Srishti Old Friend To Friend With Benefits

No, I do not know her exact figure at sight (which means this is indeed a true story)

Im sure she couldve felt that I was trying my best to look at her. The reason for my attraction wasnt exactly her looks but the constant sarcasm she expressed in a phone call she had just attended.

I wouldnt say I was turned on, but surely interested in talking to her.

About myself, I do not feel like banging every other girl I see. I need to be attracted to her personality first, and this one, seemed to be quite something.

Since she was sitting just next to me at the metro platform, it was difficult to see her face directly, until she asked me the time.

I laughed and said “3:15”. She said, “Whats so funny about the time?”

To which I replied with the question “Srishti Goel?”

She stared at me for a while with questioning looks and then exclaimed pleasantly “Ankur? When did u get your braces off?”

I took it pretty smoothly from that point onwards because of the fond memories of our tuition we shared. I used to be the “funny guy” in the tuition in which we studied together, and she would always sit next to me because I would often help her out with math, in which she was quite weak.

We talked for a while and it was a very pleasant conversation that we had, some metros had passed by and I asked to confirm if she had to be somewhere else.

She told me she was waiting for a friend to help her with her assignment due next day.

I offered to help her out since it was math n she willingly agreed.

We went to a CCD nearby and I ordered coffee for both of us while helping her with the questions. I insisted on paying and she cracked some jokes on how I used to be in tuition when I had to pay for something. There it was her sarcasm yet again but more than that (pretty obviously) her breasts were catching my attention as she was sitting in front of me now. I wasnt exactly gazing as I didnt want to make her feel uncomfortable but I made sure I got a good view when she would be solving her questions.

I began noticing other features of her as well that had changed for the good.

Her face was so much more attractive; her breasts seemed so full. Mostly, the conversation was so smooth that everything about her seemed sexually attractive.

Wouldnt call her a sex goddess but if I got the chance, Id just take her in my arms and get busy with her.

She got up to go to the washroom n her ass looked so inviting that I cursed myself for not being a jerk who would just go for it in situations like these. Instead, I was being a perfect gentleman, and I hated it.

By the time she came back, I had finished my coffee and she asked me how it was, I told her it was amazing and asked her the same, to which she expressed her disappointment.

I told her that we could order more but she denied, I asked her why she didnt have mine when I offered to share, she just shrugged it off and jokingly said, “But theres some on your lips”

I didnt know how to react to that. Knowing her, I could tell she was joking, so I said “you shouldve tasted it”

She was amused and said “so the mathematician has got some tricks eh?”

“Thats what a good magic wand does to you” I said.

She burst out laughing n appreciated the spontaneity.

Humor can never get u laid I thought to myself, and faked a smile. Before getting up she asked if my front camera worked coz she wanted a selfie with me and hers didnt work.

I was so ashamed that I couldnt even make such small social approaches myself except for “talking”.

I took a couple of selfies and intentionally spoiled it (mildly so that it wouldnt be obvious)

So that Id get more time to keep my hand around her waist and her breasts would be rubbing up against my shoulder, which was just the best damn feeling ever (until then, of course)

After that, we exchanged numbers and I dropped her off at the metro station.

She went for a handshake and I said “arent we past that?” and hugged her tightly for about 10 seconds n before parting, I kissed her neck. I was so scared that I dont even remember how she reacted but she just said bye and left.

Later that night I thought she would whatsapp me. At times I saw her “typing…” but then she would stop, so I decided to text her myself. I sent her a, hi, and she replied immediately.

I told her it was nice meeting her and she reciprocated.

I asked her if the kiss on the neck was awkward and she denied saying that it didnt leave any marks so what the problem is.

We flirted around a bit more, talked about our old days as well.

She told me how she thought I always felt jealous when she would sit with someone else in the tuition. I obnoxiously said “but the other guys didnt get an unplanned spontaneous date with u did they?”

She corrected the sentence n said that it wasnt exactly unplanned. I asked how and she told me that she had recognized me and thats why, despite the big clock on metro platform, she asked me what the time was.

I was amazed by her acting and flattered by the efforts.

I called her and we talked for an hour until she said she had to sleep to wake up the next day on time.

I was so angry that I had to hang up but didnt show it.

I immediately, sent her the selfie I had and asked her if I could put it up as my dp.

She asked me why I had to seek her permission and I told her that her bra strap was showing so she might find it awkward.

Then she said “omg I totally didnt realize that. Yes it is awkward.”

So I again cursed myself for being gentle as I couldnt show off such a beautiful girl pressed up against me.

I was about to sleep and suddenly my phone vibrated. She sent a picture of her, only in the bra and said “there u go, it isnt awkward anymore. Have a good night darling; I dare u to sleep now”

And she was right. I actually couldnt fall asleep the whole night.

Her breasts were so fucking huge and I hated that I could only see those and not touch those. I masturbated thrice in a span of three hours and it was only then that I could fall asleep, this time, feeling a bit lucky about being gentle.

The next day, before I woke up, she text me saying that she got very decent grades for her assignment, and wanted to pay me what was due?

I couldnt believe the gold mine I landed upon.

I always felt strongly about not making inappropriate moves so as to avoid causing discomfort to the girl, but simultaneously I also felt that Id never get any action. But apparently, good things reply does happen to gentle people!

Or in this case, some gentle people get to do really good things.

So we met that day and as soon as she came in front of me I hugged her tight because I really couldnt resist myself.

Her breasts were pressing up against me and she wouldve definitely felt my hard-on and was slightly running herself against it too… She whispered in my ear, “Today, you can leave as many marks on my neck as u like”

I kissed her neck multiple times while hugging and gave her hickeys.

Then I stopped that n said “I had some good coffee today, want to taste it?”

She immediately started kissing me deeply and we made out for a good five minutes. I stopped her coz v faced the risk of getting caught n she said she still hadnt completely gotten the taste. I apologized and asked her to please be patient while we drive to the flat. But even the five minute drive seemed like eternity. She put her hand on my area and started rubbing it. I was doing the same and her moaning was just so mesmerizing.

As soon as we reached my apartment, I tore off her shirt breaking the buttons which she didnt mind and she was wearing a red bra who h glorified the white round breasts that she had. Her nipples were erect n I could see that. Before I attacked her babies I gently rubbed my fingers on them just to see her reaction. She moaned my name out loud and took my head in her arms and drew it into her breasts. That feeling, of thirty seconds, of getting suffocated by a womans gorgeous breasts was the best feeling I could ever imagine in my dreams.

Even my fantasies never seemed to be this good and I was licking her all over her boobs. She was now looking like a sex goddess with her red bra almost on, and her hot pants. I kissed her all over her body, every inch of her back and removed her hot pants to find a clean shaven vagina dripping wet with juices from the past thirty minutes. I told myself that Id lick it dry and I tried my best but there was no stopping her then. She would neither let me take away my mouth from there (not that I wanted to) nor would her orgasms stop. Also, I didnt have so much patience in myself, I had to bring my gun out and fire in the hole.

She just lifted her head to see what was getting into her and smiled at me seeing that, “please dont wait,” she said with her eyes closed now.

“Dont really have many options” I exclaimed as I inserted my dick in her vagina. I didnt start thrusting immediately, I wiped off the juices that were put off her cunt and licked them before I started the push n pull loop with her.

Hands holding each other, me on top of her, we had a good session till she reached her climax, and I had two of them by then. The second one was completed by her mouth. She wasnt that good at the blowjob but I didnt even expect it. I could literally not ask for anything more than what I got that day. It was an amazing experience followed by a couple more.

Shes still my friend and I still find her more beautiful than hot, and more charming than doable, and even though shes out of town now, we had sex quite a lot now.

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