My Chat Friend Kavitha With Her First Time

Thanks to all about my previous story (how I fucked my girlfriend Rupa part 1 & 2) after publishing that story I got lots of replies from by males and females, in that I got just a hi mail from by the name called Kavitha, I replied back with my personal Whatsapp no and I didn’t care much, after few days I got a Whatsapp message from her, some unknown message, then I started to replay back, first two days she fooled me after that she told she likes my story and we started our chat casually slowly it turn to sex and we had some late night hot sex chats via Whatsapp. And weeks passed we are become real good friends and we both have the desire to meet each others.

Sorry I forgot to introduce her, this is Kavitha she is a b tech graduate and looking some job at Bangalore, she is basically from Chennai, and she is staying at Bangalore at her cousins home, she is 5.4 and medium complex and 59 kg weight and have the figure of 36-30-34. She is a dam sex beauty I never expected she is damn sexy. The day came we decided to meet. By god grace my mom and wife went to native I am alone at home. I asked her can you say something and jump, she said some lie to home she have a placement drive at Mysore she is going with her colleagues and she came to Koramangala Sony signal by 5.30. I went and picked up her by the same time we went KFC and parceled our food and went to home.

Once we reach home we had food and chatting with Kavi, once she gone to kitchen to take water. I went behind her and hugged her from behind and kiss on her neck, Kavi you are so sexy, and press her melons from back and squeezed her nips. Wow she has a huge melons what a shape ya, I was thinking. Then we had some food and went to my bedroom, I switched on the a/c, she asked my why you want a/c now, I said because my Kavi is too hot, she smiled at me. I said Kavi I want to tease you, she asked me how, then I went and hugged Kavi and removed her top, wow she was wearing a red color bra inside her and her boobs are perfectly fitting into that. I kissed on her boobs on the top of bra and unhooked her bra then I removed her jeans pant too she was on a black color panty, I removed the panty and too, her pussy is well shaved and I can clearly see her pussy lips and on the pussy, it’s really a honey pot, then I asked her to wear a t-shirt and skirt without bra and panty. Then I hugged her again and asked her “ shall we go for a drive “ she smiled and said yes, then I took the car and I can see Kavi’s nips popping out of the t-shirt.

I am using Hyundai Elantra car in that there is a option called a/c on seat cover I switched on the seat a/c and its getting cooling inside and she can feel the a/c cooling directly on her pussy add ass. She was enjoying the ride. And I stopped the car near to one local bar and there was a beeda shop near to that, few guys are standing for smoking and few of them are out from bar. I asked her to buy one packet of kings from the beeda shop and gave cash, she went out to the beeda shop to buy, I can see all people are staring at Kavi and people are getting hard inside their trousers, I can feel all guys are poking her with their starving eyes, guys are calling their colleagues ears and looking at her erected nipples. Anybody can understand easily that she is not wearing bra, because the orange color t-shirt was that much transparent. I was enjoying the moments, she came back and close the door and look at me and smiled Manu you made me as your real slut please take me to home and fuck me, I am so horny you don’t have no limit for teasing.

Then I drove back to home and we went to the bedroom, while closing the door she came and hugs me, I turn back and slapped on her ass my slutty and made her to bend and lift her skirt wow her pussy is already wet. And few drops of wetness on her skirt also. I came to know that she enjoyed the drive. I removed her skirt and t-shirt, and took the flavored oil and started to apply on her boobs; she was enjoying the massage with the pleasure. I can’t hold the boobs with my hand because Kavi’s boobs are hand full. While massaging I thing its getting bigger and bigger and while massaging only I squeeze her nips with my fingers she was moaning, I said shut your dirty month slut, she kept quit again she closed her month and moaning, I can feel her pleasure from her body moment, then I apply oil on her flat stomach and apply while massaging only my hand went down to her pussy and rubbed her pussy lips, she open her mouth again and moaning, then I turn toward down and kiss on her pussy lips and insert my cock to her mouth and asked her to suck; she was sucking, my slutty Kavi suck your masters cock suck deep, she was sucking deep and I am suckling her pussy. After some time I came down and put a pillow down to her ass and lift her pussy.

Then I apply honey on her pussy lips and I put my finger inside to her pussy and apply honey to her pussy walls, then I close the bottle and started to suck the honey from her pussy, her slutty pussy is flooded now, I started to suck her pussy and my face also covered with her love slutty juice, she was enjoying my suck, she started to play with my hairs on her, her fingers are running on my head with pleasure. I sharpen my tongue and insert deep into Kavi’s pussy, she bend like an arch while insert. And moaning like suck me Manu, kill me Manuu, I am your slut, suck your slut haaa she was moaning heavily. Then I insert my one finger on her pussy and play for some time, wow that was great, her pussy is really flooded with her love juice, I think she is ready to take me. Suck her pussy and folded her legs, she was moaning and telling Manu fuck me fuck me fuck your whore. She was a dam hot fucking doll. I insert my cock wow with pleasure it was slowly sliding into the honey pot, she moaned with big pleasure while insert, then I slowly started to fuck, my saale randiiii, fuck you slut I started to increase the speed. She closed her eyes with pleasure and bit her lips, I can feel the sultriness in her face and that encouraged me to fuck her hard.

After some time I drag her to corner of the coat and folded her legs. Then insert my cock, I am standing and fucking in this position, so I can give her some hard stroke and its hitting her uterus, she was on cloud9 in that fuck, she was enjoying, in every stroke her boobs are jumping like a jumping jack for the kids. She was shouting with the pleasure Manu fuck me feed me you cum inside me. I am not yet coming in that particular point of time. I was giving again and again some hard stroke to her pussy, I can feel she is keep on cumming in that position and shouting, Manu I am your whore. Fuck me fuck me deep tore my pussy it’s for youuuuuu, I can feel her sultriness. Then I asked her to kneel down on bed like a dog. I stand behind her and insert the cock on her pussy from behind. In this position my cock going deep in fucking her and slap on her pussy I am fucking vigorously like a mating dog she hold the pillow near to her because of pleasure and took my cock out and sucked her pussy, I can feel the sourness of her pussy, again I insert back my cock and fucking deep into her pussy I am also reaching my climax, I kept my cock deep in her pussy like fucking her pussy inch by inch.

Like while dog mating the male dog will lock his cock into the female dog’s pussy, like I locked my cock inside her pussy deep and fucking deep into her pussy she was shouting like hoo Manu I am dyeing fuck me feed me with your seeds I want to carry your baby. Fuck me deep ho ho ho, I locked my cock inside her and my hot cum is shooting into her pussy and directly to her uterus, I am dam sure she will pregnant in this shoot. I kept my cock inside her for some time and took the cock out, but still my cock is hard. She said Manu I need some time, I am totally exhausted. I slapped on her face and said you are a honey slut my Kavi. To be continued.

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