First Time I Got Touched By A Girl

Hello readers! This will be a boring story for those who seeking for hardcore sex narrations. This is a veg story.

Am Kiran kumar, 29 yrs old unmarried guy? I dont have relationship with any girl yet. I got upset at my 20th age, when a friend (a girl) left me with small misunderstanding. I was clear that, am not in love with her and its just a sexual attraction, but still my heart was in pain when she left me. Later I understood that am very much affectionate toward relationship. Then after, I started maintaining distance from girls; avoiding girls (mostly co-workers) whove expressed their feelings through their symbolic actions and reactions. Two girls directly fought me on my irresponsive to their proposals.

I was a pure virgin till that unexpected moment came. I want to share that event, very first time I was touched by a girl. This happened in Mumbai 5 yrs back. I went to Mumbai on an official visit during summer for two days. After finishing official meetings, I got my return ticket to Bangalore, I took print out. On hurry I misread the train departure time as 10:50. So I vacated the guest house in hurry and rushed to Railway station. While taxi was close to destination, I saw the train departure time once again properly. It was 16:50, not 10:50. Oh god! I reached 6 hrs early. Guest house is far from there. So I decided to spend time with roaming nearby commercial zone. It was very hot and humid that time. I was sweating like anything. My tiny beard was irritating my face along with sweat. Nearby I saw a mens parlor pictorial add from a side, rushed there and entered inside without any other thought.

A guy was sitting in entrance asked which service I want and told price is bit high. I said its ok, and rushed inside. There some ladies were also sitting inside. Then I noticed its a beautification center. I went to restroom and flushed water to my face and neck. Sat in seat and wiping my face with tissue looking at mirror. Behind me a young girl was sitting n kneeling to front. She was slim, medium height, wheatish complex around 19-22 yrs age I guess. She was wearing soft delicate top n jeans but no bra. Her breasts were medium in size, long, hanging down about 5 inches from chest. Inside the top, both the breasts were pressing each other. I could able to see them through front mirror, n thought if the top open s bit lower, boobs also may become visible. Suddenly, she saw me through the same mirror, immediately I diverted my vision. I thought she might be another customer in that parlor.

That guy came and started shaving and chatting with me. He said that hell do additional services if like neck massage if I give time. I told that I have 6 hrs time for my train. There ladies (two matured ladies and that girl) said, you have plenty of time here then. After finishing shaving, that guy said “sir, you can spend time here with massage. Come and get inside.” I moved to other chair placed inside, covered and screened. I was watching my face in mirror; expecting that guy to come.

After two minutes l saw the same girl in mirror, whos just enter inside from behind, and started interacting to me. I got shocked. She was getting ready to do massage. Then I understood shes working here. At the same time, my mind was a not ready to accept that, as it may lead to adult content. Till that moment I didnt had touch with women in love n sex mood. I thought to get out of this. So I just moved out of the screen and said I have very limited amount of money in my pocket. I cant offer much, so quiet this. One matured lady said its ok we have other packages for this amount what you have now. They send me back inside the screen. I couldnt able express what exactly in my mind. That girl made me to sit back. She asked me to remove my shirt. I did slowly. Then she asked me to remove vest. I was thinking for a moment. She forced me and removed vest immediately. I am 511”. She was at my shoulder height; hence she might be 52″ in height. She was very slim; lengthy and medium sized breasts.

She started doing massage from my shoulder. I use to go gym, but not regular. So I have an average body with wheat brown colour. Although my chest has good shape, my nipples are different from normal. They erect, looks normal, and become flat and soft sometimes. I dont want to show my nipple to that girl, thats y I hesitate to remove vest.

But afterwards she moved her hands from shoulder to neck, arms, wrists and fingers. Again she gently massaged my shoulder, back, lots and hip. My belly portion doesnt have packs, but I got good shoulder and back. Then she started rubbing my chest and then concentrated on my nipple. Initially I resisted, but later she took over. I didnt felt any specific feel while that girl was touching me. I was normal. After 10-15 min of massage, she asked to open my trouser. I said what? She replied “u need shaking?” I said no not. She asked whether I have any trouble in my sexual health. If I stop her, shell think that am deceased.

It became my dignity issue in front of a girl now. So I gave up. I started touching my pants zip to open slowly. She insisted to open pants button. I was removing belt. Meanwhile she came ahead n started opening my pants button carefully. By that time my penis got distributed by her wrist palm, n started to erect. She opened zip too and asked me to take cock out. I thought to take it out through brief vent, but she pulled brief strap down n took cock out. She said cock is good. That is the first touch to my private part with a girl. Cock started to erect more on her palm hold.

She spread some tissue below cock and wherever she felt cum can spill. Now my penis reached 13 cm long approx. But not full length 15 cm. That girls palm was very small, and she was holding and shaking only middle portion of the cock, which is 2″ in width at middle, 1.5″ at head and node.
She asked, Sir is it first time?
I said yes.
Dont you have girl friend?
I said no.
No girl friend? Why?
I didnt concentrate in that.
Is this first time?
I said yes.
A pretty girl is touching me, but am not enjoying it internally. Inside me I was feeling guilty on what happening to me. Am being touched by the girl who doesnt have love or affection, nor doing with interest on me. She was doing this only for money, but not with her heartful wish or love. This made me upset inside.

She was shaking only the middle section of the cock, but not touching head at all. That action was not sufficient to stimulate my cock to reach its full erected length. I believe she doesnt want the cum to stick her hands, thats y she was not touching cock head. She continued in same fashion for 10min, but I didnt cum. She said, Sir you are exhausted it seems. Thats y its not coming yet. Usually for others itll come quickly.

Usually after complete erection, 20 to 30min will take to get cum during myself masturbation. I told this to her and I decided to show her to save my prestige. I took her hand. Along with her hand I clubbed my hand, wrapped around cock and started blowing from cock middle to tip.

Now in my mind I thought “why dont I drag her up n pull her jeans down to open her cunt, plug my cock and fuck?.”
“No she does not love you. She wont accept that.”

While her left hand busy with cock, her right hand started rubbing my chest. Then she leaned her face on my chest and started licking my nipples one after one. Her breasts are touching me body now.  My right hand is busy with hand Job along with her right hand. Her left hand is holding and rubbing my chest. So I thought to touch her hanging breasts with left hand. But other mind says No! Dont. At last I touched her breasts over top. It was a wonderful feeling. They were very softer than I thought.

After 15 min I got cum. She was busy with licking my chest and nipple. My cum shot jet flew on her hand and spread below. Before that previous 3 days I didnt do masturbation. So lot of cum came at that time. Then she smiled and started wiping out the cum from my cock tip and down. She opened the tap in washbasin but no flow from tap. So she moved out to wash cum spread on her hand. Outside other ladies asked why this much time. She replied with laughing “His time is more than normal. He cummed on my hand. Its his first time.” Showing cum spread in hand to them, she moved to restroom.

Then I dressed up myself, paid them sat there for few minutes to check my account in mobile. That girl was standing there casually and looking at me. I left to Railway station. I sat in passengers waiting room. Thinking about what happened with that girl. I worried for first time, got touched by a hired girl.

Now, if I remember this event, Ill get laugh. Later I changed my mind to accept only the girls who approach me herself. But only married and committed girls are moving closer, but not single ladies. I understood that single girls also expecting the same way how I do, n commit to those guys roam behind and proposes. Most of the women realize their partners real attitude and status after commitment or marriage, n starts feeling for that. Most of them, if they found further better person (in character and appearance) in real life, theyre getting bold n approaching him.

In my case only married and committed women stick close to me, while single ladies observe from distance. The reason is Ill be always free like a child; nobody has control over me. Am a non-smoker and dont take alcohol. They like me. I understood the attitude of married or committed women. At last now I started liking married girl.

At the same time, I moved far away, reached Ahmadabad, where no friends, no girls. I want to date women and want to enjoy sex with full pleasure. If some girl women in Ahmadabad like me, write to [email protected] Ill assure that you wont face problems with me in your personal life. Please, I dont want call girl or gay. I am pure and hetero.