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Here it starts my self KalpanaRamesh, recently i crossed 25… when i was 22, i got married to a successful businessmen who is 8 years elder than me which has put us both in lot of misunderstandings. He never cares me nor loves me. i was from family of orthodox so i could not make friends during my engineering life.

Let me tel about myself. I am 5.7 feet tall, by gods grace I have got one of the best structure like a goddesses of sex which stats 36-28-36. I have got fair skin tone. Each man crosses me will surly imagine me naked and fun hard. But I never gave a chance to such stuff…later my husband was not turning of to home he used to be always on business trips I dont know til upto what extent its truth…

Suddenly one day I was feeling very horn so I thought why should I spoil my life with out having fun. basically I am from Bangalore so I was bit scared to choose a right decision suddenly a idea flashed why not try out the independent call boy. I thought of it many times is that right it took some time to take a decision and moved ahead I searched through Google and found the best guy who changed my life with his love… I mailed him my details saying all the stuff.

I waited for 24 hours then I checked my email there was a mail which made butterflies fly in my heart.. He said about the service I asked him not to create the problem so he replied that if u trust me u can take the service else no problem… Then I asked him for whatsapp number he gave it with quite smile on simlies. I texted him that day evening and said I was client texted u in morning… I came to know about his service that he is not going to charge or demand for money I was with question why? he replied its not my occupation just a fantasy to fulfill the sexual urge of women and helping them. I was happy by his words we fixed the date for Saturday.

My heart started pounding next day was Saturday I cleaned home completely than I went for shopping purchased sexy outfits for the best day which is red netted bra and black netted panty. on the way visited to beauty parlor did facial n eyebrows, waxing. I texted him to confirm that he is coming or not. got reply that he is coming… He is such a awesome guy who never texts and disturbs in social life till I text him. I couldnt sleep whole night finally tried to sleep. next day morning I whatsapped him my address I went for bath cleaned myself got fresh up eagerly to explore myself.

I selected one of the beat saree which is netted with yellowish colour and blouse which was fit and deep necked and very short sleeved. I got dressed up and had light makeup to attract him like hot housewife. He came and ranged the door bell in between he called twice to confirm the address and was around 11 am in I was quite eager to see guy who is going to explore me. I opened door I saw him he was quite good. dark in colour not fair. He has got athletic body(which I came to know later he is national level runner) he was good in height with 5.11 and a good chest which I liked it to core.

He was in white t-shirt and blue jean with puma shoes. He was shocked to see me having a such figure in front. I got him cool drink and sipped juice together. We started talking casually and he asked me 5 minutes of time to give in the bedroom I asked him What for? he replied “surprise” I showed him bedroom he locked the door from inside later he opened the door I was shocked to see never had such experience in my life The room was completely in white spread sheets, flavored candles around the bed which looked like heaven and room was scented with super perfume. I saw chocolate syrup, handcuffs, flavored condoms and black synthetic cloth on the table beside bed.

He came to me but I was in shock he is a real guy who showed me heaven of life with his love and care which each and every women needs when she is not satisfied he asked me for a lap dance or stripe tease I agreed for his kind request. than he sat on chair and signaled me to move ahead I started him teasing very badly I danced for while than went near him to kiss his lips but I dont wanted to surrender myself very soon his dick saluted me wit proud I started to roll my fingers against his face and my round ass around his dick which made me to go crazy for his cock.

I danced for 5 more minutes by rolling my fingers into his chest and played with his nipples music made me to go mad. suddenly he stood and dragged me and kissed my lips he broke the kiss very soon than kissed my forehead with love again our lips met I started responding him I was very wild in kissing where I dominated him. than he came behind me and started to bite my ear lobes and back neck simultaneously he played his hand with my bare navel. I was going crazy for his sexy touches he started kissing my bare back bone. than slowly he removed my saree and laid me on bed. He kissed me all over body from head to toe he licked with tongue which was super feeling than he tried to remove my blouse I helped him. He was shocked to see my half boobs which were ready to be eaten because my sexy bra made it so on.

He removed even my bra he started to tease my boobs without touching nipples which were rock hard.. He squeezed it I was shouting in pleasure to luck hard I was pressing his head into my boobs to suck hard. He removed his shirt he poured chocolate syrup on my boobs he started to eat my boobs like a small kid sucking chocolate. I was seeing real heaven from this guy. He kissed my navel and fingered it licked navel button which made me to go crazy and made his head to press against me…

While kissing he started pressing my round ass… than I took the chance I removed his jean and was shocked to see th snack hidden in cloth when I opened his jockey I was shocked to see the monster it is almost 6 inches(its truth because I measured it later) it can satisfy any female on this planet. I took it in my hand and started to Jerk than slowly I took the tip of cock in my mouth started tasting which gave delicious taste than I started to give him blow job he was moaning with pleasure after sucking of 15 minutes he released all his cum on my face I drunk with put wasting a single drop… I asked him to eat my pussy he went to my feet started kissing my feet licked my toe fingers than he came to inner thighs he started teasing me badly without touching the heaven than I begged him to eat me like hungry man .

He pressed my love hole with his finger on my panty where it was wet by love juice oozing from me… He removed my panty he was eating my pussy like a hungry man which was clearly shaved… He fucked me with tongue and I cum twice and he drank all my love juice than I teased me by biting the vertical lips I was moaning in pleasure asked him to make a wife and fuck like a bitch. He came for the main act again his dick was rock hard like a iron rod. I asked him to insert it and make feel the pleasure of heaven and opened my legs wide he kept his dick near my walls and teased me started to scold him please fucked me the bitch of soon fuck me heard… He inserted it in my pussy Winching was like hot iron rod… He started to and fro motions in rhythm at the same time his hands were squeezing my round firm boobs…

We both cummed at a time he left his sperms in my love hole which was like hot lava. We laid beside again I put chocolate syrup and started for blow job soon I was hard again he asked me to ride so he was facing roof I came on top slowly inserted his dick into mine started to jump he was smiling by seeing my boobs jumping I started to rotate his dick and grind it he was shouting then you cummed on him… He was such a amazing guy who took care of me and treated like a wife and satisfied me than I tied his eyes with cloth as he suggested and we started to play game hide n sick. It was so exciting if he catches me I have to follow what he tells me…

Then we where tired so he went to kitchen and got me coffee which was super in taste he showed me complete love.. He was energized so we tried in many sex potions like doggy, 69, butterfly, climbing tree, cowgirl, spoon and many more.. than he gave me beautiful massage which relaxed me. He got me a gift which was dress a short skirt and tight t-shirt.. We had good time till next evening.. While leaving I paid him 3000 but he flatly rejected. I was very happy by his service politeness humanity.

When ever I feel horny I call him to satisfy he never troubles me in social life. I have introduced him to 2 of my friends even they are completely satisfied by the guy which I will narrate in next episode as per your interests.

Thank you for reading even if you girls need information about him I will give you please mail me on [email protected]… I will forward details you can have fun with him… Please send me your feedbacks to get next story.

Hot Sex With Bangalore Call Boy