Satisfying My Beauty With My Love

Hey guys, I am Rahul, I have graduated my Computer Engineering. I work at an IT firm in Abad. The story goes in this way. I am in a relationship with my girlfriend since last 5 years and had a lot of sex with her showing how much we love each other. So this Story is a pick of those sex sessions. My first sex encounter with my girl. We both were getting frustrated with our sexual urges so we decided to have a lot of sex. One fine day when I was alone at my house, I made a plan to call over her to my house.

She came to my house at around 12 pm afternoon. As soon as she came to my place my heart started beating very fast as I could not stop myself from looking at her beautifully carved body. She is a bit short in height but has a great mind blowing figure which can make any guy crave for her. She has a dusky complexion which makes her more sexy. She came to my house and then I locked the main door.

As soon as I locked the door she hugged me very tightly from behind making me feel her big soft boobies on my back. She hugged my so tightly that I lost my control and so i turned towards her and hugged her back way more tighter. While hugging i kissed her forehead to make her feel better. My hands were moving through out her whole body. I was touching her sexy back and hot butts of her were too hot.

Then i saw her eyes and then kissed her lips so passionately that it was the best feeling a guy can have in his whole life. While kissing her i suck her lips so harder that she got aroused too and she started taking my tongue into her mouth sucking it sexily. After kissing her lips i started kissing her neck n parted too many kisses on her lovely neck she enjoyed every bit of it. I sucked off her shoulders too which made her go mad. Then i slowly removed her t-shirt and ohhh man, there she was in her black colored bra caressing her beautiful big boobs. I started kissing her boobs right away without taking off her Bra. She grabbed my head very passionately while i was enjoying her boobs.

I turned her and started sucking n kissing her back that she started mourning as she was in a completely different world. After that i unhooked her sexy bra and grabbed her both beautiful boobs from behind n started pressing them n she liked that so so much that she started pushing me towards her such that my penis touches her ass. I started giving her strokes from behind as if i m fucking her from behind.

Then i turned her towards me and she removed my T-shirt and we again hugged each other feeling her boobs over my bare chest. I was in heaven, what a feeling that was. I started licking her nipples slowly, and while i sucked her one boob at that time i was pressing the other one so hardly that she starting mourning like anything. I took almost whole of her areola part in my mouth n sucked it so hard. I completely lost myself in her. She was having her hand over my hair and was pushing my head more towards her boobs. After sucking her boobs for over 20-30 mins. I kissed her tummy too much, it seemed so much sexy.

Then i pulled her pant down and then she was in her black panty which looked sensuous on her. I caressed her and took her to my bedroom where i laid her and got laid over her. Lying over her i started kissing her lips again. I took out my pant too then. We both were in our inners except she was in her panty only. I lied over her kissing her and we kissed passionately n sexily for over an hour. Our naked bodies touched each other and we were enjoying each of those lovely touches.

Then i came down to remove her panty. I tickled her pussy from her panty itself and she just loved it. I started moving my fingers over her pussy and massaged it a bit. I removed her panty finally and there it was. Her wet and hot as well as tight as hell pussy. I inserted my index finger in her pussy n she started screaming a bit. So it was gonna pain her a lot if i inserted my cock there. I finger fucked her for some time so she got a bit relaxed as the pussy got a bit wide open. I sucked every bit of her pussy like a thirsty man.

I took her whole of pussy in my mouth and sucked it very hard. She was moaning as if she is screaming on a lighter note. She pushed my head towards her pussy using her legs which showed how much she was enjoying my mouth n tongue over her pussy, After sucking her pussy for some time, my rock like hard cock was craving to go into her wet n hot pussy. I placed my cock near the entrance and lied over her in missionary style. I gently pushed my penis into her pussy and OMG it was way more tighter as my penis girth is too much.

So after some pushes i successfully got my half of the cock in her pussy. She screamed a lot but i kissed her lips desperately so her pain becomes less and she gets relaxed. As she was pure virgin too much blood came out from her pussy but i didnt stop. I dipped my whole cock in her pussy and starting moving my cock to and fro in slow motion. Her screams got converted into mourns and then she whispered like “Fuck Me Baby!! Fuck me more Harder.. Your dick feels so good in there..” I increased the speed of my strokes and gave her more harder strokes and fucked her way more harder than i imagined myself. I got so into it that she grabbed my back and started enjoying such that she didnt want me to stop.

But unfortunately it was my time to cum so i removed my cock and my cum shot was all over her boobs and tummy. She liked it so much because too much of cum was coming out of my penis as not that much cum usually came out of it while jerking off. After fucking her she gave me a great blowjob taking my whole penis in her mouth and sucking n licking it too much deeply. After our sex session we got exhausted so we slept for a while in each others arms hugging each other.

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Satisfying My Beauty With My Love