Love Making With Friends Girlfriend

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To begin with we were good friends and we lived in pune city. We worked at top MNCS and earned well. She was my friends girlfriend. He used to live in Hyderabad and I used to take care of her in pune.

It was obvious we use to hangout travel booze together and that let this happen between us. It was her birthday and we planned to celebrate it at her place with food and alcohol. .. I reached at her place and wished her. We sat up I was in shorts and T-shirt and she was in her tracks and pink T-shirt.

We started having our course and it started effecting. I didnt had feelings for her but when she started crying for her loneliness and resting on my shoulders things started changing… I normally kissed on her cheek and consoled her every thing will be alright. . But the booze this time took her to New level.. . She kissed me on my lips and I unwantedly with effect of booze responded her.. .

Kiss went on for small time and then we separated. .. She was about to move but I hold her back and kissed her and she responded too. . It was very sensuous and hunger of sex was taking over us. Moved to her neck and cleavage and she was supporting and responding well. I groped her boobs over her T-shirt and was pressing them and she was holding my head with both her hands and kissing me deeply. Our saliva was exchanging and was flowing it.. . I just put a few drops of our drink on her cleavage and started licking it and it tasted the best.

I just took her in arms to bedroom and I sat up on the bed. Made her standing and kissing I removed her pink top. .. She was in a matching bra. Kissing on her neck then ears and then cleavage I just went with the flow and she was enjoying it. Pulled off my T-shirt and her on bed.

Eating her boobs like a mad dog and she was pulling me more closer and closer.

I was lying below and she on top removed her bra and the 36 size boobs came out. . Sucking them was so good.. .she was enjoying it and was teasing me. … Pulling me closer. And closer our half nude bodies were in touch with no air. Passing by.

Kissing curdling and sucking each other were on heights. .. She then slowly went down to my brother and took him out of shorts. .. Playing with it she started taking it inside her mouth and blowing it. We were in great effect of booze and not in our controls. She did that for sometime and then came up to me and started kissing and I was pressing her boobs.

She was guiding me and asking me to make moves and same time was stroking me.. . She was so good at it.

I pulled her track down and just Fingered her haired pussy, she came much closer with touch and I inserted into her.. It was first time for her and she was tight.. . I tried a lot and after few attempts I was inside her. She was on great level of pleasure …pinned her nails on my back pulling me close to her. was great in that position. With slow moments and then a little faster we both were responding to each other by kissing and adjusting ourself.

She was in pain as she was virgin and tears were flowing out of her eyes because of excitement and also pain but the pleasure was taking over and she was pulling me closer and closer

It went on for sometime and then we climaxed. . I didnt wanna screw up our lives and so I cummed out of pussy and she just lied there unconscious. .. She was looking beautiful and her skin was glowing in dim light of moon by window.. . I still kept fondling her boobs and kissing her all over and was hard back.. . She came to senses and started stroking it with hand and then gave blowjob and it was best I could have.. . We changed to 69 and enjoyed our session. .. Her boobs were making me mad and I was fondling them all the time.

I mouth fucked her and she drank all the cum. . I inserted again and fucked her slowly. .she was making moans and was rubbing her pussy and was in unconscious state I just kept ramming and was pressing her boobs so that she can be awake and then cummed on her stomach and We lied there in each other arms and slept under one sheet. Not known what will happen next but we enjoyed our best time then.

When woke in morning I found her still sleeping and so I went to Fresh up. .. But the time I came back she was not found.. . I checked other rooms and found her crying. .. Consoled her and asked the reason.. She said she didnt want to cheat my friend but whatever happens she is guilty about it and cannot forgive herself.. .. I consoled her and said it didnt happen wantedly it happened with the booze effect and so she doesnt have to be guilty. . Whatever happened will be between us and we will keep it a secret.

She hugged me and started crying but I knew I have to control the situation and so I just made her calm and asked her to get ready for the day as all friends family would be visiting and she should be happy for the day.

It happened for once and ended the same day. We never discussed again nor boozed a lot. .. We learnt how to control our self and hide. …

This is a true story of us and today my friend and she are married and celebrating one month of togetherness.. . Hope they live long and happy.. .. Wish them lots of sex and happiness.. …

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Love Making With Friends Girlfriend