Sex With A Couple In Train

Hi, once I was supposed to go to chandigarh, as I was not having much work here in hyd I took a train route to chandigarh via delhi,

I cud get 1st class ticket only in sampark kranthi to delhi. Train starts at 8 am, I got berth in a 4 berth place, once I got in, after few mins a cpl along with a small kid of 4 years came and occupied the remaining 3 berths, once the train started we introduced ourselves, his name is vikas & his wifes name is madhavi, they were also coming to chandigarh for some marriage function.. Vikas is nice looking guy around 5’7 feet, madhavi is beautiful & sexy around 55, as train left city I got into my shorts and t shirt, my shorts were little bit small.

Once in shorts vikas & madhavi started watching my thighs and my shorts whenever I am not looking at them, around 10.30 am they also changed their dresses, vikas wear t shirt & lungi and madhavi got into a nice silky semi transparent sexy nighty with low neck, I cud not move my eyes off her, in the noon we all had lunch, we became freely and were talking openly, in between vikas is spreading his legs wide and trying to show his cock, he has a average one,

Myself seeing madhavi I already got mine in semi hard state, vikas got up and took a book, madhavi lay down flat on the berth, due to air I cud see all her curves covered with her silky nighty, vikas sat beside me and was reading the book, seeing madhavi in that position my bulge was getting bigger, which vikas and madhavi noticed.

Wantedly madhavi pretending as she is sleeping and was moving in such a way that I cud see all her curves clearly, vikas kept the book next to me and went to bathroom, I took the book and saw it was penthouse and topic was about 3some sex, I placed back the book, vikas came back and started reading, after sometime we started talking, I took courage and said u have a very nice wife, he just giggled and slowly asked me to come to the wash area, once we were in wash area vikas said he is a bi-curious and wud like to see his wife enjoying with others and requested me to help him out

As we don’t know each other & met just few hours back, I said we shall give a try, once I went inside I noticed that his daughter is sleeping on my berth, vikas asked madhavi to sit in the middle so that he can read sitting to the window, he sat folding his legs so that madhavi was sitting very close to me, I just moved further and touched my thigh to her thigh, she just saw towards vikas he was pretending as if he is deeply involved in his book, she moved to my side a little and was feeling my hairy thighs, in between she was placing her hand on my thighs, I moved my hand back and started rubbing her buttocks.. Suddenly vikas got up and went outside, I immediately hugged her and kissed her forcefully, she pushed me back and said vikas may come inside and said if chance comes we can have in the night when vikas goes for 15 mins for wash and brushing, I immediately replied that I will manage vikas, she just saw but cud not understand, vikas came in

Meanwhile madhavi moved to the window, vikas asked me to move towards madhavi and sat next to me, I was in middle, slowly vikas started moving closer to me, we 3 were talking and joking, in between vikas was putting his hand on my thighs and few times he touched my bulge also, madhavi was ignorantly watching all this, I just jokingly said whats up dude? Anything like r u interested in me, why r u touching me here and there? And just laughing I said I will accept if u can share your wife, just pointing towards madhavi,

He also laughingly said no problem yaar, if she accepts u can have her, madhavi was stunned, she just stared towards both of us, her face was red and was pretending as if she is angry on him, there was silence, in the night we all had dinner, their daughter slept on my berth. One by one we all 3 have brushed, vikas went last, once he went out I hugged madhavi and started kissing her, she pushed me back and said vikas may get doubt and it may affect their family life and she don’t want to enjoy in this circumstances, vikas came back.

Madhavi went outside, vikas said I think there is going to be a problem if we give a try, I assured him that there won’t be any problem and act & respond according to the situation, madhavi came in I said whats this yaar. Why so silence, we all started joking, I said common lets play something, immediately both said what shall we play with a question on their faces, we shall talk on any topic which ever interests them and when one stop the next shud start from the last word or letter and give his own opinion about any topic they like and all shud be open and shud not tell lies or pretend ignorant and main thing it shud be minimum for 2 mins, it was 9.30 pm..

I started the topic with global warming and went on in between I changed the topic about friendship and came to swapping, both were curiously listening, I was in middle, vikas again started placing his hand on my thighs, this time he was rubbing my thighs for few seconds and removing his hand, madhavi was watching this and was turning her face towards window whenever he is rubbing, once when she turned I suddenly unzipped my shorts and covered it with my t-shirt, after few mins I just raised my hands so that madhavi and vikas cud see my fly, immediately I covered back, both did not say anything, vikas was again rubbing my thighs, in between he is touching my open fly under my t-shirt, vikas got up took bed spreads gave one to madhavi, one to me and one he took, we all ourselves covered, put the bed light and continued our game,

Slowly I moved to madhavi and was touching and so is vikas touching me, I placed my hand under madhavi covers and started rubbing her thighs, buttocks, she was feeling uneasy and pinching my hand and pleading with silent gestures that vikas may see this, I gave free hand to vikas, now keeping his face to the other side vikas started to hold my cock under the bed cover, he is really enjoying, his lungi is no more its on the floor, I whispered in madhavis ear whats happening and slowly raised the bed cover, she was stunned to see vikas holding my cock and rubbing it, she just gave a smile, I took advantage and placed my hand into her nighty and started touching her cunt and was just simulating her cunt, up and down, I got up, put on the light and said whats this vikas what r u doing to me, in the same position my cock was hard and was pointing straight towards them,

I loudly said I will shout and acted as if I was threatening them, I went to madhavi took hold of her face and asked her to kiss my bulb, she obeyed and kissed my cock.. Again I said I will take her now orelse I will shout and call others, madhavi pleaded not to, so is vikas, I put on the full lights, removed the covers on them, both saw each other faces, madhavis night was up till her waist showing her bare legs and neat trimmed pussy, vikas was without anything except his t-shirt, I moved madhavi and made her sit in between and started hugging, fondling her boobs and kissing her, we both were vigorously kissing each other, vikas sat down moved madhavis legs and started kissing her cunt, he was licking her cunt and thighs, with one hand he was rubbing my cock and groins, madhavi was seeing everything, we 3 were almost naked except some cloths,

Vikas got up and requested me to put bed light as he is feeling shy and so is madhavi. It was dim light, I became naked and saw at vikas, he removed madhavis nighty bra and panty, we 3 were naked, I started kissing and licking madhavis boobs, kissing all over her, vikas was licking madhavis cunt, she was enjoying and feeling both of us with esthesty. I moved my hand to madhavis pussy and started rubbing it and we both were kissing vigorously, I was kissing her neck, shoulders, her boobs, everywhere on her stomach, abdomen and till her navel, all the time she was hugging me and guiding my face to kiss her body wherever she wants to be kissed, vikas was just seeing us and rubbing his cock, madhavi and me were in semi sleeping position, I said to vikas, why do u masturbate like that, why cant you get her from the back, suddenly she laughed and said he cant get inside unless and until she is in doggie position and spread her legs wide open, he did not say anything, we both were locked in deep hugs and rubbing our bodies.

Again vikas sat down and was enjoying my hard cock and rubbing my groins, suddenly I felt different, vikas was kissing my cock and started sucking it, madhavi without knowingly she tried to catch my cock, she got shocked that her hubby is sucking other guys cock that too in front of her, she got up and stared at vikas, he did not say anything and still went on sucking my cock, understanding the situation madhavi sat down and started rubbing his small cock, she moved him and started sucking my cock, vikas did not stop he started licking my groins, both got up and laughed, she asked him is this really you and you are up to this only or gone further with gay activities, he said its his first time and if I accept he wud like to go further, I objected and said u can suck me in exchange to your wife nothing more, vikas put on the light and asked us that he wants to see us fucking, madhavi just saw at me, he immediately placed bedspreads on the berth, meanwhile I was hugging and giving deep kisses to madhavi,

I just bent and laid madhavi on the berth, I got on top of her, vikas adjusted my cock and guided my cock into madhavis cunt, I started fucking her slowly, in between vikas tried to lick our joint, but cud not get to the position, he retaliated and was rubbing my groins, I started slowly in and out of madhavi, he was standing next to us and was rubbing my groins, my body he was really feeling my body, I started moving fast into her, she was making soft sounds,

Vikas was telling me fuck her hard, I started my strokes vigorously, with in few mins she shouted that she is cumming, so did i, I came with full loads in her.. I laid on her for few mins and got up.. Vikas took the napkin which railway ppl gave and cleaned my cock and later her cunt.. We sat naked covering ourselves with bedspreads.. Then she asked him.. He said he had already had cum while he was trying to lick both of us while we were engaged in fucking.. She just laughed and said poor vikas.. Why u did not tell me about your feelings.. Vikas also asked her why she did not tell about desiring another guy.. We 3 all together laughed.. And talked for sometime..

We all got dressed and sat.. They both came openly and said how they faced the problem for last few years of their marriage.. I just jokingly said how did they have kid while they did not enjoy properly in bed.. Both defended it.. After 3 years of marriage they went to gynecologist and took suggestions.. Their gynecologists had asked vikas to give his semen while in hospital and immediately had placed it in her womb with help of some medical equipment.. Both admitted that they were thirsting for this day it seems, I asked vikas.. Why does he want to enjoy with guys.. He said he is having a liking for men.. But this is his first time it said.. That night in train.. I said vikas to sleep on the upper berth and madhavi & me on the lower berth..

Madhavi and me were both on lower berth and we all 3 were talking, with in 1 hour I asked madhavi to get naked, as I want to sleep naked with her whole night, she just obeyed blindly, we were naked touching and rubbing our naked bodies under the bed sheet, that night we had 3 sessions.. Every time I was calling vikas and allowing him to watch us while fucking, then he cleaning us completely..

We slept around 5 in the morning madhavi and me were both naked under the bed sheet, around 6.30 vikas woke us up, he covered the bed sheet fully on us and said his kid will wake up, he took kid to toilet.. Madhavi and me got up got dressed and sat, madhavi held my hand and said she has a desire of make love in 69 posture.. I said how come when her kid is awake but thought for a movement, till 8 am we got fresh, but were still in night dress only.. We had breakfast by 9 am the train was late, vikas was taking his kid outside frequently, taking the chance madhavi pleaded that she may not get a chance in future and want to try 69 in up and down positions, I went to bathroom and cleaned completely with water bottle I purchased in some station and came back.. Madhavi got up and went to wash,

I asked vikas that I want to enjoy with her once more but only oral and praised that she has a nice tight pussy, vikas asked for a chance to see but it was not possible as his kid is awake.. Around 9.30 am vikas took his kid outside, once outside madhavi and me got completely naked bolted the door and got into action my god she was really taking my cock completely.. We had vigorous session, few times she on top and few times myself on the top after sometime she said she had and is completely over but I did not have my cum, she sat down on the berth and started sucking my cock, she really played a hell with my cock, round 10 mins of her sucking I came in her mouth, she took it fully in mouth and spitted it out and again licked & cleaned my cock completely licking, I asked her why did she spit, she said I don’t know its taste and spit it. Then I asked why did she lick me neat, she said that I shud not feel bad and think half done thats why she did lick clean, vikas came after 10 mins..

I gave him my cell number and said I will be there for 2 days, if they want or willing they can call me, will come to their hotel or shall meet in my hotel and left.. I completed my work by next day evening.. And thought of staying back in chandigarh instead of delhi and start in the morning as I have to pay 2 hotels for one day, but totally my program changed.. I was staying in some regency hotel its 2 or 3 star I think in the evening I sat in the bar for having few drinks. I got a call from vikas, he gave phone to madhavi wow! She started talking in a husky voice and already seducing me on phone with oomph and haannns. That night we had good sessions, and continued for the next day also, we were completely exosted.

Next day I took flight to Mumbai and they took return train to hyd and returned back,

It was a nice experience I had with you couple.. Hope we shall have lots more in future…. Said good bye

Sex With A Couple In Train