Affair With Neighbour In Singapore

Hi all, my name is Arun and Im 29 years old, live and working in Singapore. This special thing happen 2 years back when I was staying in Yishun. I was staying 11th floor in apartment building as a paying guest with 1 other family. From my unit to lift, I need to pass 2 other units daily and in one of the house there is an Indian family staying. In their family: Husband, wife and ~6 years old daughter. Wife name is Anita and she is housewife. She is normal Indian looking, not fair and not dark as well, in her late twenties I guess, But I like her simple and casual looks. When I pass by her units I had eye contacts few times initially and we slowly started talking whenever we take lift together or when meet outside. I believe she is very lonely in Singapore as most of the office house she spend alone as both her husband and daughter are away to office and school respectively.

Since my off days are on Thursday and Friday, these days we meet each other very often when going outside for shops, lunch etc. She slowly started to talk about all the things and we became a nice and decent friend with her. But so far I saw her husband few times only as most of the time we leave early and reach home late, also never spoken to her husband.

Our friendship goes on for nearly 4 months and slowly she invite me to her home to watch TV and chitchat in afternoons when she is alone at home. I am also slowly started liking her in both decent and dirty ways. This helps me to avoid loneliness as I don’t have relatives and only few friends in Singapore who are mostly working on Thursdays and friends.

I went back to India for 1 month in December to clear leave. After my vacation I return back to Singapore and started feeling very lonely and depressed since in India I spend all my time with some many relatives and friends but in here, just opposite and I am all alone. In these times, one day she invited me to her home to try her sweets which she self-prepared.

That day I woke up late and I was so horny for no reason.. With this lonely depression and feeling horny, I was at her home with her alone. When she seating near to me and I was thinking all sort of dirty and horny things. Thinking she will agree to have an affair with me since I am her good friend and she is lonely and she not speaking good things about her husband. I am foolishly took all my guts and tried to kiss her and hug her. What a kiss and I am luckiest man to kiss and hug her. She is so surprised initially and not fully cooperated with me and not opposed as well. I was totally horny and fully mad, kissed her in the lips and hugged her while seating in sofa.

Slowly while kissing her my hands reached her mid-size booms. Only at thing moment, few thoughts flash into my friend, am I wrong doing by having these with someone wife? Or should I ask her permission before proceed any further? I backed from kissing and got back into my sense. Now there were few inches distance between beautiful Anita and me. I looked at her to read what’s in her mind, her expression was mixed and surprise. I was feeling guilty and few her house without saying any word.

Next few weeks I had avoided meet her as I was afraid of her reaction, also I was guilty of having these affairs with a married woman and this may break a family down. Few weeks later I had received sms from her asking to meet her at nearby park. After long thinking I decided to go and meet her as I can’t get my mind out of that kiss and I really want to have sex with her.

I meet and apologies to her for my behavior and explained to her about my loneliness and depression. She genuinely accepted my apology and said if I asked her permission she would be agreed. Bingo!! That’s a green flag from her for our sex session. I said sorry again and she said its OK.

That’s it. Our friendship is back on track and she will be interested in affair if I approach her correctly. I continued our friendship normally and after a month both of us started talking more openly and we discussed more openly about boyfriend, girlfriend, relationship and affair but not about sex. This gives me clue that she likes me and will agree for an affair and I approach her correctly. So 1 day, I talked to her open about how I feel about her and I can’t stop thinking about our kiss etc.. etc and told her that at least I want to be her secret lover. She asked for few days to think over and after a week she said OK for it.

Very next day she invited me to her house. I know that she is asking for sex session. I reached her home ~ 10am and found her still wearing night cloths. I was shocked and thinking its not going to happen today. But she closed all the windows one by one which gave me clue. She went to kitchen to make coffee for me, I slowly follow and hugged her from behind very tightly from behind which surprised her but she is cooperative. I kissed her at the neck and slowly I moved to her face and eventually to her lips. I was totally in seven heavens but I don’t want to rush the things. We slow down and had our drinks. I asked to shower first for the fresh look and I also took bath before reach her place.

I was so excited and waiting at the bed for her to come out of bathroom. She came out with only a towel around her and lied down beside me. I asked her to turn other side and I slowly massaging her back and slowly removed her towel, wow!! She is having a nice pair boobs and her skin is smooth and soft like milk. I started kissing her and my hand play with her nice pair of boobs, any man can die for it. Wow just wow. Slowly hugging her and play with her boobs, hair and kissed her from her lips then her cheeks. Licking her ears and she started moaning, slowly I came down to her boobs and started sucking her nipples and play my tongue around her nipples, now she started moaning louder and louder, I can see from her face that she is enjoying every bit of it.

Then I reached her belly and sucked and licked it, then kissing her thighs to toes. After it saw her waiting pussy which was clean shaved and looks awesome. I slowly and quietly moved my tongue to her vagina and saw her shivering body, she is almost like crying because of my licking, sucking and eating it. Then smoothly inserted my tongue insider her, moans now louder when I searching for her g-spot.. These things happen almost like 20mins and she is screaming with pleasure. Later after our sex session she told me that this is 1st time she having tongue job as her husband never do these things.

Now I undress and my 7inch dick is free to play with her pussy. She foreplay for about 10mins then I started slowly to enter her bit by bit. First I struggle a bit, get it back and insert again, asked her if any pain, she said no and she is in please when my dick touched her g-spot. I purposely did it slow until she can’t take it and begged me to insert fully and fuck her harder. Now I started to pump her faster and harder. We both had our rhythm and pumping and pumping happens about 10 mins then I fucked her from the side which last few minutes. We also tried other positions and I was sure that both of us come identical time. Later we clean up and I thanked her.

Later we had sex few more times and we are still good friends but no more sex as its not good for her family life. Hope you all liked my story. Please leave your comments at [email protected] Pls contact me via mail if you need pleasure in Singapore.