Chained By Her Master

This is the second story I have written here. This is a fiction and is not based on any true events. Let me tell you about myself first; I am 21, straight male, Kinky and a master. This story is based on BDSM. I hope that my imagination impresses you. I have written it in third person and you may assume that a female slave is narrating this story to her master as he demanded for it.

It was late at night and I was chained to the wall and you came in and you smiled at me then you let me down. I didnt try to leave and you knew I wouldnt try. I smiled when you turned your back to me and I sat on my knees patiently waiting for your orders. When you turned around you told me to look up and I did. I saw that you had the whip in your hand and I tried to contain my excitement. My inside started to boil and you ordered me up, so I stood. You told me I had been a bad girl and then you said to turn around and bend over with my hands on the bed and my legs spread. I did as commanded. I could feel the heat of your body when you moved behind me and with one yank you tore off my skirt that was barely covering anything to begin with. I shivered. I waited patiently and the more I waited the hotter my insides grew. You began running your hands up my back and I clenched my hands on the bed. You reached my shoulders and moved in closer behind me, starting to kiss my neck and I felt the bulge in your jeans against my ass. I bit my lip to keep from moaning and then you licked from the base of my neck up to my ear and your hot breath sent chills down my spine as you quietly whispered “mine” into my ear. I held in my gasping moan.

You ran hands back down my back with your nails digging into me then you circled your hands around to the front and grabbed my boobs squeezing them and pinching my nipples, they grew hard from your touch and once again you whispered in my ear, “mine”. I bit my lip harder that time and I stood as still as I could be. You then grabbed my ads in your hands and squeezed hard again whispering “mine” in my ear. I let out a quiet moan that time and then I felt the sting of the whip against my ass, “not yet” you ordered and I made no noise. I could feel my insides giving no rest and before long I was boiling over. I felt a trickle of vim run down my leg and then your masculine hand cupping my pussy. I bit my tongue and you moved your finger in Very slow, tedious circles against my clit. I moaned and the whip stung my ass again. “No,” you said. I quietly whispered “yes sir” and you continued. My clit throbbed under your finger and I longed for you.

Your fingers pinched my clit and I cried out as you whispered “mine” in my ear. Your fingers moved along my pussy lips and slowly, the sunk into me. You moved at the slowest pace and I closed my eyes trying not to beg or make any noise. You moved your fingers in and out of my pussy slowly going deeper each time and when you got as deep as you could you came back out and jammed your fingers in my pussy hard. My head slung back and I came over your fingers. You whispered in my ear “mine” and I agreed, “Yours,” I whispered back. You stood up straight and smacked my ass hard, I groaned. You continued to smack my ass until it was red and lightly bruising. I heard the whip hit the floor but I didnt dare turn to face you.

Then I heard the tug of zipper and I clenched the bed once more. Your hands found my waist and with no guidance you slammed into my already wet pussy and I came instantly then you started working your magic. You rocked me back and forth to comply with each of your thrusts. It was blissful. I moaned and moaned and I begged for you, and you never once displeased me. I came several times on you and kept me going until I was completely drained and you finally let go and shot your hot load into my pussy and I moaned with pleasure. You collapsed against my bare back and you whispers “what are you” and I whispered back “Im yours master”!!!! I thought that this was over but I was so wrong about that that. You said “not yet”. You withdrew your penis from my wet soaking and aching pussy. I was wondering what you were upto. It was turning me on so much.

By now I was so wet that wetness was leaking from my pussy and it was flowing through my thighs. I would moan and take short breaths. You asked me to get on all fours. You said that I was your bitch and I loved it. I love it when you call me your bitch. As I was on all my fours you started to spank my ass. You were calling me names while you spanked my ass. You called me a slut and a whore. I said that I was your slut, your whore and your bitch. It turned me on beyond comprehension. All of a sudden I got a feel that you were trying to penetrate my ass hole. You stretched my ass cheeks and let your penis in. I screamed in pain and pleasure. You started to pull my hair so hard and thrust me simultaneously. It felt so good. I was aching and moaning in sexual pleasure. I felt that you were now squeezing my nipples and boobs so hard and you started to thrust even harder. It was unbearable and I came all of a sudden, to my utter surprise you came just with me and shot loads of cum deep in my asshole. It was a heavenly experience. You again whispered “what are you” and I whispered back “Im yours master”.

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