Rakesh Fulfilled My Husband Absence

Hello friends this is Rekha age 26 new to this site. I am 5’4 and fair in color and hot married girl with good structure 36-24-36 and everyone fall for my ass. I am from Vizag and this incident happened few days back. Hope you love my story and send your feedback’s to [email protected]

My hero name is Rakesh age 21 he is tall and athletic with good cock size. Coming to story we both are neighbors. My husband is working in MNC and he left for U.S for some work. I stayed with my in-laws in Vizag. Rakesh is completed his graduation and placed in good MNC and waiting for his date of joining at home. After my marriage my husband went to U.S and visit home twice in a year. So you guys and girls can understand my starvation towards sex. These things made me to surrender to Rakesh when he tried to seduce me. One fine day he visits my house for some house hold things as her mother sent. At that time I am returned from bath with wrapping towel on my body. He just passes a smile and looking naughtily at me. In no time I went inside and come back and given things what he is looking for.

From that day onwards he daily visits my house for some blah blah things. One day while I was cleaning floor he entered into my house and noticed my cleavage from my saree and I found instant erection in his jeans. I smiled a bit and asked why he came. He said nothing and just stands like that. I decided to seduce him because I too wanted him badly because I don’t have sex from past six months so decided to seduce this guy and have some fun.

He is good looking guy and somewhat decent and a bit reserved too. Every time he visited my house I welcomed him with my cleavage show and immediately I found erection in his pants. I like this fun very much. I just want to take him to my arms but my in-laws were at home and he is a bit slow to react at start.

Later days are passing he started talking openly with me. One day I was at my terrace and he noticed that and he too came to his terrace and started talking with me. I asked whether he had any girl friend or not. He said no and I again asked why you look good why you don’t find a girlfriend and have some fun. He then asked me are you not feeling lonely at home without your husband. I know what his intention so I said yeah but what to do it’s my fate.

He then answered for my previous question like this. “I am interested in girls very much but I have some shy feeling to talk with girls” and flirted like this “If I found a girl like you I will definitely hang her” and we ended our conversation with smiles and left there. Finally the day came and my in-laws going to Tirupati for pilgrimage tour and left home at afternoon. He came to know that and immediately entered my home. I saw him entering my home and went inside my bed room and removed my saree and started wearing saree again. In no time he came inside and seen me in panty and bra.

He stunned for a moment and his cock getting erection. Lust in his eyes increasing and slowly stepped towards me and hugged me tightly he waited for my reaction and I didn’t object because I looking for sex from last six months. He thinks he got green signal to go ahead. He then kissed my lips and sucked them like ice cream. We both smooched for 10 minutes and he started pressing my boobs over bra. You girls know it was awesome feeling when some men touched our boobs. I too felt like that and moaned like ahhh ahhhh hmmm. He inserted one finger into my pussy and started moving finger inside my pussy I felt like some volcano burning in my pussy. He didn’t stop and increased his hand speed. I moaned in pleasure like Ahhhhh ahhh hh fuck me; don’t tease me. Ahhh hahahah ummm Rakeshsssssss.

He removed my bra and sucked my right boob like mango fruit and meanwhile with his left hand pressing my left boob. I am feeling like I was in heaven. He sucked and squeezed my boobs and went down to lick my pussy. He placed his tongue in my pussy I got shivered and my body is shaking. He touched my clit with his mouth and keep on licking my pussy makes me crazy and mad. I am praising to fuck me but he is teasing me again with finger fucking.

He then asked me to take his cock into my mouth. I readily agreed for that and taken his cock into my mouth and sucked like lollypop. He is also moaning like haaahhh; he then without informing me came in my mouth. I drank every drop his semen. Now it’s time for show. He rubbed his cock at walls of my pussy and slowly started entering in my pussy. My pussy was tight because it was used long six months back so he takes his time and pushed hard to enter and completely entered in my pussy.

He started banging my pussy very hard with his large cock and abusing me in Telugu like lanja ninnu dengalani enni rojula nundi wait chestunnane ippudu dorikavu ninnu vadalane lanja nii pooku naaku rojuu kavali. After banging me for 15 minutes he came inside my pussy. We enjoyed all three days without taking any rest. Later we had three some with one of my friend. He fucked me and my friend like a bitches. We like his abusing when he was fucking. I will continue that story in next part. Hope you girls and guys enjoyed my story. Your feedback\s are allowed [email protected] We both liked his fucking. He was awesome in bed and we enjoyed all possible angles in my friend’s home.