A Journey With Lot Of Fun

Hi Girls and boys, I am Maddy , 25 years virgin guy with a good look and tool.. Now dont wasting time I like to start my story .

So,friends this incident happened with me few days before while I was traveling from Pune with a newly wed bhabhi. I would like to introduce that goddess , she was 27 years old her name was sweety ( name changed). As she told me. Her figure was awesome I cant tell you the exact size but i guess 382638. Her boobs are like Mellons with full of juice and trying jump out. Hips and thighs are like spongy very soft and fair. So, the story begins when I boarded in the bus from outskirt stop of Pune , I saw there are few seats vacant in which , one seat was occupied by a girl and I thought why not to try my luck today. So I settled down beside her.

The bus started and after taking ticket , I was checking the messages on my mobile, and she was in deep sleep and suddenly her phone rings , she receive the call and were talking with her sister may be I heard from her that she was not slept whole night the day before journey n I looked at her she smiled and continuing with call.

After putting off the call, she again feeling sleepy so she was taking nap, and I saw her Mellons because of air coming from window separate her top from body. She wore black color bra with design n in between I am pretending to sleep and trying to go close with her at one instance she touched my hand with her so I took my hand back to check her . I did this once again and checked again my hand touched with her and now this time she is doing with an intention and I understood that.

As no one in the bus looking to us I pushed my elbow towards her boob as the bus was jerking my elbow touches her boobs which was really milky and spongy. Her thighs were touching with my I came to know that she also wants this. This happened till bus stops for lunch and bus took a stop for 15 minutes for lunch. She broke the romantic silence and asked me ” what are you doing in Pune ? I told her I am working in company , she also told me her husband also in MNC. I get shocked and asked again are you really married, she said “yes”. I told her in Marathi ” Tumach lagn jhalel ahe ASA vatat nai baghun” she smiled and said believe me.

After this talk we got down from the bus and go for walk and sat down under a tree close to each other. While talking I asked her why are you not slept last night, she told that ,she is recently married and get few days to have sex with her husband because she also do the job in another city. And that night they had the sessions till morning. I naughtily asked her what about today.? She slapped on my shoulder and put her head and touching my tools we both hugged each other as no one was seeing us .

I was pressing her boobs hard she was moaning like yesss …. Haaaah …. Haahhh .. haahhh do it …..haahhaha hahhaah hhahhaha hahhahah hahhahah hhahhaa ,I told her suck my cock , she hungrily opened zip of my pant and taken out my penis which is fully erected with precum, without loosing a second she gulped my whole penis in her mouth and sucking hurriedly as we dont have time, I was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips , sucking her tongue which was tastes good nmnmnnnn mmnn mnmn mnmnn mnmnnn mmmm ummm .

I slowly moved my hand towards her pink hole and try to licking her pussy inside the panty.. She was already wet, I was fingering deeply inside her vagina as I increases my speed she loudly moans ohhh yesss aaahh ajjunn jorraat aaattttjj ajun aat takkk haaaah yeeaasss you have taken me heaven…. Ahaha ahaha fassttt more…… Fasssdt dear …ohhh ohhh gosshhhh …. Ohh yesss yea hard hard and fasstt dear dear please take me in heaven …. Oooooo yeehhh.. Yeahhh oohh dear cuuming cumming out ….. Drink itttt taste ittt..We both cum together she swallowed all my cumm and I too tasted her juice which was yumy sllllrrrk haa.

After we adjusted ourselves and boarded in to the bus and settled down . The bus leaves the hotel and we chatted for few minutes and pretend to be sleep so that no one can notice . after few minutes she came near me and told me ” I want more fingering my pussy is still itching.. ” so I told her to put her head down on my thighs as she is sleeping and other side of is covered with my sac and moved my hand toward her pussy which was clean and fleshyyy, started rubbing slowly on leggings she is getting horny…. Sighing haaaahhh haaaaah not loudly but somehow that sound is managed …..

I increased my speed with rotation moaning haaah haahhh and she was biting my penis which was full erect in pant… After some time she told me I am cumming…. I realised when the juice of her vagina came out and her pantu get wet….. The bus entered in the city my stop was coming to close so asked her to adjust and we have casual talks after session and shook hands…

She thanked me for this immense pleasure and I also. I have not asked for her contact number but this first incident of my life will remember forever…. So give me your feedback and I request girls nearby pune and other cities who wants to have fun can reach to me through my mail id [email protected]

Byeeeeeee waiting for your reply…

A Journey With Lot Of Fun