My First Neighbour Aunty Who Changed My Life

I am Fardeen. I am 29 years of age and at present I am in Bangalore. I like to share my experience with my neighbor with all of you. Even if I have

A lot of experiences before; this is the most recent.

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Let me tell you my story of my neighbour aunty who did not charge me for sex.

I live with my parents in an own house. I am the only son to my parents. My house neighbouring there were 3 people; husband, wife, and boy. Her husband is a thin looking man of 46. The boy was studying in 8th standard. Now coming to the character of prime importance; the neighbour lady.

She may be 38 – 40 years of age. I always have liking to the older woman.

Her name is Rani (from Andhra). She is short. She takes good care of her looks. She has very big boobs and a nice much big butt every morning the time I go to work she used to come from terrace after washing her clothes and we both share a smile. Her voice is also very husky. As I have two weekly offs. I usually take it on Sunday and Monday. Whenever I get a chance I take a peep. When she used to sweep or clean the corridor. I always manage to see the big cleavage between her breasts when she bends. I will masturbate a lot with her on the mind. For a long time, I was looking for a chance. As my mother was house wife I did not have the chance. At last, I got the luck to fuck. My parents were going to some festival at my native place. They also wanted me to come, but how can I lose this great opportunity. I said I can’t as I am busy.

And the auspicious day came. My parents went away and I will be alone for 2 days. To make it further lucky, it was Monday and Tuesday. I shifted my offs to those days. Both the husband and boy were gone by 8:30 am. It was around 11 am; I was standing by the gate and was about to enter my house where I see aunty was climbing the stairs with washed clothes.

She was wearing a nighty. I too climbed up my stairs and went up pretending of getting the dried towel for my bath. She asked don’t I have office today. I said I was not feeling well and had taken off that day. Whenever she bends down rinsing her clothes, there I saw both big fleshy bombs. Wow how nice it was look so closer and they were heavy. Some part of her nighty has gone deep into the split and she was not wearing anything inside. I got a raw look. Suddenly I don’t what came on her mind she turned towards me and looked at me and my eyes and my eyes were on her butt. I was shocked. She continued the stare for several seconds and then continued with putting clothes for drying. I got afraid and I went down quickly. In the afternoon there was a knock at the door.

It was her. Now, she was in an orange sari and it was not covering her boobs properly. She asked very casually that did I had my breakfast / lunch. I said no. She came in my house and was enquiring why did not eat anything. I said that my mother had no time to prepare anything for me and I was not feeling very good to make myself something or to go to a hotel. She told me to come to her house and have my lunch. I said its okay I will manage. She gave me a rude look and said she will complain to my mother if don’t eat (my mom is her good friend). I agreed then I said I will dress myself and come. She said whats bad with this clothes they look good. I said ok and we both went to their house. She gave some chappathis then she served rice and sambar with pickle.

After I finished eating she said they are vegetarian so I have to manage with that and was telling that she used to eat chicken biryani when she was young in college without her parents knowing it. She asked do I have a fever. I said no but a small headaches. She went inside and came back with Amrutanjan in her hand. I said I don’t like it because it burns like anything. She said she herself will apply it and it will not burn. I did not refuse. She closed the door and I sat in the sofa. She went back of me and bended my head backwards and started rubbing Amrutanjan. My head was slightly touching her boobs. It was a nice feeling. After that she told me to have a nap. I started to leave, but she asked me to sleep in their house itself. I obeyed her, went to their bedroom and lied down on the bed. I was getting into sleep slowly.

I felt some movement near me. I opened my eyes and to my surprise Rani aunty was sitting beside me. She was having a hungry look on eyes.

She asked do you feel cold Fardeen. This was the first time she called my name. I said a bit. She said she will provide me with heat. I was wondering what she might do so. She slowly removed her sari. I was awestruck to see her boobs in full vision. They were like two full moons. She called Fardeen feel my breasts. I obeying put fingers on them. I had expected it to be very soft but it was not. It was harder but still very hot.

She removed my t-shirt and later my jeans. She asked do you want some hot milk. I said yes. She said you have it before you. I rose up I kissed in her lips.

She sucked my lips like a hungry animal. My hands were massaging her breasts. I unhooked her blouse. She was not wearing any bra. The golden globes fell in my hand. I drank some milk and bite it for a few minutes and sucked it hard. She was moaning oh oh hhmmmmmm hhaaaaaaa.

I went down removed her panty now and I was in direct view of the heaven hole. It hot and cold at the same time, very wet. I rubbed my face into the hairs of her pussy. I gave my tongue to go its full length. She was crying with joy. Simultaneously I was pressing her buttocks. After a few minutes alternative blowing and sucking; she blasted a full load of divine juice. I drank it fully and I said now I got my non-veg meal. She laughed and asked how was my fleshy cum. I said a bit salty but its okay. I then positioned myself for the climax. My cock by this time was making a war with me not showing it goal. As soon as I kept it at the entrance of her cunt, it went in like a rocket. She gave a loud ufff. I started rocking slowly.

I slowly increased my speed. At my top speed, the cot was moving like a horse. I was afraid that would break. I asked can I cum inside her cunt.

She said no. I removed my cock and she took it to her mouth drank the whole cum. She said only today she got the satisfaction in her sex life. I

Said I was not. I wanted to ride on her ass too. She asked do you like me so much. I said I like u so much then we slept there for some time and then I asked her to play with my cock she did. Then I went to her bath room and cleaned up my dick. Then I said I wannna taste her ass too. I asked to suck my dick she sucked my dick and made it hard. I could not control anymore I rolled her to the other side. I licked her buttocks to the whole and then showed my cock the way. It looked like a virgin ass. She said your uncle hardly do my back. The first time he did it was painful so he does not force me much.

I said I will do it slowly. Then I applied a cream on my dick and her ass hole.

And asked her to bend she did and later I inserted slowly it was painful for her. She asked to stop so I did and hugged her tight, pressing her boobs and diverting her mind I gave a strong jerk for which she screamed my name I then kept silent for minute. And she said mine is big and she can feel it inside and uncle never put his dick so inside. Then I tried giving her strokes for which she said no. It is too big. She cant take. I too did not force. Then I turned her around, kissed her lips, bite them, and locked her lips and gave a hard stroke in her pussy she tried screaming but could not as her lips were locked. I gave big hard thrust then unlocked her lips and did not stop the thrusts. She was making me horny with her loud voices.

Then I said I am cumming and removed my dick and pour everything on her stomach.

She looked exhausted. And she went to bath room cleaned herself. And I too did the same. And thanked her for the lovely lunch.

Then after half an hour she went up the stairs I too climbed up our stairs.

Me: hi aunty

Aunty: hello

Me: are you happy?

Aunty: a lot. Can I ask u something? How u know so much? And u satisfied me today.

Me: actually I go out and fuck aunties and pay them so I am used to hard sessions

Aunty: means u go to call girls?

Me: yes aunty but good reputed ones

Aunty: its bad

Me: from now I wont go

Aunty: can I share something with you

Me: yes

Aunty: promise u wont tell any body

Me: no

Aunty: your uncles sister is also not satisfied we do lesbo when she comes will u join us?

Me: omg I will aunty. When?

Aunty: dont hurry! I will tell you. But before that I need your Muslim cock to fuck me more.

Me: sure aunty

Aunty; whats your number

Me: I have Whatsapp

Aunty: OK bye will call you on phone

Friends after that day we chatted on Whatsapp and spoke on phone.

She is yet to invite her sister-in-law but. Will tell you how I convinced her and fucked her ass.

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