Sex With Friends Aunty

Hi I am Rohit and my mail id is [email protected] any unsatisfied aunty, bhabhi and girl can contact me. So this story is about how I fucked my friends aunty. So this is the story that I with my 3 friends join a tuition which we used to study at our friends home because our sir was not having any home nearby us and he used to come directly from our school to teach us. In my friends house there was his aunt; he lives with his aunt only and rest of his family were living in the village. So let me introduce u all from his aunty; her name is Diksha. She is a mother of a 10 year old girl her daughter also lives in the village and her figure is hmm. Well I have not measured it but she was not too fat yea but she was healthy and her waist was very big u will love to fuck her ass; her face is a little cute type and she is fair tone lady.

So whenever we used to go for the tuition I always try to stare at Diksha aunty until our sir arrives sometimes she also caught me while I was starring at her and her big boobs. I used to stare at her when she was washing clothes because at that time I got to see her cleavage and a strip of her bra inside her blouse and during washing clothes she used to sit by little up with her sari by which I also get to her legs. Her legs were so smooth. After the tuition I just went my home and masturbated of thinking Diksha 3times that day. One day I was staring at her when she was dressing herself behind the door and I saw her without the pallu so by which I can see her very much big breasts those breasts were looking like they just wanna come out of the blouse I just wanted to grab them. Suddenly she saw me and given me a angry look and shut the door on my face I got very much scared after then but again after reaching home I jerk thinking of her twice a day.

Once our tuition got cancelled because of my friend had to go to meet his mother who was suffering from malaria in her village. So he decided that I will go to his house and meet Diksha and I will try to seduce her. so I went to his house and saw that Diksha aunty was cutting vegetables in the kitchen so I went to kitchen and asked her about the others so she told me that Vicky is gone out of station so there are no classes today (what the hell I know that already but I was here to fuck that aunty) and then she told me to left. Then I said to myself that today I will fuck her whatever it takes doesnt matter so I can requested her for a glass of water so she has given me a glass with water which at taking I touch her hands and given her a naughty smile but she was looking very much afraid of me now.

And she again started cutting the vegetables and I was leaving the kitchen but by reaching the doors I turned again and I grab her from her back and my 7inch long dick was touching her ass now and my hands were on her boobs and I was kissing her back. But she resisted and said that she is a married woman and all these things are taboo for her but the seduction inside me was very high and I didnt listened to her and then I hold her again very hard she was again trying to get free from me bit I was holding her very hard and I was also trying to kiss her. I kissed her everywhere in her face but now also she was resisting from me and then I left her and again grab her boobs which worked as an asset to me then she was also enjoying completely with me. And then I moved down to her boobs and sucked them above her blouse itself she was also enjoying it and then I grabbed her ass and she shouted very loudly and I was squeezing her butts then she pushed me to the wall and came near me and she was madly kissing me every were she has also given me a love bit in my neck. At the same time I was caressing her back we smooched there for about 5mins.

Then she took me to her bedroom and started kissing me madly she opens my shirt button and then I sat on the bed and started licking her belly and she was moaning very high ahhhhhhh ahhahhahahh Rohit fuck me dear please. I request u to fuck me; after then I opened a hook of her blouse and tear the rest to make her wilder and then I saw that sex goddess in bra. Same as I saw her in my dreams and masturbated and then I unhooked her bra also and got surprised by seeing those big boobs and I kissed her boobs madly. I was squeezing her boobs she was also getting higher and she was also caressing my back. After I switches to her boobs and she was jerking my penis above my pant itself and then I started kissing her on her lips because I like to kiss her and then that kiss turn to a passionate smooch. I was also pressing her boobs, then I get laid on the bed and she opens my pants and undies and she started giving me a blowjob.

She was a expert in it and she also licked my balls. Then at few time after jerking I came in her mouth then she run to the bathroom and came back after washing her mouth then It was my turn so I opened her sari then petticoat and then the panty and saw her clean shaved pussy which I licked thoroughly and then my dick was all set to fuck that aunty again. Then she runs to her cupboards and taken out a condom packet and then I laid on the bed she fitted the condom in my penis and started to riding after 2-3 min I cum and then again I was on. And then I started fucking her in the doggy position and she was moaning very high at that time. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Rohit! Fuck me harder, and then I fucked her in 2 more different positions. And this how I fucked my friends aunty and after then we uses to go to hotels whenever we feel about sex Please send me your reviews in [email protected]