Latha The Gorgeous And Massage Therapist

Let me introduce myself my name is Rajesh I am pure south Indian who dont know Tamil since I was born and brought up in north India. I am working at Chennai staying with friends. Basically I am guy who would like to have aunties and middle aged ladies daily night as my dinner of sex. I am really very horny guy who would like to enjoy sex to the core.

Now let me start the story is real story happened last month to me with a lady named Latha (fake name) aged 38. Last month first week after finishing my work I started from office from Tiruvanmayur at 9 oclock I stay at Velachery that day there was very huge traffic so I diverted myself to OMR road, when I crossed Tidel park there was a lady standing and waving her hand to me on the junction of Tidel park and Tiruvanmayur. I stopped and saw the lady she was very bright and very hot lady we cannot judge that she is 38. At that age she was maintaining her body very superb. I asked her what help I can do for her she told that her child is alone at neighbors house as she has the key and her hubby is out of station. And her kid is keep on crying so she asked whether I can drop her near Madipakkam since she didnt get buses to her place.

So I thought to help her said her that I will drop her at her house. She thanked me and she was sitting on my back seat so I started. The traffic was huge. All vehicles were moving feet by feet. So I had many chances for applying disk breaks that made that lady soft breast keep on getting pressed at my back. After 2 km Latha placed her hand my thighs and her front body was touching my back fully to that made a surprise in me as she keep on pressing her breast to my back the cool climate made me hot I was feeling her hot breath in my neck she was very close to me I was on cloud 9.

My mind was telling me to propose her and take her immediately to the bed and make her todays dinner. Since I was virgin till then I was horny to the core but I controlled meanwhile we reached Madipakkam. I asked here where to drop she guided me to her house she was happy. After getting down she was thanking me but I was ready to ask her number her daughter cam running towards her she may be 4 yrs kid. Then her neighbors also came. I thought its unlucky day. After some days after office to home again I saw the same lady standing at the same place so I purposefully stopped and asked her that can I drop her she accepted my help. She was in the same way how she was sitting previous day on the way she asked about my job where suddenly she asked my do I have girlfriend I told so far no and if she likes she can be my girl friend she said she is married and her age is 35.

Oh my god she is three years younger than what I judged. I told I like to have a married lady as my gf as they are more matured and easy to handle. She blushed and told she likes me. While going she was leaning on my back I can sense that her nipples where very hard I was completely feeling it on my back. After reaching her house she invited me for a coffee I accept went inside her house. She kept her house very neat and clean no one was there so I ask about her family members she said her hubby went to America 6 months before and her daughter and her mother in law went to his relative house they will be back two days later. She kept the milk on the stove she said she is going to change her dress.

I was waiting in her living room she came in 5 min in nighty it was a very sexy neighty70 percent transparent so I could clearly see her bra and panty. I was keep on seeing that she saw me staring her she came with coffee bend in front of me I took the coffee and I saw her very deep cleavage immediately my dick got its erection she saw it she was smiling and she was sitting opposite to me. She asked about my weekend plan; I told nothing told her that my roommates are going to their native and I will be alone here. In between she was checking her mobile. With courage I was about to ask her mobile number but she asked first so I was happy to give my mobile number I asked her she told in case of emergency she can call me so she will call if necessary. I was upset hearing that.

After 5 mins of chat I left from her house. Days passed I never saw her I was missing her lot one Friday evening I got a Whatsapp message asking me how r u by Latha. I was very happy. I was very happy then she asked me whether I can come to her house as she needs some help from me. I told I can come at 11 am she accepted it. Something fishy was going through my mind so I trimmed my penis hair and shaved my beard little bit I trimmed my chest hair. Next day sharp at 11 o clock I pressed the door bell Latha the angel opened the door she was looking very gorgeous she was in white Onam saree with red bra. I was losing my control seeing her saree below the navel; her size would be 36-30-32 she was perfect woman for every guys dream.

She told me that she wants to go to physiotherapist as she have back ace which is troubling her as her mother in law went to her brother house. With my daughter they will be back tomorrow morning I was very happy. I lied her that I know massage therapy she was surprised she asked can u give me a whole body massage I accepted her request she asked what dress she needs to wear. I told he to wear only the towel. I told her that the massage room should be filled with fragrance of flower so I went to nearby shop bought some aromatic candles and aromatic gels and oils also I bought a pack of condoms for safety and also I bought a pack of ice-cream and liquid chocolate. Since I was virgin I was excited.

After going to her house again I knocked the door there was no response so I opened the door went inside Latha was standing in front of mirror with towel wrapped till her cleavage and little bit of her red panty was visible she was awesome in that towel. I went to her bedroom I decorated her bedroom with aromatic candles and agarbathis she was very shy.

I ask her for the floor spread she gave me I told her that I would do the massage if she ties her eyes with her kerchief she accepted so I switched off the tube light switched on the ac kept the ac to 18 asked her to lie on her stomach she did I asked her permission to remove the towel she closed her eyes. I took the oil and little bit I poured on her back started the massage smoothly after some time started giving pressure to her back my fingers where going inside her panty to and fro it was going in coming out her buttocks was very smooth. She was moaning; without asking her permission I start pulling her panty downwards there was no objection from her. I poured some oil on her back thighs started the massage with both the hands on both the legs. I was smelling the hot aroma coming from her pussy I reached the pussy from back side it was fully hairy I told her that I have to remove the hair as it will be disturbance for massaging and asked her for the razor. She asked me to take it from her wardrobe.

I asked her to lie on her back so that her pussy is visible to me then I shaved her pussy completely after shaving her pussy was shining like a pearl her eyes were tied still I told her to again to lie on her stomach she did again started massaging her thighs as every time I reach her pussy my middle finger enters into her pussy she was moaning every time her moaning made me my penis to get its full length so after that I moved to the upper body. I poured some oil on her back without asking her I opened the bra hooks her bra was loosened and then I was massaging her neck to back continuously. She felt relaxed as I was able to see her side portion of the boobs where visible with both hands I started massaging the side portions of her boobs I made my forefinger to touch her nipple it was very strong and hard.

Then after completing her back I asked her to lie on her back as I am going to massage her front portion she did. To give her surprise I took some ice cream put ice cream on her both the boobs and kept large quantity on her pussy she was shivering as ac was kept at 18. I started with her pussy parted her pussy and put ice cream on the clitoris she was shaking her lower body I started sucking her clitoris it was really a wonder full taste. She was pressing her own boobs she was extreme pleasure she was scolding her husband. I started entering my tongue very deep in her pussy; her pre cum was oozing its really awesome taste the mixture of ice cream and the precum. She started pressing my head more towards her pussy I can judge that her pussy muscle is getting tightened within 15 seconds she blasted her cum on my face I licked all her sperm it was very tasty little bit salty.

Then I took her hand and kept is on my penis she hold it very tightly and told that my penis is bigger than her husband with her eyes tied with kerchief she started giving me a very awesome blow job she was looking like sex queen. I told her I am going to cum she asked me to cum inside her mouth, I blasted all my juice inside her mouth she drank the last drop of my juice. I told her that I am going to apply chocolate to her pussy and body. She was happy. I applied chocolate on her pussy and boobs and started sucking the chocolate from her boobs her nipples where very strong I was continuously sucking for more than 15 min she as keep on moaning.

Then I started licking her pussy she hold my head and she was keep on pressing my head to her pussy more than 15 min I was sucking her pussy at last she again blasted her pussy was oozing a white liquid I sucked all her pussy syrup then I parted her legs I inserted my penis inside her pussy it was tight little bit but after two three push it went completely inside her slowly I started fucking her she was responding with moving her pussy towards my penis, that was the most fabulous moment for me.

After 25 min of fucking I blasted inside her we both lied on her bed I slept after half an hour I was feeling someone sucking my penis again. It was Latha my penis was getting the erection once again this time she came on top of me she started riding with in 15 mins we both cummed at same time. We cleaned our self and had bath together in the bathroom. I opened the shower and she started with her blowjob. I was holding her head and started fucking her mouth after some time she asked me to fuck her ass. I made her bend to doggy style. I tried to enter my penis but it was very tight so I went and took some oil applied to my penis and to her asshole. Then I entered my dick it was awesome feel she was completely in cloud nine; she was shouting and moaning. I fucked her ass for 15 min her ass become red. Every time my abdomen hit her ass there was a sexy sound after blasting the juice inside her ass.

I inserted my dick inside her pussy in same doggy style she was telling fast fuck hard fuck fast she was telling “en udambu unaku mattum dhan sondham vegama poddu da. ” her full body is now mine she was asking to fuck hard then we bathed. After bathing I took her to bedroom took towel wiped her whole body. She told she is tired little bit so she asked me to stay that night in her home since her in laws will be coming after two days we both where nude hugging kissing each other. Then slept for a while after 2 to 3 hours I woke up she was not on the bed I went in search of her went to kitchen she was cleaning vessel. She told she will prepare ghee rice and chicken I was nude she was wearing nighty with nothing inside I asked her not to wear nighty she obeyed she removed the nighty seeing her nude body my dick got its erection.

I stopped her from cleaning vessel and took her and made her to sit on the table made her leg wide inserted my dick she was moaning I fucked her very hard she cummed fast then after some time I blasted the sperm inside her. Then took my dick to her she started giving me a blowjob. I went to her pussy started licking it parted her pussy lips and started sucking her clitoris. She was shaking her whole body after half an hour she blasted again. Then we cleaned our self she prepared dinner we had our dinner and in night we had another 2 to three session next day morning I got ready she told she had the best fucking in her whole life.

She gave me a nice French kiss. After two weeks later she called me and told her hubby came back she told she will call me again once he goes to USA. All the aunties who read stories in this website from Chennai please give me feedback so that I can perform some more sex research. Please send your feed backs to my mail id [email protected]