The Perfect Christmas

Hi, guys I am Legion, I’m posting this story for the first time so please excuse me for any mistakes. I am a normal looking guy with a golden brownish complexion, 6 ft height, good muscular build i.e. 6 packs,56cm chest and 20 biceps and a an 18cm long and 3cm thick dick. I have had many sex encounters but this the time when I nail a girl almost 15 times in 24 hrs, and spend the 4 days 5 nights holiday together in Goa on 31st.

That day was 25th December so me and my brother Nikhil decided to go to a disco at night, his girlfriend was a common friend, so she also came with some of her and my brother’s common friends and in them I was the only 1 who was single. Everybody in the group was jolly and friendly. We reached the disco and were enjoying and all of a sudden slow music started playing, so all of them grabbed their couples and started dancing on the floor and I alone was sitting at the bar and was having cold drinks as I don’t drink. I saw a girl in wicked black dress having vodka and coconut water and she looked like a girl who is alone at a time of a holiday and begging to get fucked she was a super hot chick with 34 25 30 figure looking smoking hot.

I approached her by wishing her merry Christmas and she replied with “what is the reason to get merry” I replied back by a question again “I guess you are out here all alone, am I right or am I right?” She told me that she had a boyfriend but two days ago they had a break up, and after that we had a long conversation by the time my group also had returned from the floor and now were going for a dinner in a restaurant, but when they came to call me I excused myself from her and told them to leave as I was breaking the ice i.e. I was getting into her panties. Now we were a bit free and were talking with each other about the our physical relationships, and shared with her a sex encounter which I had with my college classmate and I was making sure that I mention every little detail because I was making her hot into her panty, till the end was near she became so desperate that she wanted my dick for sure.

She put her hand on my lap and started to caress it, I became rock hard in there and my dick started dancing and she could feel it but I didn’t break the flow of telling the story to her and now suddenly she kissed my lips and started smooching me. Now she hold my hand took me into the parking lot where her car was parked she was so hot that she made me sit in the back seat and pulled my jeans down and took my dick out and spitted on it pulled her dress up she was wearing a pink G-string she removed it and threw it on my face her pussy juices were all over it and that tangent smell turned me on, she rubbed her clean shaved pussy and sat on my dick and my dick disappeared into her pussy leaving her with lust full moans, her pussy was so wet and hot I was enjoying every bit of her, I started caressing her she moaned louder “ooooooohhhhhh!!! Fuck me. Fuck me harder, suck my nipples they are going crazy please kiss every part of my body you are making me horny please don’t stop bite my nipples like biting an apple oooooohhh! Fuck me hard aaaahhh uhhhhh”

I unzipped her dress and lowered her dress she was wearing a sexy bra which could only cover the nipples of her huge boobs her boobs were as soft as they were a pair of rasagullas white with two erect nipples she was begging that I must suck her boobs then I sucked her left boob the erect nipple tasted salty and smelled sweet then I bit her boob she got and moaned loudly “aaahhhhh yes oh fuck yes this is what I want suck it suck it harder uhhhhh” she pressed my mouth on her huge boob I got more excited and now I was sucking and fucking at the same time. She loved it and pleaded me with her lust full moans. This just what I want for Christmas yeah fuck me uhhhhhhh” and after a few strokes she started vibrating in my arms and I saw that she had came all over my dick and then too she was excited and now I got excited and started fucking her hard and after 20-25 strokes I came in her pussy and I felt her cum flow raging like a stampede of wilder beasts towards my dick.

After this much action we wiped ourselves with tissues and again headed for the disco she had tequila and I had red bull it was 1:30am and we were now cool and were ready for more. She called her driver we sat in it and were off to her place she started making me horny in the car on the way home and was caressing my upper thighs. I was ready for some good fuck and for a moment I felt that I won’t be able to handle myself and will fuck her in the car once again as soon as we reached her apartment’s lift we started kissing each other so desperately she bit my lips and sucked on them by the time we could reach he apartment. I was half naked with button of my shirt open and her panty half down and were still kissing each other as soon as we entered her home we didn’t even bother about the door not closed we started stripping on the door. I lift her and threw her on her double bed and got above her we were naked and started another round of fuck. It continued till dawn and was together on the day after where she booked us 4 days 5 nights to Goa on 31st. But that is a different story now. Hope you liked it. Wait till next part comes.

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