Sex With Unknown Lady

Hi,My name is Nandu, 26 years from visakhapatnam, I am a big fan of ISS and have read many stories here. Sometimes I used to feel that these stories are all fake and are not real, but a day for me when I started to believe that the situations can come like this. I am a graduate working in a reputed company in Chennai.This is my first story so please do give your comments at [email protected] and excuse me if there are mistakes.

Coming to the story, this is a real incident which happened an year back. As usual I was in office and got bored with the work and started to send morning wishes to friends which I do occasionally. I selected the entire contacts list and sent the message. After some time I got few replies from friends wishing good morning.

But one message was saying “Who is dis”. Even that contact name was saved as X in my mobile. So I also could not recollect who that person is. So I called to explain the thing and find out who it is. To my surprise a sweet voice questioned “Who is this”. I explained the matter but she replied in a harsh way that i don’t know and disconnected the call. I was a bit disappointed.

After few minutes

I replied “Sorry for my mistake”

She: “Ok”

I: “ May I know who is dis”

She: “ Busy now “

I: “ Ok. ll ping u later”

I did not receive any reply for that message. In the evening when I was free in room I remembered the incident and again messaged her.

I:” Good evening madam”

She : “Good evening”

I:” Hope my madam is free now”

She: “ Yes…. My name is Susheela”

I: “ Nice name…..”

The introduction went on like this and she said that she works for a company so she ll be busy during the office hours and inquired about me and how I got her number. She is married lady from my home town, her husband goes to office in 2nd shift (2-10pm).

Then I started to send morning wishes every day and used to chat in the evening (Still don’t know how I have her number). Later messaging turned to calls. So every day i used to call her in the evening and spend time, I decided to meet her once I come to my home town. In 3-4 months of this practice our conversations went into personal matters and I tried to seduce her. We used to enjoy phone sex for some time. Once I said that I am coming to town and she insisted me to meet her.

We both planned and met one day after her husband left to office in the evening. She navigated me to her house. That was the first time I saw her and she is so nice and beautiful. I entered the house and was bit scared and tensed. She started inquiring while preparing coffee that how long Ill be in town, etc. etc. Then she asked me whether I have a girl friend, for which I said yes its “U”. She offered me a coffee and planted a kiss on my lips which gave a lot of confidence. I just let that coffee on table and caught her round her waist and kissed her for 2-3 min on lips and looked deep in her eyes and said “I LOVE U DARLING”. She responded positively.

I took her to the bed room and started to press her boobs, I am not experienced to tell her sizes but she had got good size of her assets. Then asked her to remove her dress, which she agreed and opened her top. Now she is only in her bra and bottom, I opened her bra and sucked her nipples. She stared begging to stop it as its paining. Then I removed her bottom and made her nude in no time. That was the first time I saw a nude women I front of me. (Watched several time in porn but it’s the first real incident).

Then I removed my clothes and asked her to suck my 5 inch dick. For which she hesitated, I agreed and then opened her legs and fingered her pussy, she is in good mood.

Then I licked her love hole and made her cum. She was excited with this treatment and shouted to fuck her and she cannot wait long. I was scared to enter her (no condom also) and felt nervous. She understood that and asked me to lie down and relax. She got on top of me and started riding me(no condom). Guys , it was my first incident and I was getting pain in my penis, but the feeling was awesome and I was in cloud 9.

While riding I was pressing her boobs hard. Being the first time I was about to ejaculate early for which she smiled and said not to release in her pussy. She took my tool out then asked to cum on her belly button. Again I fingered her for some time and she cummed.

Then she went to bathroom cleaned and came, I was lying down with no energy. She asked to go and clean, by the time I returned she was dressed. I came and hugged her and thanked her for the experience, She asked to get dressed soon and leave early as it not good for her with neighbors if they notice. I got dressed and chatted for sometime and left home.

The next day I returned to Chennai and called her. Slowly she reduced talking to me saying that she is busy with her works. After some 6 months once she called and said that she is pregnant with her husband and she ll be going to her parents place and asked not to call her. Recently I came to know that she got a child and I called her, she just spoke normally.

Hope you enjoyed. Any interested ladies especially Aunties in Vizag can contact me at [email protected] for secret relation ship. Hope I get some other experience which I can share again.

Sex With Unknown Lady