My Dream Aunty Accepts My Nasty Proposal

Hi ISS Readers. I am happy to share my first story which happened 2 years back.

Let me tell about me.. I am a stud looking guy with bet looks and a nice smile. My tool is 10cm long 5cm broad. I am fond of pussy licking. You can have a talk with me or can send your feedbacks on [email protected] This is my first story so it maybe noobish. Forgive me for my mistakes.

This story happened when i was in tenth grade. I was preparing for my exams so I used to be at my home only. My mom used to take tuition in the other room so many students used to come. As they were in third and fourth standard, their parents used to come to drop them. I never had a bad desire in my mind until I saw this lady (lets say Alia). Her daughter was in fourth grade. she had a son too. she was very beautiful. i dont know bout her assets but anybody could get an erection after looking at her. her smile was so seductive.

I never got a chance to talk or flirt with her. I used to come out of my room and peep out of my window whenever she used to come. She used to ride in her scooter. I used to jerk off every week thinking about her. She was my dream lady.

One day, My mother had gone out for some work leaving her students. She had ordered me not to leave anyone. As soon as she went, my doorbell rang. I went to see who was there. As i opened the door, I was completely astonished. There she was in a Black colour top looking so beautiful that my mouth became wider and wider. As soon as I came to my senses, she said that she was passing by so she decided to wait here for some time and than take her daughter along with her. I was on seventh heaven.

I told her to wait in my room. I went and washed my face and applied some deodorant. As I went in, She was sitting there and having a look at my messy room. I said ‘I am sorry. The room is little dirty.

She responded, ‘ Dont worry. I like dirty things

I didnt understand it but I thought it was a green signal from her. I never thought she was suspicious of my acts. So i sat beside her and said, ‘ What dirty things are you talking about?
She : You wont understand as you are a kid.

I got furious. I said ‘Your hubby will be a kid. Please dont insult me like this. I am grown up. Do you want to see? (I dont know how I got the courage to do this but it was really something great that I said)

She sat there looking at me with wide eyes. I took my fingers to and unzipped my jeans. Then I removed my underwear and my tool sprang out. It was waiting for this moment since a long time. I said ‘Do you know what to do this kid?

She stoop up , slapped me tight and took my tool and started sucking deeper and deeper. I was enjoying it so much. Within no time, I cummed. She drank it all and cleaned it properly. Her saliva was all over my tool. It was so intense feeling. She said ‘ You cum so fast kid

Hearing this, I grabbed her towards me, held her from her waist came closer to her, my breathing increased tremendously. I kept my lips on hers and started kissing. She didnt respond but after a couple of minutes or so she started to response. My lips were going all over her body from neck to shoulder and my saliva was dripping everywhere.

Meanwhile, she was playing with my hairs. I took a chance and placed my hand inside her top and started caressing her boobs. They were so soft. She didnt react so I pinched her on her nipples and than she left a soft moan. It aroused me and than i removed her bra and saw the milky white boobs for the first time in my life. I started sucking it like a mad child who has been hungry since ages. she started laughing and started playing with my penis. I made circles on her breasts and started to kiss her here and there from top to bottom.

Then i came to her navel, and kissed passionately on her stomach. Than i slid my hands under her pants and reached to her pussy above her panty. It was so soft. I always loved pussies. I used to see pussy licking and lesbian porn. So it was finally my chance to do whatever i had learned my life. But as soon as i tried to remove her panty, bell rang. FUCK! We got mad and confused. she rushed to the bathroom and i cleaned myself and wore my clothes.

Than I opened the door and welcomed mom. I went to my door and locked it. I was scared like shit. But after some time, i saw her leaving the premises. I was indeed a day of mixed feelings. I got a chance to seduce my dream aunty but couldnt reach her for pussy nor I could fuck her … After some months, she changed the school of her daughter so she left the tuition. I really miss her and so I wrote this as a memory of our oral sex.

It was the first and last time we met and since then, Ive never been involved with anyone. So I am a very horny guy who is always interested in threesomes. I am 19 but have never fucked anybody yet but I dont care now as that day still makes me hard. Recently I Started reading the stories and trust me, every story reminds me of her. I hope you all liked my story.

Please share your own stories with me. Especially many bhabhis and hot girls, Looking forward to have a word with you and make new friends.

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