Bob Shares Wife Jenna

Bob and Rahul were closed friends. They studied grew up together in a small town. After their studies they got both got a job in Mumbai. They were new to this city and they planned to stay under 1 roof so they bought 2 bhk flat. Everything was going well. Back there in their hometown Bobs parents called him he went and found out he was going to get married although he was going to get married to her friend Jenna he knew here very well. The dates were fixed and then later Bob informed Rahul about this. He had to come from Mumbai to attend his friends wedding. They both got married and stayed there for a couple of weeks by then Rahul was already gone.

When they reached Mumbai they had to settle in the same house. Bob had no issue staying with his friend neither did his newly wedded wife as Rahul was a friendly down to earth and decent guy, he was also very devotional as he would never leave home without offering his prayers. On the other hand Bob and Jenna had a very good routine and they were happy with each other.

Bob and Rahul left to work at 8 am as Jenna would stay alone and when they would return the couple would go out and Rahul would stay alone and watch tv but sometimes they all used to stay home and talk or watch tv.

Once in a while they all went out together usually to eat. One night when the couple were making love in their room Rahul was working on a presentation in the hall. He could hear them moaning as he felt it little disturbing initially but then after a couple on minutes he was distracted and later felt curious so he went closer to their room and heard them very carefully he stood there for a while and then started looking for a peek hole but was not successful in finding one he felt very disappointed and then he went in his room.

After a while Bob came out of the room to get a drink from the refrigerator while he was going to his room he could hear weird noises and then he followed that voice and ended up going to Rahuls room then he was astonished to see Rahul in his bathroom without his pants on they both saw each other in a shock Rahul then pulled his pants up and came outside the bathroom. Bob laughed at this act and teased Rahul.

Bob:haha, from did you start all this? I never knew that you had a habit of it.

Rahul bend his head down out of shame then

Rahul:forget about it.

Bob:grow up bro I had left this stuff from long time now I do mature stuff.

and then he laughed, to tease him. Bob teased him again by laughing then Rahul angrily said

Rahul: stop teasing me.

Bob: haha.

Rahul:yeah laugh you dont know what I feel.

Then Bob apologised for his act then he sees Rahuls face it showed anger frustration and dissatisfaction then he patted his back and left the room. When he reached his room he found Jenna semi-nude as she was dressing up

Jenna:what took you so long?

Bob:huh. Nothing, had a chat with him.


Bob looked disappointed so Jenna inquired

Jenna:whats the matter honey you dont look happy arent you satisfied with it?

Bob: no thats not the matter.

Jenna:then what is it?

Bob:I felt bad for Rahul when teased him he frowned and I felt sorry for it.

Jenna:ohh. What was that you teased him?

Bob:leave Ill tell you later

They both slept and woke up in the morning. Jenna prepared tea and went to Rahuls room and woke him up he then greeted her and took the tea and sat on the bed, its been months but Jenna hadnt sat on his bed with him its the first time, although she used to clean the room after he left home.

Jenna:how are you feeling?


Jenna:Im sorry for what Bob did to you.

Rahul(shockingly):wha…what did he say?

Jenna:that he teased you

Rahul(sighs):ohh ok. He didnt tell anything else?

Jenna:no what was it about?

Rahul:never mind

Jenna leaves out but with a question in her mind, then that day after they both come back after work she then asks Bob

Jenna:what did you do to him yesterday?

Bob:I told you I teased him

Jenna:yeah but about what?

Bob:ok ok, hold on. When I went to bring a drink I saw him shagging in the bathroom

Jenna(shocking):wha…what? But you told he doesnt do any such thing

Bob:yeah thats why I felt bad he doesnt get satisfied and he doesnt have a girlfriend

Jennas eyes and mouth were wide open she doesnt believe what she heard and in the same time felt bad for him

Jenna:poor guy

Bob was newly married and he had many fantasies which he wanted to make them practical a strange thought came to his mind only this thought his heart started pounding fast and he got a strange feel he didnt wanted to share this to his wife he went to Rahul and showed sympathy to him and told

Bob: I can understand what are you going through and Ill help you overcome it

Rahul:thanks but how?

Bob:after I make love with Jenna Ill take few snaps of her in my phone and show it to you will this satisfy you?

Rahuls face glew out of excitement and he widened his eyes and was eager to about it but to show his innocence he said
Rahul:but its not right.

Bob:oh come on its ok with me then why do you have an issue

Rahul didnt say anything and was very excited but didnt show and acted as normal and pretended that this is something close to a sin

Next day they both left to work they were in a cab Rahul wanted to see Jennas nude pics which Bob had mentioned about but didnt ask him anything he knew they both made love last night Bob turned at him with a cheeky smile

Bob:want to see?

As he said his heart started beating hard and he was feeling very excited about it Rahul then shook his head as affirmation but he kept his cool. Just then Bob pulled his phone out and showed him the pics. In these pics Jenna wore a bra and shorts Rahul was slightly disappointed as he taught he would see her nude

Bob:hows it ?

Rahul:nice b…but. never mind

Bob:whats the matter did you want to see her breast?

Rahul shook his head as affirmation

Bob:sorry bro I secretly did this so

Rahul:whatever you did to me was great and I appreciate it

Later in the evening Bob and Jenna getting intimated Bob had in his mind that he had to take her nude pics so then he pushed her on the bed and without any foreplay he started removing her clothes. Jenna felt something strange so she stopped him by the time she stopped him he had removed top and bra.

Jenna:why are you in a hurry

Bob:I want to take your pics

Jenna didnt wanted him to take her pics as she knew that he would show it his friends so she denied but then Bob held her hand and said
Bob:please darling I want your pics

Jenna:I know that you will show it to your friends

Bob(surprised):yeah but not everyone

Jenna:but who?


Jenna(shocked): really?

Bob:yeah he asked me to he really likes you and I also showed your pics to him

He showed those pics of her

Jenna:b…but was he intersted? And did he like it

She said with huge amount of shyness and bending her head down deep in somewhere she felt happy but also felt shy cz he knew her and sees her everyday. She feeling shy cz she didnt wanted to face him like that and she didnt wanted to lose her dignity and respect in her eyes but she wanted to give away her nude pics to him as she cared for him and she wanted him to fantasies about her so she somehow agreed to it but she told that

Jenna:ok. But take in such a way that it should look that I didnt notice it

Bob agrees to her and takes his phone to take her pic as he does his heart starts pounding he is nervous and excited both. Bob and Jenna knew each other since a long time they Christians Bob was heavy set he liked going to gym and was a handsome guy any girl would fall for him well then theres no doubt about Jenna she is hawt fair tall not so thin as she has the perfect body structure Bob was about 63″ Jenna was 58″ there are the perfect couple.

On the other hand Rahul was decent guy technically speaking he was a “nerd” he had specks and was not fair he was just 53″ with average body he wasnt attractive either. The pics were done and both of them were excited for the outcome. Next day Bob showed him those pics they both couldnt control their emotions especially Rahul his hand slowly reached his pants Bob noticed it and felt excited. Rahul took the phone from his hands and took a good look he was smiling as saw them

Bob:hows it?

Rahul:thank you for this

He had a wide smile on his face he also hugged him out of joy

Rahul:ohh man I cant believe that I saw. I have never seen anyone naked in my life. Ohh wish I could see them in real

Bob:hmm let me think about it.

Rahul exclaimed but Bob took it serious as Bob took it serious Rahul didnt interrupt him cz he really wanted to see so he didnt reply to him. Later in the evening Bob explained this to Jenna she was excited about this as Rahul seeing her naked but then she never wanted to loose her dignity and respect in Rahuls eyes but then she really wanted to get naked. Then she explained about her feelings to Bob then Bob came up with a plan.

He said that she would be blindfolded then Rahul would think that she is unaware that Rahul is there watching her (it was for Rahul that he should think that Jenna thinks that only Bob is with her when she is blindfolded by this Jenna wouldnt lose her dignity/she wouldnt be termed as slut).

They both agree but Jenna holds it back as she was too nervous. Bob consoles her somehow then she finally agrees to it. They make some rules that Rahul can touch her but not go more than that and he also says that he would be with her throughout the act and he would show his presence by touching her hand.

After fully analysing they find many drawbacks so then they correct some, like she should be tied along with blindfolded. She wanted to be videotaped as she wanted to know what was going on with her after the act. After few editions in their plan Bob approaches Rahul and gives him a date and he also says that Jenna was going to be blindfolded so she wont know that Rahul was along

Bob:after 2 days Ill show her naked

Rahul:but how? Did she agree to come naked?

Bob:no way Ill blindfold her so that she cant see you and think that its only me with her

He screams with joy and jumps around in excitement he doesnt believe that in 2 days he would see heaven. Bob also felt happy for him as he was doing this for his friends happiness although it was his fantasy but it was his friend he wanted Rahul to be happy. The day came it was 7:30 pm Bob informed Rahul to get ready and then he went to his room to tie her up. He first tied her hands firmly and them put ear plugs and then blindfold.

Jenna was wearing a buttoned shirt and a jeans on he then called Rahul in the room he was shivering out off excitement he then informed him that he will videotape this session and he agreed. Bob went to reach her shirt and unbuttoned 1 and then he let Rahul to do so.
Bob:slowly remove all the buttons

Rahul shook his head as affirmation and he carefully did so as he did he could see Jenna breathing hard and her chest was going to and fro he saw her bra and then his eyes were glittering. Bob was silently videotaping without interrupting Rahul. Rahuls hands were shivering as he was nervous then Bob instructed him to go for the pants

He slowly did so he was wildly sweating and it looked like he was planting a bomb. Bob came to the scene and he pulled her pants down and also tucked her shirt behind her head.

Then left Rahul alone, he was in a dillema that should he go for the top or the bottom Bob anxiously watched for his move and then he went for bra and managed to remove it he looked at Bob to get guidance so then he instructed him to squeeze them the bra was still covering her boobs he slowly removed it and then he saw it in real he almost fell down out of shock then he vigorously kept his hands and started moving over it for a couple of minutes then Bob instructed him to go for the panty then he kept his hands on the belly,

Jenna shivered out of shyness and nervousness as he reached for the panty he slowly inserted both his index fingers in the panty carefully removed it down. Jenna felt cold breeze over her pussy lips and she felt real nervous and then he pulled out completely in one stroke jenna jerked out of nervousness she wasnt wet as she was nervous. Rahul looked at Bob for guidance then he told

Bob:insert your finger in there and stroke it gently till its wet

He followed his instructions he placed his finger between the slit of pussy lip and started rubbing it gently then he used his thumb to do so. As he was rubbing Jenna was turning on and moaned in a low voice her breath was increasing on the other hand Bob was excited so he put his hand inside his pant and was rubbing his dick head.

Rahul slowly without Bobs notice inserted his thumb inside her pussy and increased the pace of stocking then he inserted other 2 fingers also and simultaneously rubbed the clitoris she couldnt resist so she moved her hip to and fro. Eventually her pussy was wet then Rahul reached her boobs and played with her nipples and pinched them then he looked at Bob, then Bob cane near him and said

Bob:go ahead suck its ok

He touched the right nipple with hus tongue and then with his lips and eventually filled his mouth with it. He sucked it like kids and then played with the nipple with his tongue. He by now he was completely off his senses he really wanted to go in her so he opened his pant revealing his cock it was a small one about 4 inches. At this Bob came to him and stopped him and said Bob:wait bro you cant put it inside her

Rahul:please. Please only once.

He literally begged at his feet but Bob denied and cane to solution that he play it on her and not inside her pussy so he lifted her thighs together in such a way that the backside of her pussy was visible just below her upper thighs and Bob instructed him to insert in that gap between her thighs. His hard cock touched Jennas thighs she was nervous and was helpless as she never knew whats going on with her, she was kept in the dark until Rahul inserted his cock between the of her thighs just above her pussy lips Rahul was stroking hard his balls touched her pussy lips several times each time his balls touched her pussy she was getting excited finally he had cum on her belly. This situation was out of Bob and Jennas plan but Bob handled it well so Jenna didnt worry she was relaxed and was enjoying this act. Rahul then wiped his dick and her belly with a cloth and then looked at Bob again to ask him permission to go further Bob replied

Bob:but remember not inside her ok?


He put his dick on her navel and started inserting inside that tiny hole then he moved further near the boobs and slapped his dick on her nipple then he sucked it for couple of minutes as he was stroking his dick then he put it near her chin she accepted it she was not good at blow job in fact she had blowed Bob a couple of time only. She licked the dick head and put the tip of tongue in the dick hole then licked it couple times. He then turned her over as her hands were tied she made an ‘X with her hands and she was on her knees now her head was facing down. Jenna was curious what was going on with her but she had faith in Bob on the other hand Bob looked puzzled.

He went towards her ass and he runs his hand over her ass then inserts his thumb in her asshole and starts fingering her asshole then with his other hand he inserts 2 fingers in her vagina and increases the pace till she moans loud. This goes on for about 5 long minutes by now Jenna cant resist herself and she wants to get fucked hard she moans louder and louder and had also cummed she moves her hip indicating to be fucked. Bob watches all this helplessly he doesnt want to move from his place and stop videotape. He put her back in normal position then puts his cock on her eyes and reaches down near her pussy and now it was it was a couple of millimeters far from her pussy. Bob watches this instead of stopping or opposing he widens his eyes and watches as if he is watching a cricket match with so much interest.

Rahul widened her legs and placed his dick on her upper thigh and then near her pussy and put near the gap between the pussy lip and upper thighs Bob slowly moved his camera to focus it. Rahul rubbed her thigh with his dick. Bob was so excited that didnt want to warn Rahul he just let it go and was waiting eagerly for his next step. Rahul then slid his cock over her pussy it went through the slit of her pussy lips but came out from the other end his middle region of dick was touching the wet pussy but the dick head was on the other end his middle region of dick felt the dampness of her pussy though his dick was not in her pussy. Now Jenna wasnt worried about it anymore she didnt care about it she just wanted to get fucked hard.

Now Rahul held her hip and lifted it and placed his legs below her hip he then dick head on the pussy lips and then he separated the lips with his thumb and index finger so that his dick head touched the pink and wet pussy he then rubbed his dick head on the inner walls on her pussy lips. Bobs heart was pounding he instead of stopping him he focused his camera. Rahul turned towards Bob, he nodded saying no so Rahul didnt insert it in but Jenna wanted it in she moved her hip. He makes her sit on his lap now the dick head was in the upper portion of her pussy lips.

Now Rahul was fingering her pussy with his dick almost in her half of his dick head was covered with the pussy lips. Jenna was moaning hard she couldnt control herself any longer. Rahuls cock was vertical as she was on his lap so he tried to push it in the pussy Bob stopped him but Jenna slipped her leg so it made his dick slide in a bit inside her it was a small cock she started moving her hip. Rahul looked at Bob with a shocking face they both looked at each other then Bob nodded saying no so he didnt move although his dick was tingling in her he stayed there for 5 long minutes. Jenna was desperate as was Rahul but Bob didnt allow but then Jenna out of desperation shouted loudly

Jenna:ahhh… Fuck

Then Bob didnt want to see this do he indicated Rahul that he wants to go bathroom pretending that he wants to loo. As Bob goes inside the bathroom within a flash he inserts it completely and strokes hard he gets to missionary style and ravages her pussy hard. Back there Bob shags in and comes out to see his eife getting fucked by his childhood friend. She held him with her legs and he strokes her pussy like how a dog strokes a bitch. Due to this vigorous motion the bed starts shaking it looks like a 10 year kid fucking a 25 year girl cz Rahul was small in size and Jenna was tall girl. He couldnt reach her lips as he was so short.

For Bob it seemed like his wife was getting fucked by a school going kid. After 20 minutes sex Rahul and Jenna had cummed together when Rahul removed his dick out off her pussy, her pussy was overflowing of cum. He again put his dick in her then the cum came out of her pussy he didnt get tired he was still fucking her with same energy and momentum then after 30 minutes he changed her position to doggy style and he stood and inserted inside her asshole she had no pain and started stroking then he laid on her back and pressed her boobs he cummed inside her asshole which came out immediately when he removed his cock then finally he laid flat in her back she then laid on the bed. Bob told Rahul to get dressed and go he did and went out. he then opened her blindfold and her hands he kissed her and said
Bob:sorry couldnt stop him going in you

Jenna(with wicked smile):next time dont stop him also

Later she cleans herself and dresses up and goes to kitchen to have something it was 3:30 am by then there she finds Rahul in the kitchen he acted as if nothing happened even she pretended she ate up and slept.

Hopefully there will be next part if needed if readers mail @ [email protected] or request me to make a 2nd part if any feedback plz mail me.

Bob Shares Wife Jenna