Best Days With My Hottest Girlfriend In Delhi

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This is my 2nd story on ISS and thank you for emails for my 1st story “steamy one night stand”. I’m Samir, educated, young, smart, and handsome and a hot guy from Delhi. Coming to my story, this happened in 2012 when one of my friends threw a house party and I was also an invitee. I reached the place at 9PM and already everyone was present. After greeting and all that I settled down and took my non-alcoholic drink since I don’t drink. The friends known to me insisted me for singing a song as I have a good voice too. So I sang two songs for the party and it was filled with mist of romance all over. After that we were having snacks and suddenly a girl came near me and said Hi. I reciprocated with Hi too. I didn’t know her before but she was very charming and beautiful with amazing body to die for. She was neither too fair nor too dusky with gorgeous full lips. She was wearing a one piece skirt with deep neck and her cleavage was visible. I behaved as a gentleman and didn’t show any signs of my being fallen for her at very first sight. We exchanged pleasantries and began talking with each other.

She told me she is new to Delhi and a friend of my friend’s friend. She was working in an MNC as assistant manager. Her name was Riya. At the end of party we exchanged numbers and parted away. For few days I was thinking of her but didn’t message her or ring her. 3 days after the party I received a call from her. After formal hi hello, she asked me to meet. I agreed and we settled down the coming Sunday. We went to select city walk as already planned and went for coffee. We talked endlessly and our chemistry began to work. Since we both were single so it went more well. That day she was wearing a jeans and a tight t-shirt. Her boobs were fully erect and big and she had a light makeup too. I complimented her on her beauty and said she looking sexy. She told me that she goes to gym to maintain herself. I asked what your figure is. She smiled and said 34 28 36. I was just with my mouth open. We spend almost 4 hours with each other and then decided to leave.

While we were leaving, I asked her that next time lets meet at my place. She agreed and we settled for next Friday evening. Till Friday we talked everyday on phone, messages etc. once during our talk, I told her that I like her. She laughed and said why? I told her that she looks very beautiful and sexy. She asked, what did I like in her. I said her smile, nice lips and her big boobs. That night on phone we had a sex talk and we exchanged our fantasies. We both were looking for Friday to come. Friday evening, she came to my home. When I opened the door, I was Oh My God! She was wearing a micro mini and a very tight top. I invited her inside. I complimented her on her looks and she said I did for you. I told her this is going to be very fun. She reciprocated more than fun. I went near her and sit down on floor.

She has already taken her high heel sandal out. I took her right foot and kissed that. I licked her foot and took each toe and sucked those. She began moaning and speaking my name. I took left foot licked it and sucked each toe. I licked and kissed her legs up to the thighs. She spread her legs a bit and her panty was visible to me. She said baby use me, spoil me and fill my holes tonight. I kissed her thighs, licked her thighs. I kissed her inner thighs. I kissed and licked both legs up and down. I gave light love bites on her inner thighs. I opened her mini and began licking her thighs upwards. I kissed her panty few times. She kept moaning a lot. I took out her panty in one go and she spread her legs and I kissed on her smooth hairless pussy. She said she had done whole body waxing yesterday just for the occasion. I licked and kissed her pussy. I sucked each pussy lip and smooch her pussy on the whole. I parted her lips and I licked the inner parts of her pussy as much as I could. She moaned like hell and pulled my hair and pushed her pussy on my mouth.

I parted away and went to find a choco bar. She said what I am going to do. I told her to relax and enjoy. I took the choco bar and inserted into her pussy and fucked her with choco bar. She became wild and moaned heavily. I kept doing this till half of the choco bar melt in her pussy. I then licked the pussy and sucked it hard. I ate the chocolate filled cunt. She yelled, O God you are so horny. I am going to die tonight. I took her clit in my mouth, bit that and ate the pussy. She had cummed in gushes over my face. I kept licking her pussy till I had last drop of her juice. She said baby don’t stop, chew it, smash it. She pushed me on floor and sat quickly on my face. She was very wild and smothered my face with her pussy. She pushed deep in her mouth. I told her to be in doggy as I can’t breathe and she reciprocated. While in doggy in kissed her ass cheeks and licked her thighs. I parted her cheeks and began licking the asshole. She tossed her hands on ground and moaned loudly. Thank God, I’m living in a house where the noises don’t go outside.

She was in ecstasy and was moaning eat me, eat me. I licked and sucked her asshole and pussy together. I put one finger in her asshole and other in her pussy and began fucking both holes. I finger fucked very fast and inside rubbed the area between my 2 fingers. I fingering very fast she kept yelling, moaning and grunting. She busted and squirted gallons of juices from her pussy. I quickly went down and began lapping her juices. She told me to fuck her asshole first. She was still in her top. I took out my clothes and held my dick at the entrance of her asshole. She said she is very much clean and had used medicine to clean her bowel. I was more than happy. She told me that she watch porn and knows how to keep clean. She also told me her ex- boy friend never pumped her ass and she wanted it badly. I in no time dig her ass slowly. She yelled at me, fuck me in ass, and drill my ass. I held her waist and in one go I was inside her. She moaned very heavily. Her ass was very tight but she wanted pain although it was enough lubricated with juices.

I started fucking her ass and she kept moaning. I drilled her asshole with hard and fast thrusts. I inserted my one finger in her pussy and I was giving her pleasure to both holes. She kept on saying fuck me fuck me, fuck hard, make me your bitch, and use me. I fucked her asshole and fingered her pussy as much as I could. I held her hair and rode her like a cowboy. Sounds of sex were all over room. She changed the position and was in missionary and lifted her ass up. I again went on and fucked her ass hard. I took out and inserted in her pussy and gave many thrusts. I took out and went inside her asshole. This went alternately and we both were in heaven. She told me that she wants her ass to get filled with cum. I fucked hard and she was moaning o yeah, fuck, fuck, and fuck. Do it. I was drilling it very hard and I cummed all my milk in her asshole. She also came with me and her pussy was contracting and releasing the juices. I took out my dick from her asshole and we relaxed nude on floor. She smooches me on my mouth and this went nonstop for 10 minutes.

For 10 minutes we were eating mouth of each other. I explored every corner of her mouth and she mine. I licked her face kissed her neck too. I took out her top and wow I was looking at her melons. I pounced on them, sucked them hard, I licked and sucked each boobs, and gave many love bites on both melons. I sucked each boobs as much as I could. I bite her nipples, sucked each nipple and licked every inch of her boobs. Meanwhile, my dick was rock hard again. I mount on her chest and began fucking her big boobs. She held her boobs closer and I was fucking those tits. She yelled, fuck hard, spoil me tonight, and use me as a bitch. I increased my speech and poured my saliva between her boobs. She was moaning and enjoying a hot. I spit on her face and she said she likes to be dirty and nasty.

I said you are my whore and bitch tonight. Im going to fuck all your holes like a bitch getting fucked. She said, common you bastard, fuck your slut. We abused each other with whatever abuses we knew. We spit on each other face and licked the face of each other. I fucked her tits for 10 minutes and she said my mouth is watering. I stood up and she sucked my cock like a pro. She spit on it, licked it sucked it. She took deep throat gagged herself and did it many a times. Then I held her hair and fucked her mouth hard. I fucked all the corners of her mouth. I was yelling her name and saying Im gonna fuck my whore as much as she wants. She said she want to drink cum as she has never. I fucked her face more and more.

I was taking out my dick and we were smooching very hard. We exchanged saliva many a times while she was sucking my dick. I told her lets eat each other in 69 and within no time we started eating each other. She sucked my dick and I licked her pussy. This went for a long time and I cummed in her mouth and she cummed in my mouth. Her cum was all over my face and cum was in her mouth and over my shaft. We cleaned each other by more and more licking. Once we cleaned we stood up and smooch each other and began to feel cum. After that I fucked her pussy in standing position. She kept her hands over wall and I was pounding her from behind. This went till 11 in night. We took rest. I had prepared dinner. We washed ourselves. She wore just her panty and I was in my jockey. We had dinner and she complimented for my cooking and sex skills. She said this was the best fuck of her life and she has never been fucked so.

She said she wants to fulfill all her dirty desires and I told her I shall be obliged to get them fulfilled. After dinner we again started. We fucked till 3AM in every possible position we knew. Then we slept as we both were very tired. Next morning we woke around 11AM as it was holiday. We were nude. We went to bathroom and began shower. I washed her body with shower gel and she washed my body. Then I lifted her one leg put on my shoulder and I was eating her pussy like never before. I ate her pussy till she came twice in my mouth and face. Then she sucked my dick for long. I fucked her face and all corners of her face under the shower. I kept on fucking her mouth till throat and this time she wanted cum on her face. I took out my dick and poured all cum over her face and lips. Once I was done, I started licking her cum filled face and lips. I licked her every part of her face and neck and we smooched. She ate cum from my mouth.

We smooched hard and strong and we were not ready to leave each other mouth. After some time, my dick was up again and I fucked her under shower. Once we finished it was already 12:30PM. We decided not to wear clothes and she said she will spend Saturday and Sunday with me. For 2 days we didn’t went out even for a single moment and we fucked like animals. We fucked endlessly and I don’t remember how many times we fucked and cummed. We tried every position and watched a porn movie together on my laptop and did same what was seen in movie. On Monday morning she left for office and I also bid good bye. For 6 months we were in relationship, loved each other a lot and we have fucked endlessly whenever we got a chance. After 6 months, she went to US for her job as her cousin was already settled there and this end our love story too.

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