Sharing My Love My Aunty

Hi this is Arvind, I am from Chennai I am 20 years old, this is my first story of my first experience that I had last week. This story I want to dedicate to all youngsters who want sex. This is about the sex experience that I had with this aunty, she is a friend of my mom, she is a slim a pretty women. Her husband left her, and she was very unsatisfied. So we talk to each other when she comes home to meet my mom, she got kids, they play around, and I am good with those kids, this really impressed her. I got a nice muscular body. She is also impressed by that. So one day, she calls me to her house, asking for some help, so I go to her house. I dress nicely and go. She was wearing this black semi transparent dress and she is half wet in that, with a towel in her head. Her kids were not home, they went to school. She invites me inside with a smile. I get inside, she asked to have a look at her computer and she told me that it was not working, so I went to check the system.

I check it, the ac cable was unplugged. I sensed she might me doing something strange. She was in the other room, I told her the problem, she asked me to turn on the computer, and I turned it on. I was shocked to see her semi nude photo as wallpaper without any top, in her system; she came in quickly wearing towel only. She asked me if I liked the wallpaper, I nodded. She asked me whether I watched porn and all. I told her yes, and I was even watching when she called me. She came close to my ears and whispered saying, “do you want to see me?”, and said OK slowly. She lowered her towel, so that I could see her nipples. her boobs where perfect in size, not too big, not small, her nipples where firm and long. I immediately, pulled her toward me, and kissed her; she laughed, and said that I was a fucker. we missed nicely for like 16 minutes, then I put her on the bed, removed the towel. She has a shaved pussy, (she shaved it for me), and I was really turned on.

She asked me, whether I like her, I said “Let me show you how much I like her”. And put my tongue inside her, she jerked, I inserted my tongue inside, the moved out, moved it inside and then moved it out, this is more like 20 time, It made her crazy, I then sucked it nicely, and inserted my fingers deeply. I could see that she was so wet, I was sucking fingering and also twisting her nipples at same time. I was rolling her nipples, and pinching it gently, she came I licked the juice. Then I went to her boobs, and then I sucked it and pumped it nicely. Supera irundhuchu, hmmm sema sema, I was nicely pumping her boos, she told me she had condoms, she took condoms it was under the mattress, she put it on my penis, and used her mouth, she sucked for like 2 min, I then, inserted my hard and long dick inside her. Every time I moved inside here, she made a sound, this made me so horny.

I sucked her boobs and was fucking her. I told her that I imagined fucking her a lot of time, I was rubbing her boobs so much, she started shouting, I was afraid If someone would hear her. I locked her mouth with kiss, and her moan was so nice. I now turned her back side, and made love to her from behind, she came again, and then I came, after a minute later I removed the condom, she told me to it without a condom this time, she sucked my penis again, it started becoming larger and larger, after 2 min I stopped her, I now I inserted penis inside her, and we fucked each other for 1 hour continuously she came 3 times, and she told me that she was very satisfied, I then came inside her, she slept together when I woke up it was evening almost, so I took bath, asked her to join me, we both had bath together, I again suck her pussy, and we took bath in hot water, so It made horny.

I fucked her for 15 min, they we got out, I got dressed and went, while getting out she gave me a kiss on my lips and gave me her panties she told me to keep it, and smell it. It was pink color, I kept it my pocket, and I went home happily. she messaged me that night saying that she was thinking of me, and we could do this again. It was the best experience I had. The next day night I went to her house, I went to her house to give her movies, she asked, I put some erotic porn movies, and I wrote a letter to her, describing how I will fuck her, I her kids were not there. We messages later, and after that day, the other night.

I messaged her and called her to her terrace, it was an apartment, and there is no light in her terrace, no one uses it, So I invited her, we kissed each other, I rubbed her boobs from outside the clothes, I we laid down on terrace seeing the full moon, and stars where taking and I was making her laugh, I then went inside her skirt, and started to lick her pussy, she liked, she tried to stop me but she liked it, we then made love under the moonlight for some 45 min, then we left first, and after some 5 min I left, and went inside her house, she was kinda shocked, while I acted normally around her kids, and I was there for half an hour, she offered me something to eat, kids were in the other room playing video games I went inside kitchen and from behind I was teasing her boobs, and nipples, she closed her eyes and liked it, then left. I made her want more, then I am going today again to her house to make love in her terrace wish me luck, I have a surprise for her. Let me tell you.

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