. I felt dirty but at the same time hot. As I stood there behind the register, I wanted to spread my fingers down my panties and feel the warmth building into my clit but I realized that dad had installed cameras inside the store and I would have to wait until late at night to fully experience an orgasm. And it was only 8:15 am in the morning!

Suddenly, I noticed a cigar case and an idea formed in my mind. I decided to open the cigar case and pull out the cigar filled glass tubes. I decided to lock the store door and went into the back room with the cigar glass tube in my hand. Slowly, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I rubbed the end of the glass tube against my panties and felt wetness against my skin. I realized Sean had planned to get horny with me in mind and I felt turned on and hot. I wanted to get naked and lie on the bed while imagining Sean fantasizing about me as he flipped through the magazines. Uff!! Ah! Would he tell anyone about what he shared with me? I had leaned against the wall with my eyes closed as I envisioned Sean sitting in his living with the magazines he had just bought from me. He probably was wearing his pants down by his ankles with an opened can of beer in one hand and his other hand stroking his big, long, Italian cock. Aaaahhhh, I was getting wet and I had left the door locked for over ten minutes now. I wanted to pull my panties and slid the glass tube cigar case down my slit.

I figured since it was only 8:30 am no one would show up so soon and I had few more minutes of experiencing pleasure. I finally felt the cold tip of the cigar glass tube against my soft wet folds of my pussy and I purred. It felt delicious and I began to ooze even more and suddenly I heard someone trying to enter the store. I had left it locked and they began to try the door handle harder. I had the urge to push the tube into me and pull it out faster. Unfortunately, I snapped back into reality and hastily pulled up my jeans. I put the cigar glass tube aside and strode out to open the door. I had no time to wash my fingers. I just prayed my next customer wouldnt be able to sniff me out. I made plans to play with my new toy later tonight in bed. Maybe Sean would visit in my imagination and we would do some wild things like the girls in the magazines.

Sonya happens to be a character of my imagination but also a younger version of me when I was 18 years old. Please post your comments below if you liked this story.