First Sex Experience With My Friend Greeshma

Hi friends. I used to read stories in this site. At first I thought all these stories were imaginary and fictions. But now I realize these stories may be true because I too had a sex experience with my friend. I am going to narrate that incident.

Before that I shall introduce myself, I am Ram from Kerala. I am good looking, average body and good complexion. Telling about my friend, her name is Greeshma. She is my best friend. We used to chat every day. She is really beautiful and has good assets also. Her boobs (34d) and round ass always stole my attention.

Coming to the story…. This incident happened during our study leaves. One day night Greeshma called me and said she had doubts in one subject. I tried to explain it through phone but she did not understand. So I told her to come to college the next day. She agreed.

Next day I was waiting for her in front of college library. She came after 10 minutes. She was wearing a pink coloured salwar. She looked gorgeous that day.

We walked towards our class to study. When we entered our class there was 2 other classmates studying. We went to the last bench and started studying. We started studying and I cleared her doubts. Then we started casual talks. My eyes lost its control and stared into her boobs for many times and side view of her boobs made me horny. We used to talk about everything including sex and all but we never had any sex acts (I used to masturbate by thinking about her).

I dont know how to explain that moment. I lifted ma right palm and grabbed her breast. She got surprised and threw away my hand. I got feared and said sorry. She was really disappointed and told that she never expected that from me.

I dont know how to explain that moment. I lifted ma right palm and grabbed her breast. She got surprised and threw away my hand. I got feared and said sorry. She was really disappointed and told that she never expected that from me. I said sorry to her and she said “its okay, do not repeat this”. I nodded my head and sat near her. My right hand did the same mistake. I again grabbed her right breast. This time she said that “what are you doing? There are other students in this class. So please stop it “.

I told her that I wanted to touch her boobs for once. She said no. But later she allowed me to touch it once. Hearing that I became really happy! Before starting my act, she told me to wait. She adjusted her position so that other students cannot see our act.

I slowly placed my right palm on her breast and pressed it. It was really soft. I continued the act slowly. She did not resist. She started enjoying the act. I grabbed her smooth breast and massaged it. She started breathing deeply. Her sound made me hornier and I slowly put my hand inside her salwar and hold her smooth, soft and round breast. I took her right breast out and started playing with her nipple.

She told me not to take it out as there are other students in the class. So I put it back and started playing with other breast. She started sweating and taking deep breaths. At this my dick was pointed to north direction and I cannot control my erection. It almost made a tent at my pants. After playing with her breasts, I slowly inserted my hand inside her pants. She did not say a word. I touched her panties, it was wet.

I slowly inserted my hand inside her panty. Most exciting moment of my life! I gradually moved my hand there were hair before her pussy. I moved downwards and met her hole. It was already wet. I tried to enter my finger but I failed in my act. I was able to enter only ¼ of my index finger. My finger got wet with her juice. I took back my hand and licked it. She really enjoyed everything. After that we stopped our action. I called her to come to the upstairs. Since it was study leave there were no other classes in the block. I waited upstairs she came after some time.

When she came I hold her and planted a kiss in her forehead and latter I kissed her lips. She pulled me towards her and pushed my head on her breast and I started licking her cleavage and slowly my hands near her bra strips and removed it. Omg what a beauty! It was round shaped boobs with brown nipples and I got mad after seeing it. I started sucking it slowly and she started moaning and I got aroused with her moan. At that time I planted a kiss on her lips… my first lip kiss. She responded very well. It lasted for 2 minutes. I hold her closely and put my hand inside salwar and took out her breast and started squeezing it.

She told me to be gentle because I started applying more force. Then I put her breast in my mouth she started making noise. I told her to keep quite but she didnt. I licked and sucked her breasts and enjoyed. She holds my dick in her hand. But she did not enter inside my pants.

I thanked her for my first sex experience. She thanked me for my act and she said that she really enjoyed everything. She really wanted me do the same often. But after that day we never got an occasion to explore our self. We are waiting for another day. Now we used to discuss about sex more often. I really wanted to fuck her. I love her that much.

Hope you all enjoyed reading. This story is 100% real. I hope everyone enjoyed the story. Forgive me if there are mistakes because Im writing for the first time. For the next part I expect your valuable comments.