My First Experience With A Guy When I Was In School

Hi I am Vikram. I am sharing my first sex experience which is a real true experience. As like other stories, I too changed the names. I was studying in a residential school. After the exams when I was 16, we were in the coaching classes for the entrance exam. Due to the incident happened prior, the classes were suspended. In due time, many students were left for their hometown studying on their own. We were in a hostel which can accommodate around 1500 members including mess hall.But only 10 15 members stayed in hostel. I am staying in my room and we regroup and go for all others rooms and chat, play and study for some time. We had a lot to eat from mess, we ordered like restaurant for anything we want than a normal routine. It was fun being there.

I think I am bisexual and I have interest on all genders. But I still dont know why that happened, all I think was urge for sex. One night, satish stayed in my room and there was a bed in my room(6 members room). That night we were fighting for bed and I occupied the big one, but satish was still fighting for that with me and finally we shared the bed. Initially I gave around 30% of bed later when I went to turn of the light, he took half the bed. It is a small bed, He faced away from the bed and I face his back side. We had to lay side ways since the bed is small.

It has been 15 minutes and I was about to fall asleep, till that point I had no intention about sex. Even now, I dont want to force anyone for my pleasures. After that 15 minutes, I felt satish is touching my penis. First I thought that he slept and it is not intentional. I still remember that I was wearing a yellow 3/4 with cotton material which was elongated due to washing. After some time, I feel his hands searching for penis and playing his fingers to get it hard on. I felt weird but I aroused instantaneously. He stopped when it was aroused. Now I know he is doing it purposely, but I stayed still, not spoken anything. After 5 minutes, I was still hard on, he reached to my trousers and sneaked in and grab my hard penis with his small hands and started stroking.

Doing that, I become uncontrolled, i could feel my hot(heat) penis in his cold hands it was a pleasure like anything. After few strokes he withdraw his hand and left me draw myself to him. He created a situation that I want that to happen. After that I laid my hands on his thighs and pleasing him. I decided to speak out and first words came out without thinking was, ‘what you want me to do?. Thats it, he understood I am more prev than him. He started playing with me. He replied ‘nothing. I asked him, ‘why did you do that?. He asked ‘what did I do?. I was puzzled to get an answer. Then, I grabbed his penis and mildly squeezing it and said ‘this is what you want?His penis is only half the size of mine. He just laughed and hold my penis and said ‘you got a big one!. I would say that mine is comparatively bigger than him, mine is around 6 inch which i measured once while masturbating. Since he initiated it, I started planning to bang his ass to satisfy my urge.

I think everyone would be happy if their penis recognized as big one. I felt the same and even attracted to that small fellow. I undressed my self and undressed him myself. I have passion to kiss neck from back side and press hot kisses, I used to have these thoughts for my future relations which gives me ultimate pleasure. So I decided to experiment how it would be. He felt shy while I doing it. I enjoyed it. It was a hot day, so being naked in bed and allowed to cool our bodies was also a pleasure for both of us. I used to watch porn sites and quite passionate about 69 positions. It was the immediate thing came on my mind after i got bored of only caressing.

I told the idea to him and he halfheartedly agreed to it. Then I flipped me upside down and reached his penis with my mouth. but My penis is way ahead from mouth, my bottom belly is touching his nose since he is small. Then I have to adjust myself by bending me to give the correct position. We are at exact position. I could feel that, he is not completely ready for that. But I am fully into it. Due to the hesitation , he is not erect then I licked him to give a boost. Since I started he pressed his lips on my penis head. i told him I am gonna start, he giggled as I sucked his penis. He is slowly getting erection as I move on. At the same time, I could feel my hot rod is cooled by his saliva. I got all excited and sucked his penis till I fully swallow it, It was a double treat for me. Soon, the pleasure was ended after a 3 or 4 sucking because of the door knock.

We dressed up and then opened the door like we were in the middle of sleep. A guy who returned from his home town appeared on our door, told that most of the rooms are locked and supervisor told to take my room. Then we shared the room, we couldnt continue because of his presence. That night passed on, supervisor gave him a new room next day after the people cleaned up. Since they are short on people they couldnt him the same day. Anyways my night was ruined by that idiot.
I am average looking person with newly grown mustache and small goatee which is unique feature of me. I didnt touch to alter it since my parents told not shave because, if you shave it will grow faster. And that will give me more matured face than my real age.

After the disturbance departed, satish continued to stay in my room and also few friends visit often. So my encounter was delayed by some time. And also, I felt it is better leave it before it becomes a habit and I focused on my studies. Later the team in hostel grow by 20-25 members. We were allowed to visit outside hostel and go into cities for shopping. We visited an old fort. We went as a 10 member group and all started exploring the fort. We were making jokes on the nude statues and commented about our tutors and hot female instructors. While we were sitting and chatting, satish sat near to me and pinched my penis.

He started it again, making me turn on and enjoy my frustration. I couldnt express in front of others like that sneaky bastard. He has charming adorable smile that will please anybody and quite sneaky doing the things. I told myself in mind that I will take care of you tonight. While others in icecream shop, I left them there and went to medical shop alone and bought some condoms. Then we planned to go to movie but we missed the timings. so went back to our rooms. We shared the bed again, I faced his back and he faced away from bed, I hugged him from back and wrapped him with legs. I could feel both of our tiredness due to outing, so we slept as I hugged him.

Next day, after food and group study, he told that about his previous encounters. He and another guy named sasi enjoyed kissing each other by locking lips. sasi is not available now, but he has pink lips and whit skin like a perfect girl. Also I had experience sharing sex books with him, but satish is my first physical experience. At that time, I have no idea he had interest in guys even me too. Satish said he wants to kiss me but my mustache and goatee is disturbing him. I think about it a lot and got rid of by shaving the entire body hair (face, armpits, pubic hair).

Every one surprised to see me without my mustache and goatee even it was different for me. When we got back to our room I asked him ‘would you like to do it now?. He came to me and sat on my laps and kissed me. I was biting his lips and sucking it, he was like a chubby small girl and I imagined like that. He said after that few seconds kiss that sasi is best kisser comparing others. Then I come to know that he is far more experienced than I thought. And later I asked him about his encounters and agreed that he has given blow jobs to tutors for marks. I remembers some tutors being too close him even they are strict to entire class. So, he has slutty attitude always along with him.

After the discussion, I was quite surprised at the same time I am still attracted to him for pleasures. For some days, we were not doing any thing. One day we went for bath, only few bathrooms are decent, so we raced to find ourselves a better bathroom. We ended up in next to next rooms for bath. I used to masturbate while taking bath as like most of us. My penis got its routine knowing the situation, it erected itself. When I got naked, I decided jerk off hard as possible that gave a maximum pleasure all the time. When I was half way through while ramming in ultra speed, I got a crazy idea to get masturbated by satish. That night he hesitated to suck my penis, bearing in mind I told him I will stroke your penis by hand. He refused to opened the door afraid that I will force him for a blow job.

I told him that I wont ask you to do anything, but still he continued his bath and refused to open. I dont want leave this opportunity, I decided to take an aerial route. My bathroom structure is all open in top, 10 bathrooms built in the same size of two accommodation rooms. I climbed up my bathroom wall and sat on the top wall and surprised him. I told all his clothes with was hanging and put it in my bathroom, and asked him ‘are you ready to go out naked?. He started scolding me and shouted, i jumped into his room and hugged him from behind and told to shut his mouth. We both are naked, I pressed my cock in his butt crack.

He still arguing with me that we can take it later. But I pulled his face and kissed him hardly in his lips, he seems enjoying it. I hold his neck and kissing and other had reached to his small penis. Again I got back to my favorite position from behind kissing in the neck and start rubbing his penis slowly. Then I noticed he closed his eyes very tightly indicating he is enjoying it. I asked him you used to close like this all the time, he replied ‘do it stupid.’ I am using my right hand to stroke and left hand play with his nipples and baby breast like features and squeezing the lips some times. All at the same time my hot rod is cooled down by the pouring shower and also finding a way between his butt crack. I did all the things in cycle and managed it well.

Even though Hard core and ultra fast is my style of masturbating, I moved on slowly with his small prick. I used to go like 10 strokes within a second, I took few seconds for him one stroke to complete. I slowly raised the pace, he told to not hold very tight. While I am doing it, I was shocked to see his penis foreskin coming off his penis head. Suddenly I stopped and asked him that he is having any pain, he is wondering why I asked that question. Then I saw his foreskin retracted back itself, I was surprised to see that.

Then I revealed my secret that I can able to retract my foreskin while it was flaccid and I can’t pull back my foreskin when I am fully erect. He was laughing at me and even tried to pull my foreskin back. He couldnt do since my edge of foreskin diameter is too small to completely pulled back and get it back. So, it is a playtime for him, I want to resume the act previously going on. But he stopped me and told that If i pull it back while I was hard then only he allowing to do what I desire. I told him it will be hard to pull it back, he doesnt seem to be interested in hearing that.

I was decided to give it a try. I pulled it very hard to get completely my penis head and it kind of struck behind the head, he was laughing at it. But I was in great pain since the small diameter is crushing my stem. I slowly imagined some other things to lose my erection. Finally I pulled it back. I rested for while till he is taking bath. He still smiled about the incident, then I started to tickle him and ended up in my position and started stroking him. He has full erection now, so that I can completely up and down. After some time i started twisting action, he enjoyed it even more. I told first time ever he experiencing it.

He wants me to speed up since he is nearing his edge. I mixed the rhythm to two straight and one twist, His penis started giving a small push itself and some liquid was squirting. I am aware that he is going to load out in few strokes so I used my ultra fast for few strokes which given him and extra time and gave lot of pleasure. Then finally he shoots four times and some small shots while slowing down the strokes. I was gentle massaging his penis. All things are washed away by shower and still he is leaking some whites as his small penis shrink even smaller. I could see him going tired and need for water while he is opening his mouth in the shower.

He told that he like the twisting action, he will do it in future. He told that he feel lot of pain after the masturbation, so he used to do once in a week. He also get swelling sometimes. I asked you feel tired, you want some energy drink while pointing at my hard rock which erected after the pain relief. He smiled and replied that he wants to try twisting motion with cock. I said OK since I am getting something in return. His whole hand covered only half of my penis, I seems he has use his two hands with one finger left out.

He carried on with straight motion for some time and used his one hand for twisting and other hand squeezing my butt very hard. Then he played with by testicles also, he seems like a professional in that. Then I told him I always like the fast action and told him to go faster as he can possible. I believed he can stroke faster than me because of his position. But he did it slower than me but I liked it since it is done by another person. I asked him to suck it but he told to let him finish in the same way since I reaching my maximum. Rather going fast I asked him go very slowly as I did to him. He did it exactly like that and gave me pleasure while releasing my load slowly by one shoot and another. The pleasure increased for every shoot. I can admit that the real pleasure is in the climax.

After the bath we were summoned by the supervisors to discuss on the further plans on training. They said the management is going to call off the training in next week. So we have two weeks time here and given us the schedule for next two weeks. They will take classes for those who available. Me and satish sat together all the time. Since the members are short in numbers, we were the only two in our five seater desk in final row. I used keep my hands in between his thighs and rolling my fingers over his thighs and use to put my arm around him all the time. I felt that I being attached to him. We were having nice special food that night since the closing is nearing all the mess members were friendly with us. I joked in satishs ears that i have to work hard tonight to get it digested.

We went to our room after finishing our dinner, played board games for sometimes. Then other friends left for their respective rooms. I was fully prepared for the encounter and started undressing myself. Then I went to satish who is lying in bed, I put my inside his shirt and touched all over the body and gently pushed his stomach and said ‘had a full dose of dinner huh?!?. He smiled and told that he had lot of water which is still bouncing while I was pushing his belly. I replied ‘dont worry i will get some juice out of you in other ways. He replied that ‘I still has pain in penis and no need of work out. I wanted to get my ultimatum since the closing is nearing and we all will set apart to our natives and focus on exams.

I started removing his shirt and he stopped me and he said he cant mingle in the act. but he said he can taste my big cock. He got hold of my cock and pushed me towards the wall, and kissed me and went down to suck my dick. He terrorized me that he is going pull my foreskin back, I begged him not to, then he said he was kidding. he also said my looks even big without the hair.

When he puts his mouth on my penis, I feel the heat liberated that was an ultimate feel under your stomach. He started with licking the penis and sucking the penis head and covered just a bit about half of my hot rod, it filled his mouth full, I pushed even more to reach his throat to fully insert my penis. He is going on like inch by inch and slowly taking my heat off. Suddenly he went to his suitcase and took out a lab glove and oil then cover his glove fingers with oil. He came to me and said to spread my legs as he can see my butt hole, He then inserted one finger, it just slipped down easily and he started rocking it. Then he continued to suck my cock which was firm erect after that action. He was doing two actions at a time.

He is chewing my cock and also inserted an another finger into my arsehole. He started to get deep and at the same time sucking my penis hard. I could sense that my climax time is being delayed because of this action. He has full control on me with his hands and mouth. Then he withdrew his fingers from my ass, cool air was passing that gave a satisfactory fell to me boosted my erection. He is going up and down in fast pace, I was nearing my climax, I had cunning feel to load out in his mouth. I didnt tell him i am nearing instead I told him to go slow. Then I enjoyed the whole feeling when you load out inside.

Surprisingly, he knows that I am dozed off still he was going. I had a great pleasure and breathing heavily, even when I masturbate I dont get this hasting, It was the thrill on penetration. He swallowed all my life shooting and told that it was tasting good which tempted me too but he said to call it off for the night. I asked him about where he got the gloves and how he has done it, He told one of the tutor taught him to do like that. As usual we slept naked as I hugged him from back.

I waited for few days and the night arrived when I got my chance. I was asking for anal daily when in kissing him and told that I will be hard to find a person like in future. He finally agreed to have it a go, it is also a first time for him. It is the time for to use my condoms, I was so excited to have my first penetration. We had nice food that day and returned to our room. I asked him ‘are you ready?. He replied ‘this is also first time for me, if its not work out dont force me. I agreed to it. Then I took my condoms and wore it, he asked me where I got this. I replied that you are not the one who can be sneaky. He asked me that whether I did this already, I said ‘no, you are my first physical experience.

Without any prior knowledge, I told him to give a posture which is comfortable to me. I felt like that was my maximum hard on because of the first time excitation. I hold my rod firm and tried to locate his hole slightly rubbing under his balls. Finally, My penis head slides to the hole which was nearby. I was ready get inside, but there was the struggle due to his tightness, I can barely enter. It was like hitting a solid wall. Then I remembered about his glove, which helped me open up my arsehole.

I asked for the lab gloves and poured oil. Because of the oil, my small finger easily went in, then changed my next finger to slowly increase the size, while I am doing it I saw the sleeping snake was slowing waking up and pointing towards my face. He told me to stroke the same way he did it for me. First I started stroking, after I see his pink penis head, I had a temptation to suck it up. Feeling the heat inside your mouth is also a different kind of pleasure.

I liked his movement of his foreskin inside my mouth even though I cant perform like that. I was sucking it fully and had his full penis inside my mouth. At the same time, I am banging his arsehole with my middle finger and entered my another finger, It made the hole relax able and finding a way for my cock. So all of sudden I left his cock alone and tried to my put my 6inch inside his arsehole. Now, it is easy compared to previous attempt still It is tight.

My penis forehead entered and I felt a tight holding for few seconds and it got released. All the way he is feeling some pain, but his penis stood all the time. I was hissing him to distract from pain. After the layer relaxed and with the help of condom lubricant it ease its way inside. I was going inch by inch carefully and having in mind it should not hurt him.

Finally my entire cock is inside his body. I was just moving my cock around without pulling it back. After few seconds, I started to bang his ass slowly. I took all the time moving in and out, because i was tight. Then after few strokes, It was like moving freely.

Then I started to bang faster, I told him to press his legs on my shoulder which gave the full access. We both were sweating and breathing heavily. It took more strokes than masturbation to reach my climax, but I was a great pleasure. I was nearing my edge, i wanted to go more faster but couldnt i load out with the great pleasure, I could feel the semen accumulated in my condom. So he come to know that I finished, He withdrew his legs from shoulder. His arsehole compressed and it kind of locked me inside his butt-hole, it was the compression of the hole. I was still hard after the load out, My penis slipped out of condom and condom was locked with semen with very little edge hanging out.

I told him to stretch his legs so that I can get it out, I hold the edge tied up and pulled everything out. It was around 1o clock in night. I was going inside him for nearly 1 hour. I never took 1 hour for masturbation. That gave me great relief that I wont under perform in my sex life. At night, all the lights were off in our floor, we decided to take a walk of freedom to washroom. We walked nude to get to the bathroom since it is dark without light. After the satisfaction from sex, the nude walk and cold breeze gave a different kind of feel. Once we entered the bathroom we turned on the light for taking a bath.

My cock was tired because of the action and went to sleep. But I looked at satishs it was still hard on after I remembered I left him in middle, we went into a same room and started showering I kissed him all over his body and reached his stomach and kissed him it was also hot, due to our workout, then I swallowed his cock fully into my mouth. I moved his foreskin away and licked and sucked his pink head, I played with my tongue around his corners, he was making sounds because it was sensitive.

Then I continued to go in and out. I was giving stokes by hand also in the middle. He told me suck faster since he is nearing to shoot out. I was tightly holding his penis with my mouth and banging faster, then a hot liquid hitting my throat and circulating my mouth. He loaded out, I still holding his cock inside my mouth and sucked every drop of his liquid. I sucked like sucking the straw to get all of your juice in your glass bottom.

Suddenly after loading out, he went small, I left his penis and enjoyed the taste of his white liquid, the smell was different but I liked it. I saw his penis dripping, I sucked his flaccid penis to suck out everything. I realize that I liked to suck the flaccid penis than hard one.Again I played with pink forehead and finally we had bath and went to our room back naked and also fully soaked. I had a nice sleep.

After that week ended we started packing our things and ready to leave for our hometown. Satish also packed everything and ready to go, we had to wait for our pickup till evening. We were in our room and others were taking a small nap in their rooms. I went near him and kissed him and told I am going to miss him. I was sure that I kind of happened and leave it there and concentrate on my studies. but I still wanted more, since we have time I told I will give you a blow job.

He told that he is feeling pain, He used to wait for one week. I told him I will do only with my mouth. He agreed but he is not fully erected, but it is even attractive to me because I like it that way. I was enjoying the loose penis and his pink forehead, he is getting turned on it became hard. I sucked knowing that it will be the last time.

Finally after few minutes he loaded out very slowly in different shot sequence that normal and also his white liquid is quite watery, I understood because of the frequent load outs but I liked the taste of it. Then we took rest. Our ride arrived. We went separate. I am not in touch with him, but the memory is with me, if I imagine it is happening around me and I could feel the pleasure. You wont believe My pants went went while I was writing it. Thats the conclusion of my first experience.

My First Experience With A Guy When I Was In School