How The Spa Sex Led To Another One With The Hotel Guest

Hi all, this is ilrumjack back to narrate another story of mine. Well, let me tell you all that these are true stories and not fantasies of mine. It is just that all these trysts with fate happened over a period of time in my life and now is when I have decided to chronicle them for all to read and enjoy.

This particular incident happened a year back. In my marketing profession I travel a lot and I have always wondered if I could lucky somewhere during these visits. Most of my travel would involve same day return to Mumbai, but at the same time many of them would be a stay over for a day or more.

A little about myself for those who have not read my other stories. I am married with two kids and live in Mumbai. My sex life with my wife and also my sis-in-law is going great. However, the need for variety excites me and the thought of doing it without the knowledge of my wife gives me the thrills. In fact, doing it without my sis-in-law knowing about it also is exciting, as she is quite possessive about me.

This seeking of variety leads me to expect an adventure during most of my travels. During my travels, I stay at five star hotels and tend to visit the spa for relaxation. At many of the spas I have had hand jobs from the therapist. I always try to get more than a hand job but had not been possible. However, this changed during one of my trips to Delhi.

I had finished my work for the day by 2 pm and was back at my hotel. My next meeting was scheduled for the next day at 11 am. So, I had the whole day to myself. As soon as I returned to the hotel, I booked myself an-hour-and-half massage session at the spa. I was eager to get at least a hand job, if nothing else, during the session. This is always tricky, as not all of the therapists do these things and one has to be very careful in approaching them without getting into trouble.

I prepared myself and went down to the spa. I was directed to the room and I took off my clothes and was hanging them on the hooks behind the door. As I was about to move to the spa table to take the throwaway brief that they give you, the door opened and the therapist came in. She did not bother that I was nude. She just locked the door and went and stood at the other side of the table.

I moved to the table and took the brief and wore them. The therapist was quite a beautiful girl. She must have been around 25 years old and had a very good body – fair with good tits. She was wearing one of those typical tops with a long skirt. I then got on to the table and lied face down.

She immediately asked me ‘sir, why didn’t you ask for two therapists, it would have been nice for you’. I was surprised ‘what, two therapists’. She said ‘you would have had two girls giving you a massage. There is much more fun in that.’ I was surprised. Normally, the therapists never talk about this as fun. I said ‘that’s ok. You alone are fine.’

She then began massage my toes and legs with a little aromatic oil. Her hands were quite soft and moved quite expertly on my legs. She reached up to my butt and then took her hands down. I then slowly began my conversation with her. I enquired about her name. She coyly replied ‘Myra’. I then asked her where is she from and she replied ‘Sikkim’. We were both conversing in a very low voice as that is the feel in the spa rooms, very quiet.

She then spread my legs slightly and got up on the table. She sat between my legs and applied a bit of oil on my back and then began a gentle swing of her hands. I was feeling good. While doing so, she asked me ‘you must be tired sir, would you like any other service?’ I was in a way shocked as it was always I who made the move at spas to check if the therapist can do more.

I recovered myself and asked her ‘what other service can you offer?’ By this time her hands had reached my lower back and she pulled down my brief almost below my butt and started massaging my butt. Her fingers were also reaching into the cracks in my butt. She was getting me excited and said ‘I can give hand-job as well as do sucking.’ I was thrilled at this and said ‘ok, then’.

She continued ‘you can also suck my boobs and finger me, sir’. I was shocked as it had never gone this far with a therapist, though I always dreamt of it. All I had ever got was a hand-job but never a blow-job or got to explore their bodies.

I said ‘how much’ and she mentioned her fee. I said ‘that is too much’ and made my offer to her. Basically, we were negotiating. She did not say anything but she got off the table and came around to the front. She stood near my head and started massaging my back. While doing so she came so close to me that her boobs were pressing against my head and she was giving my back a gentle massage.

I was excited to have my head between her boobs and she had offered other things too, so I gathered some courage and slowly drew my hands up and held her waist. She did not resist, so I gently moved my hands inside her top to feel her skin. I told her ‘come on let’s do it’. She said ‘ok sir’.

She asked me to turn over and lie on my back. I turned over and my dick was already beginning to rise inside the transparent brief. She came and stood to my left and slowly removed my brief and dropped it on the floor. My dick shot up straight. She said ‘very nice sir’ and then held my dick lightly and moved her hands up and down. I said ‘you like it’. She said ‘nice clean shaven and also no foreskin. So it feels nice’.

I told her ‘please take off your clothes’. She moved away and removed her top. She was wearing a black bra and that too came out quick. She had a pair of nice tight boobs. There were round like good tennis balls with nice pointed nipples. I was waiting to devour them. She then pulled the zip of her skirt and dropped it and removed her panties. She could see in the dim light that she had just a thin well-shaped strip of hair over her pussy.

She then came to the table and stood next to me and held my dick. I asked her to wait and got off the table. I went and pulled out a condom from my trouser pocket. I came back and put on my condom and lied down on the table. She asked me ‘what flavor is it sir?’ I told her ‘strawberry, you like strawberry?’ She said ‘yes very much’.

She then held my dick and slowly began stroking it. Then she put her mouth on top of it and began sucking just the top of it. I was meanwhile holding her boobs and giving it a nice massage. She then came on top of me and sat on my legs and took my dick in her mouth.
She was an expert and I was enjoying it a lot. I asked her ‘why don’t you give my dick a boob massage’. She came forward and placed my dick between her boobs and began her movements.

I slowly pulled her up and began sucking her boobs. I had one boob in my mouth and was holding the other one. I started sucking her nipples and making sounds. She too was getting excited. She began moving her pussy on my dick which was now pressed between our stomachs. This was creating a friction for my dick and then I shoved my hand down and inserted my finger into her pussy.

She was well lubricated and I kept fingering her and sucking her boobs. She was moving her body into my fingers and using them like my dick. She was saying ‘sir, nice…nice…do it sir’. I then pushed her down and made her suck me. She then went deep and had all of me inside her mouth. I could feel my dick touching her throat. But she did not let go and kept sucking.

I then stopped her and asked her ‘why don’t we do it all the way’ She said ‘no sir, only sucking, no fucking, please’. I relented and let her take control. She kept sucking and then she lay on top of me and gave me a dry fuck with the outside of her pussy. She was rubbing my dick with the outside of her pussy and I was pumping her boobs. I finally came in torrents and let go.

She said ‘sir, you enjoyed it’ I said ‘yes very much’. She said ‘if you had asked for two girls you would have enjoyed more’. She then began finishing my massage. She asked me ‘are you alone here sir’. I said ‘yes’. ‘Where are you from?’ I said ‘Mumbai’. She asked me ‘do you always take massages from ladies’. I said ‘definitely not from men, only nice girls like you’.

I asked her ‘do you also give massages to ladies or only men?’ She replied ‘no sir, I also massage ladies’. I asked her ‘when you massage ladies do you give them a complete body massage?’ She asked ‘what do you mean’. I said ‘that is…do you also massage their breasts and touch their pussy’. She said ‘no sir, we don’t massage the breasts and touch their pussy. We are not allowed to’.

I said ‘but you can ‘suck a man and get fingered by them, is it’. She said ‘sir our madam also used to do these things when she was young and now she is the owner. She has told us that we can do it and make more money, provided we are careful about it. She does not want us to get into trouble. We don’t do it with all of our customers.’

I said ‘so…have you massaged any lady’s breasts’. She said ‘sir, just today there was a woman who had come for a massage and I could feel that she was quite desperate. I could feel that she was in heat by just touching her. So, I casually brushed her boobs while massaging.’ I asked her ‘so what happened’. She continued ‘she liked it sir and asked me if I can massage her boobs. So I gave her a nice massage and then I also fingered her. She did not resist and wanted it very much. She went back satisfied, as she had not had it for a long time sir. She paid me quite well too.’

I asked her ‘wow, that must have been good for her. How old was she?’ She said ‘must be around 30, she had a very good and well-toned body sir.’ I said ‘Myra, can I ask you for a favour’. She said ‘what sir’. I told her ‘can you try and fix this lady and me up together? I can satisfy her and I will also enjoy it’.

She laughed softly ‘sir, what do you want me to do’. I asked her ‘do you know her room no?’ She said ‘yes, I can find out. It will be in the PC outside’. I said ‘can you call her and find out if she is interested in a good time with me. If she agrees, you can let me know.’ She said ‘sir, how can I ask her’. I told her ‘listen, you know her secret desires and you can tell her that you met me and that I can help her have a good time. You can also give her my room number’.

She thought for a while and then said ‘ok sir, I will try’. I finished my massage and paid her more than what I owed her. This was just to encourage her to call the other lady guest.

I returned to my room and even the thought of getting in touch with the other guest at the hotel made my dick hard. I just lied down on my bed and was fantasizing about a possible encounter with this lady. An hour passed just like that and meanwhile I could not resist and had a good round of masturbation lying on the bed.

I got up and cleaned myself and poured myself a drink. I always carry my drinks with me while on trips and am a single malt fan and it is better to carry it with oneself. I spent another hour sipping my drink when my room phone rang. I was quite excited and slowly picked it up and said ‘Hello’ I heard a woman from the other end ‘am I speaking with Ramesh.’

I said ‘yes, who is this?’ There was a pause and she replied ‘I am Aparna. Myra from the spa asked me to speak with you’. My heart was pounding but I held my voice and said ‘Hi Aparna, yeah Myra spoke to me about you.’

Then there was a long pause at both ends and I realized that we both did not know where to begin. I took the initiative and said ‘Hey Aparna, why don’t we catch up for a drink dear?’ She replied ‘ok…let us do that.’ I said ‘I have a single malt…why don’t you come over.’ She seemed to hesitate but then said ‘ok I will come over’.

I was waiting with bated breath, wanting to find out how this lady is. This was like a blind date for both of us…not sure what we are going to get. Let me tell you, I was quite tensed. After about fifteen minutes of waiting, the doorbell rang. I got up and walked to the door and opened it gently.

There we were, face to face and looking tensed. She was gorgeous looking. She had a wheatish complexion, around 5.8 and quiet slim. She was wearing a long loose fitting dress that went down to just below her knees. Due to this loose dress, I could not make out the shape of her body.

I broke the logjam and said ‘Hi Aparna, please come in’ and stepped aside. She slowly walked into the room and I let the door shut by itself. She went over and sat on one of the chairs and I took the other chair. I said ‘Aparna, I know it is a bit unnerving but let us just relax and chat for some time and see how it goes.’

She said ‘yeah Ramesh, it is. Please, can you pour me a drink?’ I took out the glasses and poured a small drink for both of us.’ I asked her, would you like water or soda’. She said ‘no soda, only water please.’ I made her drink, gave it to her and sat down.

To break the ice I began ‘Where are you from Aparna?’ She replied ‘I am from Bangalore and you?’ ‘Mumbai’ I said and asked her ‘so you in Delhi for work?’ She said ‘yeah, I am a corporate lawyer and have come here to tie-up some deal for my company. What about you?’ I said ‘I am in marketing and am here for some client meetings’

I said ‘are you married?’ She said ‘yeah, my hubby is an IT professional and is in London. Don’t have any kids as of now. What about you?’ I said ‘I am married with two kids. My wife is into her own small business. So you travel a lot, do you?’ She said ‘not much, but sometimes to Delhi and Mumbai.’ I said ‘so you do come down to Mumbai. I too travel to Bangalore once in a while as we have some clients there.’

As we were sipping our drinks I said ‘Hope you don’t mind me smoking?’ She said ‘no, no please go ahead’. And I lit up a cigarette. As I was taking some puffs she said ‘Can I too take a puff? I have never tried it, but feel like it now.’ I passed her my cig ‘don’t take a deep drag, just take a gentle puff’ and she held it lightly and took a short drag and blew out the smoke. She passed the ciggy back.

I saw that the butt was all wet. I said ‘hey Aparna, the cigarette is all wet. You should not suck on the cigarette or else your lips wet it.’ She apologized saying ‘I really don’t know how to smoke, can you show me how to do it?’

I showed her how it is done. Then she said ‘you make me smoke it, na.’ I then moved to her and placed the cig between the edge of her lips and asked her to take a small drag, which she took. While she took the drag, my fingers were touching her lips and she too felt it. She glanced at me and said ‘I think I am getting comfortable with you.’ I said ‘me too’.

Then I stubbed the cigarette and held her shoulders while she was still sitting. I then reached her face and slowly moved my thumb over her lips. She let out a sigh and kissed my thumb and then when my index finger reached her lips, she held it and began licking it. She then began sucking my finger slowly and I was getting a hard on quickly.

Her lips were moving like magic over my finger and I slowly pulled her up. She got up and we both were standing facing each other, but she had not let go of my finger, which was still being given a job by her tongue.

I put my other hand behind her waist and pulled her closer to me. She let go of my finger and reached out to my lips. I realized that Myra was completely right when she mentioned that Aparna was desperately seeking a man. Our lips met and we began kissing.

She held me close and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I tasted and felt her nice tongue. We began rolling our tongues and were almost playing a game inside our mouths. I could meanwhile feel her tits pressing against my chest and my dick too was brushing her thighs. I moved my hand to her butt and pulled her towards me and my dick was trying to break through all that was in between.

I then put my hands below her dress and pulled it up and over her back. She let go of me and let me take her dress off completely. Then the shape of her body was revealed. The dress she was wearing had really disguised her shape – she had a perfect figure. Probably 36-28-32.

She was looking hot. She had a lace black bra and a matching panty on. She was quite slim with her tits large and out of proportion with her body. It looked like she used to work out at the gym as her body was well toned with not a muscle out of place. There was a shine to her dusky body and I was eager to devour her.

I pulled her to me and placed my hands on her butt and we began kissing again. She put her hand behind my back and pulled my t-shirt over my head. She then locked her lips again with mine and began biting them. It looked like she wanted to eat me up right then. The biting of my lips was interspersed with us playing with our tongues and then I began biting her upper lip followed by her lower lip. She was highly excited by this and began her moans, ’yes Ramesh…yeah…yeah…’ I slipped my hands under her panty and pulled it down.

She undid my trouser button and then the zip and pushed it down. I hugged her tightly and my dick inside my brief was rubbing her pussy. I then asked her to lie down on the bed. I said ‘lie down on the bed baby, let me give you a nice rub down.’ She was lying down on the bed and I split her legs and sat down between them.

She asked me ‘what are you doing Ramesh?’ I said ‘I am going to give you a nice massage baby.’ She began laughing and said ‘yeah a massage is what has led to all of this’ ‘I said ‘well, do you regret it?’. She said ‘not at all darling, I wish I had called you as soon as Myra called me. I wasted two precious hours.’

I started licking her neck, below her ears and she her body shuddered. She said ‘ohhh…Ramesh ….ummm’. I undid her bra and went down on her back and started painting her back with my tongue. She was getting excited a lot and getting goose pimples. I reached her butt cracks and began rolling my tongue over her butt and kept massaging her other butt. I reached her thighs and then traced down to her toes.

Then I split her legs wide and began licking the inside of her thighs and reached up right to her pussy. I realized that she was waiting for me to tongue her pussy but I did not. She said ‘don’t tease me baby…eat me…eat me.’

I then turned her over and removed her bra and threw it down. What I saw was a pair of wonderful tits. They were like ripe mangos with nice black nipples. I slowly started massaging her stomach with circular motions but did not touch her tits. I then began licking her neck and then with my tongue traced a long line from her neck to her navel passing between her tits.

Then I slid slowly down with my tongue to her clean-shaven pussy and then knelt down facing it. I held her butt and drew her close to me. I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and began circling her pussy with my tongue. I inserted my tongue into her pussy and began sucking her. Her body was shivering and she began ‘ummm…yes….yes…yes’ I split her legs wide and really attacked her pussy with my tongue. It was juicy and she began moaning loudly ‘yes…yes…please eat me…eat me Ramesh…’ I continued for more time and then her body shuddered and she came. Her juices were all over my lips and it tasted yummy.

I then lied down over her and stuck my dick over her pussy. I was still wearing by brief and began dry fucking her. I held her jugs and began sucking them. Her nipples were now hard and pointed and I was biting them and making her yell out ‘ahh….ahhhh…do it…do it to the other one too.’ I wasn’t partial and treated the other tit also to the same pleasure. She was going ‘take me…take me…Ramesh’ and was pressing me into her pussy.

She was dripping and I could feel her juices on my brief. It was all wet. She had come and then she looked at me and began kissing me. She asked me ‘when will you fuck me Ramesh…please give me the real thing darling…I am starving…please.’

I got up and she took off my brief. My dick, which was in a sort of a jail till now, sprang up and she grabbed it. She said ‘ahh…Ramesh, you have a nice tool…all clean shaven.’ I asked her ‘you like it Aparna?’ She said ‘yes…it is bigger and thicker than my hubby’s and it looks yummmm’. So saying she made me lie down on the bed. She said ‘now it is my turn to give you a massage…ok.’ I said ‘fine take your turn’.

She bent over me and began with licking my neck. Her tits were dangling and I held them. She hit me on my hand and said ‘keep your hands to yourself. You can use them later ok.’ I kept my hands down and let her have it her way. She brought her tits over my face and smothered my face between them. I put my tongue out while she was doing this and was licking her tits. She then went down and began sucking my nipples. Wow that was a pleasure. She licked them and sucked them and gave a short bite to each of them.

She then held my dick and began stroking it. She spat on her hands and used it as lubrication. She gently kept stroking it and then began licking my balls with her tongue. She moved her tongue from my balls to the tip of my dick and then gobbled my dick up. I held her head and pulled her down on my dick. She had all of me inside her and then she began sucking me vigorously. I could not control for long and burst out with my load. She drank all of it and got up holding my dick. She said ‘Ramesh, you taste very good’

She lied down next to me and said ‘fuck me now…please.’ She still had my dick in her hand and she was stroking it again and I was up. I went and put on a condom and returned to the bed. I came over her and spread her legs. As I reached he pussy, she held my dick and pulled me straight in. Her pussy was tight but well lubricated.

I thrust my entire dick inside her in one go and lay down over her. She hugged me and we kissed deeply. I then began my motions and she reciprocated. She was matching each of my movements. I was doing it very slowly and began spreading her legs into a split. I came almost out of her and then thrust back in. I kept this up for some time, keeping her legs wide open. She was crying ‘yeah…fuck me…fuck…fuck..’ I then kept her legs over my shoulders and began pumping her. I was enjoying this as the body friction was greater and my dick was getting good stimulus.

I then pushed her legs towards her shoulders and began pumping fast. She too was shouting ‘go…go…Ramesh…fuck me harder…fuck me harder.’ After a couple of minutes both our bodies shuddered and we both came simultaneously. I let her legs down and pulled out my dick. I removed the condom and dumped it in the bin.

We both washed up and came back to the bed. I made a drink for both of us and we just sat there sipping our drink. She said ‘Ramesh, you know it has been a very long time that I had such good sex. You are a tiger baby.’ I said ‘Same here, I really enjoyed this baby. Also, you are no less of a tigress.’

She continued ‘you know, I always wondered if I will get someone during one of my trips, with whom I can have a good time, but I did not know how it could be done. I just can’t just approach anyone, right.’ I said ‘yeah, I too always dream of it, but today it has happened and I am thrilled about it’.

We had our drink and then she reached over to my dick and patted it saying ‘thank you baby for such a good one.’ That was what was needed for my junior and he sprung up again. She looked at it lustily and bent down and asked my junior ‘hey, you up for another round of sex?’ And then she turned to me and said ‘he is more than willing to go for it.’ I said ‘ok take it’ She went to the desk and got the condom and put it on my dick and then she told me ‘you just lie down…let me do the work.’ I said ‘fine’ and let her take control.

She came over me and placed her pussy over my dick and came down on it. It went in smoothly and she sat straight and bent backwards. She placed her hands on the bed behind her back and began her gyrating movements. Her hair was thrown back and she was arched back too and she kept her movements.

I was lying down and seeing move with all the grace of a dancer. She was supremely fit and her tits were bobbing sideways with her swaying. I was mesmerized by her body movements. Then she came forward and began kissing me. Our lips were locked in passion and she kept her thrusts on. I slowly pushed her out and asked her to stand next to the bed.

I went behind her and lifted one of legs and placed it on the bed. She was bending forward and had rested her hands on the bed. Her tits were dangling and I reached her from behind and held her tits from both sides and began pressing them. Then I placed my dick on her pussy and pushed it in. I went all the way in and began fucking her like a dog. I then lifted her leg in my hands and fucked her. She was going crazy ‘yessss…baby bang me hard…give me all your dick…fuck me….fuck me.’

I then made her lie on the bed and lifted one leg of hers and got her to lie down sideways. I inserted my dick into her with her one leg pointing towards the ceiling. This position made me dig deeper and deeper and she was feeling it so she cried out ‘yes…this is it…yes Ramesh…you fucker…go hard like this…’

I kept at this in full pace and with one massive thrust shot my load. She had meantime come probably thrice between all this and she was spent. I put her leg down and withdrew my dick. We went and took a good bath together. She said ‘wow…can I stay over tonight and we can explore this further.’ I said ‘Aparna, even if you had wanted to I would have not allowed you to go. I want you more and more. Let us make the most of our stay here.’ She said ‘yes I too want it very badly. I hope the night never ends’.

We got back to the room and got dressed and ordered our food. We enjoyed our dinner together and then after the room was cleared of our food, we undressed again and lied down on the bed. Aparna kept her head on my chest and began playing with my dick. She was moving her hands gently over my dick and it was becoming hard again. I told her ‘what? You want to go again.’ She said ‘no…just playing with it so that he is ready for it’. She said ‘why don’t you fuck my ass.’ I said ‘really, you like anal?’ She said ‘never done it, but heard a lot about it, I want to try it.’

I said ok and wore a condom and made her sit on her knees. I applied a bit of moisturizer on her hole and positioned my dick on it. I gently pushed it in and it was tough. I asked her to relax and kept pushing my dick. It slowly went in. It was just a quarter in when I held her and pulled her towards me. She cried out and my dick went all the way in.

She said ‘ohhhh…it feels good…pump me Ramesh.’ I began my thrusts and kept pumping her for some time. I then pulled out my dick and sat down on the chair. She came over and sat over me and pushed my dick inside her pussy. I took her tits and began biting them one by one. I kept biting her all over her tits and she kept jumping on me.

She was cumming like crazy and then with several of her thrusts I too shot my cum. We relaxed and I told her ‘I think I am going to be a spent force by the morning if we keep doing it like this baby.’ She replied ‘yeah but it is worth it baby.’

We then switched off the lights and went off to sleep. We got up twice in the night and had sex and finally we got up at around 7.30 in the morning with a call from my wife. I woke up and said ‘hi, morning.’ Aparna was still sleeping and her tits were resting on my chest. My wife said ‘so…had a good night’s sleep.’ I said ‘yeah, very good sleep.’

Aparna meanwhile woke up and was moving about. She pushed aside the blanket and took my dick in her hand. It was hard and ready for one more. But, my wife was on the phone and I was worried. I wanted to finish the conversation quickly. She asked ‘so what are your plans today’. I said ‘I have a meeting at 11 and then will take the 4 pm flight.’ Aparna was keen on having fun at my cause and had taken my dick in her mouth and was slowly licking it.

I was fighting to keep control. My wife replied ‘cool dear. Have a good meeting’ I struggled but managed to say ‘ok bye see you soon’ and cut the phone. I held Aparna’s head and pushed it down and said ‘you were being a bitch there’. She asked me ‘it was your wife wasn’t it?’ I said ‘yes’. She said ‘your meeting is only at 11 right’ I replied ‘yes’. She then began sucking my dick with her hand too stroking it simultaneously. My morning erection was very strong and I controlled ejaculation.

I made her lie down and began sucking and fingering her pussy and she began cumming right away and her juices were all over my face. I drank a lot of it and then wore the condom and entered her. She said ‘yeah give it to me Ramesh…give it to me…punish me…fuck me hard.’ I held her tits with both my hands and kept pumping her and then released all my cum.

She too came in the same instant as me and we crashed onto the bed, tired from this session. We both then got up, cleaned up, had our coffee and took our bath.

We went down to have our breakfast. After breakfast, we came back to my room and had another gentle session of sex before parting. Man, were we both hungry for each other.

I could now see that her tits were all covered with my love marks. I pointed this to her and she said ‘before these marks go away, I want you again baby.’ I said ‘then either I come to Bangalore or you come to Mumbai dear’. She said ‘I have plans of coming to Mumbai next week…let us catch up at my hotel’. I said ‘sure dear’. We exchanged our numbers and then she went back to her room.

She called me from there to say goodbye. I wished her all the luck for her meeting and I checked out of the hotel later for my meeting.

We did meet in Mumbai the next week as planned, but that is another story. Any ladies who want to know more or would like to give me feedback are welcome to write to me at [email protected] Willing to share more with you.

How The Spa Sex Led To Another One With The Hotel Guest