Hot Fun With Mumbai Girl

Hi Readers.

This is my 3rd story in ISS and for my previous ones I got a good response from you. Thanks for that. I am sharing my true events with you like the previous two stories. In my previous story I told you my name is Samir from Delhi. I am well settled, educated and romantic guy though not in any committed relationship. I also told you that I love giving and receiving orals and I can do it for hours together.

Well coming to my latest story, this happened last year. I met this girl on social networking website and we began talking to each other on internet. Soon we exchanged the numbers once we were sure about each other and comfortable too. After exchanging numbers, I came to know that she is from Mumbai and is working in HR in one of the MNCs though till that time she didnt share her location details. She told me that she is single and looking. To mention about her, her name is kamya, she is around 26 years, not so fair not so dark, slim with curves at right places. The main attraction was her eyes, it seems as if sex is oozing from her eyes.

We talked on phone and whatsapp and began a healthy relationship. I told her that I am not in search of a commitment but a good and nice friendship.

She also told me that she is not looking for any emotional commitment though she would like to have a friend with whom she could at certain point of time in future discuss her future about. Anyways our talks grew mature and we used to talk freely on everything. We shared our sexual fantasies and were having phone sex sessions too. She said she wanted to be used in a rough way and would want to get fucked like a slut in every dirty possible way. She was quite a vocal and she used to watch porn too.

Well after sometime, luckily I got a chance to go to Mumbai as I had to attend a professional conference and she was very happy. My hotel and itinerary was ready in meanwhile and I conveyed same to kamya. I had a total of 3 days stay in Mumbai of which 2 days were for conference and 1 was for local sightseeing. I reached Mumbai, checked into hotel and went for conference. Every night we used to talk but I wanted a good time with her, so I told her that on day second evening I would be free for you. She was happy.

Second day evening she came to hotel as planned and we had dinner in same hotel and went to my room after a stroll in and around the vicinity. Once in our room, we began smooching each other and started eating each others mouth. She had come in formal dress straight from the office and she had conveyed her parents that she is going for a party and will be staying with her friend. We pushed the tongues into each other and we were not leaving each other. I held her head and I began tongue fucking her mouth and I was exploring every corner of it.

After sometime we parted and I began licking her face and lips. I sucked her earlobes, licked her neck and whole of the face. We smooched again for few minutes and she parted and said she wanted to get free first. She went to washroom and came out wearing only transparent bra and panty. Her nipples and boobs were visible and I could see her smooth and shaven pussy. She turned and bend down and showed her ass and I could see her sexy ass inviting me. She told me that she is prepared for dirtiest possible things tonight.

She told me that she wanted to be treated like a dirty bitch and I answered in affirmative. I came close to her and pinned her hands on wall from behind. I was kissing and licking her back from below to neck. I kissed and licked every inch of her back. I went down and licked her legs, kissed her thighs. I kissed her ass over her panty and licked everywhere.

I pulled her panty down using only my teeth and she was hissing like a snake. I licked every portion of skin slowly and took her panty out. I bite her ass cheeks and licked her inner thighs. She while moaning bend herself and her ass protruded towards my face. I couldnt resist the scene I began dumping my face in her ass. I started eating her ass like a mad dog and I was licking all over. I spitted over her ass and spread her ass cheeks and buried my face there. She pushed her ass more and more and was moaning and hissing. She in moaning told me not to stop and treat her like a bitch and slut. I licked her asshole and ass cheeks. She said, common my dog eat your bitch,make her your slut tonight. I sucked and licked her asshole.

I turned myself around and I sat towards the wall so that she was standing right above me and I began eating her pussy. I licked sucked and ate her pussy very well. She was moaning heavily and shouted not to stop. I sucked her pussy lips, took each lip in my mouth and sucked very hard. I opened my mouth wide and she pushed her pussy into my mouth and I tried to gobble the whole pussy. I smooched her pussy harder and harder.

I used my fingers and parted her lips and began sucking her clit. I bit her clit and sucked it a lot. She held my hair and pushed her pussy on my mouth and said common you dog, common eat as much as can, dont stop. Eat this bitch. Make me slut. I sucked her pussy and I licked inside of her pussy. I smooched her pussy harder and harder and with a loud moan and a cry she came over my mouth. I didnt waste a single drop as she came in gushes. My face was wet and then she licked my face and ate her own cum. We smooched each other and licked each others face. She wanted to be more dirty than this.

My dick was already hard and she sat on ground started sucking my rod. She gobbled it took it till her throat and chocked herself. She sucked it harder and harder. I held her head and began mouth fucking her. I took out my penis and made her lie down and I entered her pussy in missionary. She was not a virgin and because of wetness it was not difficult to enter. She let a loud moan and yelled to fuck her hard as possible. I gave her few strokes and told her that she wanted to be treated like a dirty bitch and she said yes. I took out my penis after few strokes and gave in her mouth. She hungirly sucked and licked her. She spit on it and licked the entire shaft, she took till throat and I took out and again inserted in her pussy.

After few strokes I again took it out and she sucked more hard and said she is enjoying a lot. She sucked it harder and I told her im about to cum. She told me to cum in her mouth and I rushed my cum in her mouth. While I cummed, the tip was in her throat and she felt chocked and coughed little bit. Some amount came out and spread on her lips and face and neck. I used my penis and massaged her face using cum and she ate whatever I gave to her. After that I licked her face and neck and sucked her lips. We smooched harder and ate the mouths. Once we parted, she was breathing heavily and was moaning and hissing. She began talking dirtiest and said started abusing me in ecstasy. She said she wants to explore every nasty thing I can do. I obliged for the same. My dick was again hard and she went on all her fours and showed her ass towards me.

I remembered that I had ice cream in the fridge of the room. Then got the same and with accompanying spoon I filled her asshole with the cream. Some amount I spread on her ass cheeks too and applied over her pussy. She yelled not to stop for whole night and eat her as much as I can. She told me that she loves oral a lot and I also told her I am myself an oral guy. She was so happy and abused and said get going.

I started licking her ass cheeks and buried my face again in her ass. I licked her asshole, sucked it all over. I licked every inch of her ass and she was moaning and enjoying. I took my dick again and without telling her I started to push my dick in her asshole. She said I love to do this but my ex boyfriend never did it. She said she would be happy to get her ass fucked by me. I slowly pushed it more and with moisture and ice cream I inserted whole length into her. She tossed her hand on the bed edges which she was holding. She yelled, moaning, groaned like a bitch in heat.

I began fucking her asshole. I held her waist and gave her deeper strokes. I fucked her asshole and the cream was on my dick in her asshole and around it. I took my one hand and picked little bit of cream and pushed my fingers in her pussy. She shouted in ecstasy and began abusing and saying fuck your bitch as if there is no tomorrow, use me as a slut, make me your whore. I fingered her pussy and pulled her clit and I was fucking her asshole harder.

I held her hair and pulled her towards me and rode her like a cowboy. She was moaning harder and was shouting. The room thank god was sound proof and I already knew about that. She started saying fuck me harder, fuck me hard, make me your bitch, fuck your whore. I fingered her pussy again from below and pushed them deeper inside. I scratched her pussy from inside with my fingers and she grunted harder and abused me while moaning. She said she never enjoyed like this and wanted to continue like this for hours together.

After 8 minutes of hard fuck in asshole I took out and gave my penis in her mouth. I said common you dirty bitch show me how dirty you can be. She took entire length and sucked and licked my dick all over. She licked the shaft clean and took it in her mouth. I fucked her face and mouth harder and harder and I came in her mouth hard and she gulped every drop of it. She opened her mouth and showed that there is nothing left. We smooched again and sucked the lips. I could see from her eyes that she is not done and wanted more and more. I told her that we can clean our parts and come back again. We went to bathroom one by one and cleaned ourselves. We had a glass of juice and were close to each other. Half a night was already gone. She was meanwhile massaging my dick and my penis was up and above in this time.

She went down and sucked it harder. She put her hands on my thighs and ass and used her mouth and lips only this time. She fucked her face and sucked my penis. I knew this time it would be longer so she sucked and took it as deep as she could. I also put my hands on my back and we were enjoying this position. After sometime, she stood up and I went down. I took her one leg and kept on my shoulder and started licking her pussy. I didnt use my hands and she herself pushed her pussy on my mouth. I was licking and sucking her pussy. I tongue fucked her pussy and licked it as much as I could.

After sometime, I made her to lie on bed and tied her both hands with the bed. I tied a cloth over her eyes too. She began moaning, grunting and abusing me. I took her one leg and started sucking her toes. She shouted I love you samir, I love you, dont stop, tease me, make me your whore please. I sucked all her toes and took another leg and licked and sucked her toes. She was only saying, Samir, Samir, Samir, I love you, I love you, dont stop. I lifted her legs up and put them on my shoulder so that I was sitting on bed and she was lying down and her pussy was in front of my mouth. I sucked her pussy, licked and ate her.

After that I bend her one leg towards her boobs and entered in her pussy. Once I was in, I fucked her as hard as I could. She shouted, moaned and groaned and said never stop. Samir, samir, fuck me, ohh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Dont stop. Meanwhile she already had cummed and I was fucking her in pussy. I fucked her harder and gave longer strokes. I bend her both legs, he pussy was upside and I was fucking her very hard. I fucked her longer and harder. I dont know after how much time elapsed, I shouted that im coming too. She said lets cum together.

After few strokes we cummed together harder and fell on her. I opened her hands and eyes and she was more than happy. She kissed me and said this is the best fuck I ever had. She said I love you for this and would want to have you every night. Without wasting time she lie on bed again and said fuck my mouth now. I obeyed and put my semi erect penis in her mouth.

After sometime, it was hard again and I began fucked her mouth like a pussy. I was sitting on her chest side above her mouth and I was fucking her mouth hard. I fucker all corners of her face and throat. Obeying to be dirty, I spit on her face as if I was fucking a slut. I spit all over her face. I spit in her mouth and used my penis to pick up saliva and give in her mouth. I fucker her mouth harder and deeper. I turned around and I bend down and began eating her pussy while I was above her. She continued eating my dick and I was eating her pussy. I licked her pussy and asshole to hearts extent and she also sucked my dick a lot. After this she rode me by her ass and took entire shaft in her asshole. She was riding like a cowgirl.

I held her boobs in my hands and was turning and pinching her nipples. I bite her boobs and hands. I lifted my head up and kissed her mouth. She rode me harder and harder. She was moaning shouting and saying, samir, samir, samir. O yeah, o samir, o yeah. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Samir im your whore, your bitch. I held her by waist and helped her riding me. She rode me for very long and turn by turn used her pussy and asshole.

Since I already had cummed before so I knew it will be longer. My dick was paining but I also didnt stop and she fucked harder and faster. We changed position and I told her to stand against wall and protrude her sexy ass out. I held her waist from behind and fucker her in her asshole from behind. It was a semi doggy style and we fucked like animals. After a long time we both cummed harder and fell on the ground in each arms. We dont know how and when slept but once we woke up in morning, we were on floor and the smell of sweat and cum was all over. Since we had one full day more, she took an off from office over phone and we stayed there.

For the whole day till evening, we fucked almost 8 times in every possible position and in more dirty ways. I used ice cream, chocolate and juices on her pussy and asshole. We also urinated on each other and she said this was her greatest fantasy which came true. At 8 in evening, she went home and next day I came back to Delhi. We stayed in touch and she always used to describe the fuck and how she enjoyed. She said it was most memorable ever. After few months, she told me that her parents have decided to marry her and is now engaged. I was happy for her too. We still are friend and speak to each other once in a while.

Comments are welcome from readers on [email protected] If any babe, single or married wanna contact me and have a discreet fun or friendship, she is more than welcome. I promise loads of fun and friendship. As I told you I like privacy of my friends and yearn for great friends.

Hot Fun With Mumbai Girl