My Love And Rajveer Aunty

Their comes a time when you live two lives one as gigolo and second a talent call centre employee. But somewhere in between when you get to know the two world colliding you end up becoming a sex slave.

This is the story how I ended up becoming sex slave of my neighborhood societies aunty.

So here I was living my happy life without revealing the world the secret who I really was, I mean literary world didnt knew that I existed. I would give my skills to love females all over in the morning and end up world in a kpo in the night. Making double income and double the pleasure at the same time.

See though what I do for a living is different I still like to have a very good social life, and yes that means having a gf, going out for parties and get together.

This was a time when I was dating this pg from Sikkim, hot pale weight gorgeous figure girl who was amazing in bed, I really really like spending time with her. Not only in a sexual way but she made me happy. I used to constantly go to the house were she used to reside. The society was very good all the people gave a lot of privacy but it was only one person who was constantly was the land lord of the house Rajveer Kaur this complex good looking rich and single envied person of the society who was literary hated by everyone.

He husband is working in us navy and being all alone she used to find reason to involve herself in every small nuisance of the society.

So here I was making love to my gf and visiting her to go for a move. And this Kaur aunty would spy on us as if she is a detective hired for getting info about us. I would have requested my gf to change pg but rent was low the society was cool and 1 person who was nagging we didnt bothered but only the future would let me reveal a real identity of what she was looking for out for.

So one day I received a message of a client requesting them to meet for a group orgy their would he around 3 females and I was happy as it gave me the liberty to charge more.

I reached this 3 star hotel in andheri the client was their in her late 30s she made me feel comfortable asked if I wanted anything.

Than I asked her would u like me to get started, so she was like lets wait for her friends to arrive. While I was waiting I like to give pleasure to my client even if I want to build mood for what was about to come.

So while she was seated I took my phone and started watching porn not one of those load voices and fake these were really passionate ones that you really could feel the feeling of being with someone close.

As I would be watching i was able to see that my client thou was waiting she was really getting restless as she didnt knew what to do.

After about 15 min, Her friends had not arrived n I decided let me get started at least I would make mood of her. She was wearing a golden scurt seated on a chair right next to me. I kneeled down facing her and slowly removed her panties I still remember the color it was maroonish and wet in the vaginal area as she was already ejecting water of pleasure.

I splited her legs and inserted my face inside. I couldnt believe myself that my entire head was inside sexy huge thighs and I was able to lick the pussy from my mouth.

As I continued I was able to feel her nail marks on my back as she was scratching, slowly was able to hear her moaning voice and deep lust of hungry as took my hands and pressed my fingers on her boobs.

Let me tell you I was in a very difficult position in a bit of pain myself but what I was able to do was a surprise to myself.

And then I heard doors opened and two females walking in, apparently client had got extra pair of digital keys for her friend they walked in and started giggling “see she started without us only”.

As she I was pleasuring her and felt the lava of juicy water was about to erupt from her pussy. I felt to pair of hands on my shoulder pushing me outside. I was in a trance of eating a pussy and I was forced to move out.

It was so quick that I dont know how my eyes was closed and I was bed. And their was a silence for 5 min, I didnt knew what was happening as I was laying down because I thought those women wold tare me apart.

I opened my eyes and I couldnt believe what I saw the land lady rajeev kaur and my gf were standing in front of me. I was surprised, shocked and most of all confused of what the hell happened here.

Than I realised the reason for my gf land lady to have so much issue with me and my gf reluctance to change her pg. They were both bisexuals and they making love with each other, the reason for her naggingness was not she was concerned my gf was her land ladies booty call. I didnt knew how to react.

I felt that they wear themselves unaware of how to react waiting for my response. I gulped it all in and decided that I would do what Im here meant to do.

I stood up and went in front of Kaur and started kissing her I took my gf and the other client flipped them their back facing my shoulders and I inserted my hand in it.

Their was a sense of silence from both of Kaur and my gf although the other client was enjoying. After few minutes they final gave in, the lust took over and they forgot all about the relation and confusion.

I threw Kaur on the bed and sinfully started gulping her amazing water from pussy. While at the same time the other client was being satisfied by my gf in a positing of 69, just adjacent to me.

When I realised she was about to blow I stopped I was not going to let go so easily. See as being a professional I carry a lot of props with me in my bag.

I removed vibratory and pair of sex cuffs, I cuffed kaur to the bed edge and made he watch like a weak slut she was.

I jumped on the client inserting my inside her pussy and making a cry to stop and then when the oldy was tired It was time for my so called gf. I flipped her on her back and decided to her virginity from her ass, I knew she was virgin from their but more than pleasure it was revenge that was on my mind.

I took the vibrator n inserted in her pussy and than from back I lubricated my myself with coconut oil and than I entered. For next 5 minute I felt the reason why ass sex is considered such amazing thing for men.

Deep hard small hole gave a extra boast to my dick, I felt as if Im fucking someone very petite to myself and my dick is being stopped. The feeling was unimaginable, I heard screams of pleasure but during that time I was able to hear only my dick hitting her ass that sensual moment of thrust. And then she also gave it in and was dam tired, So i let her be on the bed.

I saw the kaurs eyes begging me to fuck her after she had witness something amazing I could see the previous session blow job water that was given by me was dripping on the hotel rug.

I stood up saw two women down with tiredness resting on the bed and third waiting to be satisfied. I walked toward her a she expected it was her turn.

I picked my pants got dressed, kept the key of the cuff on the dressing table of the room and left. As I was leaving I looked into kaurs eyes and said tell them it was gift from my side.

As I closed the door I had never heard the crying beg for lust through a shout for kaur. Nooooo!!!!!!!!.

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My Love And Rajveer Aunty