Fucked My Bosss Friend

Hi to ISS reader’s this is varunvking back to share my another experience with you for those who read my story first time I am varun 23 years old guy from Chennai with an average body 6 feet height and have a experienced 6inch tool. Any reader’s can contact me through [email protected] This is my experience of fucking my boss’s friend.

Now coming to the story I have already fucked my boss and she became my sex buddy and she had a friend named mohini (Name Changed) who is a business partner of my boss aarthi.

One day we were in a exhibition and as always I was working in it and it was going as usual and me and aarthi used to have a secret sex in between the exhibition to feel the thrill of that short time sex and like that she was going to the store room and I followed to the store room then when she was me she hugged and planted a deep kiss but we had only 10 minutes and I pushed her to the wall and unbuttoned my pant and lowered my pant and underwear. Then raised and saree and she will not be wearing any panties and inserted my six inch rod into her pussy and screwing it very hard in standing position.

She was totally going wild and mourning hard and suddenly her friend mohini came in and saw us and we are shocked to see her and she was also stunned. She left without saying anything and we too corrected our dress and went to the exhibition and acted normal and we are in great tension that whether she will tell anyone but she didn’t say anything to anyone and acted very normally but she didn’t speak with aarthi also and she was staring at me all time.

Then the exhibition got over and mohini said she will come to aarthi’s home to look the sales in the exhibition and left. Then me and aarthi was feeling so awkward as she saw us and I asked aarthi what to do and she thought for some time and said fuck her too and I shocked to hear that from her and she said if she wanted she would have said to someone I think she is hungry for sex too. Her husband was in foreign for almost 5 years and as far I know she didn’t have sex for 5 years and she became addicted to alcoholic.

If you fuck her she will not tell anyone and she may too leave her alcoholic habit. Then I started to think about her in different intention and describing mohini she was in her mid 30’s north Indian with an size of 34-32-36 but her main attraction was her dark red lips and round plumpy ass. Then aarthi said she will come to my home tonight to see the sales record and I will give her some whiskey and tell my experience with you and you may proceed and fuck her.

Then mohini came to aarthi’s home and I was hiding in a room and she came and they were speaking about the sales first and they started to drink and whiskey and mohini kept drinking and aarthi started to speak about our experience and I was seeing her touching her thighs in erotic way.

Then aarthi said I will be back and left. Mohini was sitting alone and she was out of water and went to kitchen and I saw a good opportunity of fucking her and removed all my dress and was wearing just my underwear and followed her and hugged her from behind and she was stunned to see me and pushed me but she her heart beat was very high and I can see her hands shaking and again hugged this time tightly and my fully erected penis was touching her pussy area and she resisted but I planted a deep kiss in her lips and kissed her and her resistance level came down and she started to kiss me very hard. She too decided to end her hunger of sex.

Then I removed her saree and made her sit on the slab and rubbed my face in her blouse and unhooked her pins in blouse and she was wearing a white tight bra. I became so horny and lifted her in my hips started to kiss her even more hard and penis was rubbing her pussy and she too felt that and pulling hair hard and planted her to the floor removed her pavadai and she was in just with her bra and I saw I was in kitchen and decide to use to my desire and took some milk and poured in poured in her face to tummy and started to suck it hard and from her top to bottom. She was mourning like hell and turned her around and saw her big flat ass and back and started to kiss it top to bottom and started to lick it and removed her bra and saw her nude hanging boobs which looked like a mango while hanging. I made her lied on me and she was rubbing her boobs in my chest and she slapped me with her boobs and she almost buried my face with her boobs and her boobs were like a water bag.

Then I turned her around and took some sugar in hand and spread it in her boobs and massaged with it and she was feel the sugar and pain and I started to lick it from her boobs and started to suck her boobs very hard and started to suck it hard and I was tasting her milk and started to suck almost her full milk and took the honey from the kitchen and poured in her pussy and started to lick and inserted my tongue in her ass and cleaned all her honey from her pussy and I almost felt her pussy tightening and took a carrot from the kitchen and started to rub her pussy with that carrot and inserted it to some far and she was feeling so horny and removed my underwear and took some sugar and rubbed it in my penis it was painful but the pleasure was even more and she poured the honey all over my penis and balls and started to suck it very hard and she was brushing my balls with her teeth.

Then pushed her towards the sink and made her bend and inserted my six inch rod into her untouched ass and she was screaming in pain and but I didn’t stop and kept pumping her ass hard and she too started to enjoy it and after some time I stopped and raised her started to kiss and play with her boobs again.

I can’t wait anymore and raised her and made her lie on the dining table and spread her legs like a frog and poured some honey into her pussy and inserted my rod into her pussy and pumped it hard and the honey made my trip to her pussy very easy and I was sliding in her pussy and pumped it hard and she was also screaming to keep fucking and I was fucking her very hard and hard and finally released my white horse into her. Then we did it two more time and she got exhausted.

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Fucked My Bosss Friend