An Adventure During Semester Vacations

So I was home for vacations after my 5th semester and I met a woman whom we all called Masi and she was 36 years old and she came from Austria and was the sister of my neighborhood aunty. She had a normal figure with awesome ass and normal boobs but after this incident I came to know that she had long erotic nipples that were so good to bite my god I remember a lot about this experience.

I am 22 years now and it happened when I was 20 and had already lost my virginity to my ex-gf. I have a normal body and a height of 511”. I dont want to describe my dick I find it uninteresting in every story I have read. Everyone has a 6” long. I would like to get reviews so as to share one or two more incest adventures of mine.

Now to the story I met this woman the day I got there and she got mingled so easily between us. She was sweet and didnt look like a 36-year old. I didnt have any intentions but to my surprise she herself showed me her intentions. We exchanged numbers after two days I got there as she wanted some ringtones and I told her I will Whatsapp them to you. Next day I woke up and found msgs in my Whatsapp that she left the previous night while I was in sound sleep. She wrote in the msg that I had beautiful eyes and my wife would be so lucky n all so I replied with a thanks n hence our conversation started.

And by the night we were talking about having sex. She asked me if I was a virgin and what I knew n I told her about the player inside me and we planned to meet for some quick time the next day while the children were in school and aunty n uncle were gone to the market and she woke up at 12 and msged me to come over. I got there as soon as I could with a condom that I always have in my wallet and in my lower and t-shirt. I got inside she closed the door n told me we had 15 minutes. I started kissing her and took off her top. She had normal sized breast but awesome ass. We were in the hall so she invited me to the bedroom.

We were lying down n I was on top of her. She was in her bra while I was sucking her nipples hard and she was moaning and she founded her way in my lower n she said wow I wanted someone like u and complimented my cock and asked me to leave but I had just woken up and was so horny that I climbed to her face and gave my dick in her mouth n I was stunned when I came and she swallowed it all and then I left as anyone could come. Next I was a bit stunned by this swallowing and texted her that we cannot do anything else I was feeling a bit bad about the incident and now just 5 days were left for me to leave and then at the last second day I decided to fuck her and called her in my room at noon.

She came I started kissing her without wasting a sec. we both then stopped to take off our clothes and then she literally said just insert it quickly I want it. And the next second she was sucking my cock. I was in heaven because for the first time I was getting a blowjob by a pro she couldnt take it all but gave the best head. Next she was in doggy style and I started pounding her feeling like a porn star and with full aggression clinching her hairs backwards she was enjoying it all and was trying to control her moans as my parents were sleeping downstairs.

Then we were lying side by side and I was still working from the behind. Now as I recall I was too rough and to my surprise she enjoyed it a lot. I pressed her boobs so hard she started slapping my hand and my grip was getting tighter I was fucking her from behind and she was slapping at my hand so hard and this increased my grip on her boobs she was crying in pleasure. Then we turned in missionary position and I went deep into her she lifted her legs in the air to let me go deeper and this turned me even hornier. I increased my speed then I took her legs and brought them close and lifted her. Now her boobs were set like two cakes and I was fucking her at full speed and then I lied down and she came over me.
Next she was fucking me n was on top of me. She was going hard n hard. She asked why I am not cumming and I replied with just a smile. Then she got crazy and was jumping and moaning hard and the collapsed on me for some time. I had never seen an orgasm like that before coz my gf could never bear the adrenaline while reaching orgasm n stops. So I knew it was an orgasm as she got fast with her jumping n collapsed. This was the best riding I have ever got.

I then again started pumping her while she was on top then we ended up fucking in missionary position. I sucked nipples so hard that she got crazy and started moving her ass with my strokes and after few minutes I thought I was going to cum so I stopped and now like porn star I was I standing jerking my dick on her face and I ended up making a design on her face. Now she will come to India after two or three years. I am looking forward to meet her and meanwhile I am searching for adventures like these and I guess I am quite lucky with that. I am waiting for the reviews to my first story which is of course this one. I hope I will get to entertain you all more. I hope u liked my story will be waiting for feedbacks at [email protected]