Sex With Chat Friend

Hi Friends! My name is Shan basically from India, Bangalore and worked in Singapore for a period of 5 years. This story is a real incident of how I lost my virginity which happened in the Singapore during my stay. To introduce about me I am Shan and my age is 32 years old with average body and normal size cock but had always satisfied women. I had sex with till now.

Coming to Story, I meet this Chinese lady; her name is Shanty age of 37 years (at 2010) divorced with a kid. I met her in a public online chat and use to chat with her online every day and slowly the normal chat changed to sex chat and started doing cam sex, after a period of 6 months of chatting one fine day she was in need of some money and she requested me to lend her and would return the money in a month. We decided to meet in a around 5 km away from my office (not disclosing the place) at 6PM but I ended up getting late due to last minute meeting in office and I reached the placed around 6:30PM and she had mixed feeling in her face of happy for meeting and sad for making her wait for 30 min in the public place. We ended up chatting first and had a cup of coffee but she was not comfortable since lot of her friends stay around the same place so we decided to find a place where she is comfortable so that we could chat without any worries.

Then Shanty suggested me that she knows a place where we can go and chat in privacy for sometime so we took a taxi and went to the place and it ended up that she took me a budget hotel and suggested to get a room for 3 hours so we could seat in privacy and talk as much as we needed without worry, I had hesitation whether to accept or not as it was first time I am in private place with a women. Then decided to go and get a room but she herself went and rented out a room for 3 hours and I offered to pay for the same and we had a room in the 4th floor. As we entered the room I removed my laptop bag and kept it in safe place and I was about to settle down on double bed of the room that she jumped forcibly on fell on me and to avoid her falling on me used my hand to catch her but ended up catching her on boobs and she didnt object for this and started applying more force and tried to bite me on my cheeks for coming late and during this due to me holding her boobs she started getting horny and instead of biting she started kissing me on a lips she tasted very nice may be due to the lip gloss she had used it.

In no time we both started kissing vigorously and touching each other all over the body and my hand moves on her body was getting her excited a lot as she had not had sex for close to 3 years after her divorce. We both started striping the cloths of each other while kissing which went on for a around 20 min and as we became nude in one move she went down and immediately took my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob, my first blowjob by a woman and unbelievable pleasure there is no words to explain all this feeling and she gave me blowjob close to 5 min and I started moaning very loud as it was my first time feel and she had moved my foreskin of cock behind which gave a tickling sense. I really enjoyed this blowjob a lot and she directly went on to seat on top of me and started inserting my dick inside her pussy, her pussy was not that tight but since she started riding from top of me in and out of me, since it was my first time due to enticement.

I was not able to control and I said her I am about to cum but she wanted me to cum inside her pussy and she wants to feel the hot cum of me inside here, I loaded the cum inside her and we lay down on bed in each other arm for around 10 min then went to bath room to clean, she had come behind me and she started applying soap on my cock and cleaning it and later I offered the service to her to clean her pussy, she enjoyed this.

After taking shower together we went out of bathroom nude wiping each other and started talking each other seating nude, by seeing her big boobs of 34C which was firm round with big nipples I was not able to control myself and started playing with her boobs and sucked her nipples hard for close to 15 min and this time she wanted to me to return the favor by licking her pussy and started licking her pussy lips slowly but to be frank I was not comfortable and she did know that and she was fine that since it was my first time for me but I gave her a fingering initially with 1 finger and later with 2 fingers she started moaning loudly and saying ‘yes baby come on fuck me hard . This time we wanted to fuck in missionary style, she was wet due to fingering and foreplay, started pushing my cock keeping it in pussy opening this time I had been very hard due to the her sucking and enticement of fucking her again and started fucking her very hard, to give me more roam to fuck more hard she started lifting her leg and pulling towards her and I started pumping very hard this time and she started screaming in pleasure and pain. Sure the neighbor room whoever it is would have heard it and enjoyed listening to her.

This time we fucked continuously for around 30 min in doggy, machinery, women on top riding and finally cummed inside her while fucking her from behind while she is in doggy style on her fours on top of bed while me standing on the floor and hitting it hard. Immediately we both moved to bathroom to get cleaned over self and she again offered to clean my cock and she applied the soap on all parts of my cock even pushing my foreskin behind and cleaning inside of my cock after cleaning me she did something unexpected suddenly by seating on closed toilet basin and taking my cock in her mouth and in about 5 min I was hard again and we did the sex again standing in the showroom, she bent forward and split her legs giving me more roam to enter and helped me guiding my cock inside her pussy, started hitting her hard and strange sound started coming out due to water from shower and my hips hitting her hard on her butt, this session continued for around 20 min and I cummed again. By the time we complete the session and get cleaned up it was 3 hours already and we got a reminder call from reception, then we cleaned up and I gave her money which I promised to give her to help for her problem and as it was quite late around 9:30PM I got her a taxi to go to her place and I took a bus to my place.

On the way back I got a sudden feel that all this happened in so much excitement that we forgot to buy condoms and when I called her to check for the same. She confirmed she is in safe periods and hence she allowed me to enter without condoms. We started meeting at least once in a month and having a fuck session of 3 hours most of the time. So this was the way I lost my virginity to a divorce Chinese aunty in a foreign country. Now I am back to Bangalore and I am no more in contact with each other to find a better life for each other, this was not a love; just a friend with benefit and enjoyed each other whenever we need physical pleasure. Right now I am back to India for close to 2 years, please provide your feedback on my email [email protected], your feedback will motivate me to write my other experience and believe me this is my true experience and nothing is added one.