Creamed My Filipino Girlfriend For A Baby

Hi friends. Im Arun. Im 26 years old and Im here to share with you my real life experience with my Filipino girl friend, Eden Nacar, who is expecting a baby in few months’ time to become the mother of my baby. I visited her in Philippines for the first time to spend some time with her on the Valentines day 2015 but came back to Chennai with a promise to marry her in the near future may be before or after she delivers our baby. Guys, Im explaining my experience without even asking my girl friends permission and Im sharing this purely to re-live the highly unexpected and unforgettable moments I had with her. This is my second intercourse after having sex with my sister in law Janani back in June 2013 which I have already shared with you in my story “Hungry Sex Journey Inside The Train With My Milky Sister-In-Law”

Eden is 27 years of age, a year elder to me and has a very fair complexion with plummy arms, cup shaped boobs and a cute Filipino looks. We met each other in facebook in October 2013 where I was randomly searching for some foreign babes and found her profile. The first time I was her photos in her timeline I got seriously attracted with her looks and appearance, with her lemon like yellowish complexion, her cute looks, her fleshy cylindrical arms and her big boobs pressing hard over her tight tops. I immediately gave her a friend request. The very next day she accepted my request and we started chatting. She lives in Manila in Philippines with her relatives as her parents passed away few years back.

We started chatting on a regular basis with both text and video calls and started sharing a lot of things including our personal life where she told me about her ex-boy friend including she having sex with him. I also shared with her my past where I did not have a girl friend but that I slept with my elder cousin sister-in-law, Janani. She was actually stunned that I fucked my sister-in-law and immediately called me over a video call and asked me how it all happened. I told her “I actually got attracted to her right from the time she got married to my cousin. I was looking at her for about 5 years after which she noticed me that I’m watching her.

I was surprised that she came to my house once when I was alone and asked me “Are you looking at me?” I hesitated a bit and said “Yes.” she slowly came close to me smiling and sucked my upper lips tight. We then went to the bedroom, took off our clothes, she opened her handbag, took out a condom and we had sex for about an hour or so.” Eden was stunned by it and asked “But she was like your elder sister right?” I bluntly told her “But I was blindly attracted to her milky white skin and her flesh. And she was also starving for sex.” I also told her “We in fact had sex three more times, twice at my place and once I started to office but went straight to her house and had a morning sex with her in her bedroom.” Eden looked seriously stunned and exclaimed “Wow!!”

After about 3 months or so, in January 2014, I slowly started liking her, but I was a bit hesitant to propose her as I felt I may lose her friendship if she feels bad about. After a few days, towards the end of January 2014 I could not control myself and slowly I wanted to see if she is also interested in me. So as we were chatting in a video call and I told her “I feel I have a crush on you.” She smiled broadly and said “Yeah I can feel that with the way you speak with me. In fact I thought you even like me.” I was stunned that she sensed what I was feeling about her and looking at my face she started to laugh and asked me “What happened?” I could have accepted and proposed to her immediately but somehow I refrained and said “No no its just a crush.”

From that day, everytime we chatted in a video call I felt like proposing her but somehow I was so hesitant to propose her. I kept hesitating and on 14th February 2014, I somehow got the courage to propose her. I called her in a video call and as she accepted the call and blushed at me saying “Hi” I proposed her “I love you.” She placed her hands over her breast, with a surprised face looked at me for few seconds and started blushing with a broad smile on her face and said “I was actually about to propose you.” I got seriously excited and as I looked at her, desperate to kiss her, she proposed saying “I love you too.” From thereon our chats raised to a completely different level and we started chatting every night. And every night after we finish chatting, I masturbated thinking of her. As I ejaculated, everytime my semen just splashed out of my dick multiple times.

I was so desperate to meet her and spend some time with her. I kept telling her that I want to meet her and she also felt the same way. After about 10 months, in December 2014 I felt that I have to go to Manila and meet her somehow but could not get leave both in December 2014 and January 2015. Luckily, this time Valentine’s day fell on a Saturday and I was pretty sure that I would get a long weekend for it. I immediately booked my ticket to Manila, applied for my visa and got my visa in the first week of February 2015. I kept it as a secret till the last moment. On February 10th 2015, when we were chatting she asked me “Our relationship is almost a year old. Last valentine’s day, you proposed me. What are you going to do this time?” and smiled. I told her “I’m coming to meet you.” She laughed and said “Good luck.” I told her “I’m serious babe.” And showed her my ticket and visa. She got so excited and both of us were very anxious to meet each other.

My flight was at 7:40pm on 13th February 2015 and it landed in Manila at 12pm on the 14th February 2015. As I came out and picked my baggage, I saw her waiting at the gate and she also noticed me. She was wearing a hot short hand yellow tops and a faded jeans. She came literally running towards me and jumped on me hugging me tightly. I tried to kiss her but she stopped and said “Not here. Come lets go somewhere else.” We came out, booked a taxi and she took me to a nearby restaurant for lunch. I was too hungry to kiss and even fuck her but with people around, I could only hold my hands tight and bite my teeth. I had my room booked at Hotel 99. After lunch, we went straight to the hotel. I was amazed at my room with all wood furnished walls and a corner bed right close to the wall. The feel of the room made me feel too horny.

I could not resist myself. I immediately dragged her close to me and kissed her tight. She also wrapped her arms around my neck and sucked my lips deep. I slowly pushed her on the bed and tried to open the button in her jeans. She immediately stopped me, removed her lips from mine and said “Not so early. Come lets go out.” I was so irritated that she not just stopped me from having sex with her but also got up and made me go out with her. We kept roaming around the city from street to street, park and beach. I was so desperate to fuck her. Slowly, I kept pushing time and it became night where we again went to a restaurant for dinner right behind my hotel. By the time we finished dinner it was almost 10pm. As we came out, I was so desperate to fuck her and asked her “So, where are we going? To your place or my room?” She smiled at me and asked “Are you hinting to have sex with me?” I said “I’m not hinting. I want to have sex with you.” She kept looking at me for a while and said “Ok, but my place is crowded with people, my aunt, uncle, cousins. So we’ll go to your room.”

I got so excited and immediately found a medical store next to the restaurant and told her “Wait here. I’ll buy some condoms and come.” She immediately held my hand and asked me “Are you serious about our relationship?” I was confused and said “Yes. But why are you asking this to me?” She said “Then why do we need condoms?” I told her “But I can’t marry you now. I need to speak to people back at home and only then proceed with our marriage.” She immediately replied “How does that matter? I just want to have a baby with you. You are anyways going to marry me right?” I was thrilled listening to her and we started walking towards my hotel and she called her aunt and informed that she is staying with her friend for the night. We got into the hotel, picked up my keys from the reception and rushed into my room.

Just as we entered the room, I got really sensual and horny that I stepped before Eden and started kissing her sloppily. I sucked her lips deep into my mouth, hugged her tight. I slowly pushed her towards the wall kissing her tight. I lifted her tops and as she raised her arms allowing me to remove her tops I stripped it over her head and threw it on the ground. She immediately pulled my t-shirt up and I removed it myself. She was wearing a white camisole inside with her big nipples pressing hard over it from inside. She started to lick my lips wildly and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Sucking her tongue deep into my mouth, I slowly put my hands into her camisole, grabbed her soft waist, lifted her camisole and as she raised her arms taking her tongue out of my mouth, I removed her camisole in a flash. Boy, her big boobs was so tempting as I immediately grabbed them and started sucking her nipples.

I licked her round nipples and chewed her boobs really wild. After a few seconds, she slowly put her hands over my pant and slowly opened the button, pulled the zip down and put her hands inside my underwear and as she grabbed my dick, I got really horny and tempted that I lifted her, dropped her on the bed, got right between her legs, opened her jeans button, pulled the zip down and pulled her jeans and panty down, removed them in a flash and threw it on the ground. Her pussy was very bushy with some thick hair around it. I rubbed her hairy pussy and slowly dipped my middle finger into her pussy-hole. It was seriously wet and hot inside her pussy and slowly fingered her pussy moving my finger up and down inside her pussy. It was so soaking wet and hot inside her cunt that I could not resist anymore. I removed my wet finger from her pussy, pulled my pant and underwear down in a flash with my dark, hard and thick dick jumping out, removed my pant and underwear and threw it on the ground.

I grabbed my dick in my hand and as I placed it over her pussy, Eden got up, pulled me closer to her, kissed me tight and we fell on the bed cuddling over each other. We rolled over the bed, kissing each other sloppily with my dick rubbing over her belly, her thighs, her buttocks. After sometime, as I got on top of her, I sneaked my legs between her, held my dick and placed it on her pussy-hole and with some desperation, pushed my dick hard into her cunt. She gasped loud “Aray ouch, aah, slowly slowly its paining” I then slowly pushed my dick deeper inside her pussy and managed to penetrate my dick fully inside her cunt with my waist tightly locked against her waist. Her pussy was so tight, wet and hot inside and that feeling of having my dick inside her pussy made me recollect my intercourse with my sister in law Janani back in June 2013 as it gave the same electric feeling of my dick squeezed between the flesh inside her cunt.

I then slowly started to fuck her by moving my dick back and forth inside her pussy sleeping right over her pressing her soft and spongy boobs tight, holding the back of her shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around my neck with her hands over my head. It was seriously electric as my dick kept rubbing the inner flesh of her pussy as I kept moving my dick back and forth inside her cunt. After sometime, I wanted to have some rough sex and slowly raised my upper body, pressed my thumb on her soft and wet armpits and started to fuck her hard and wild chucking my dick rough and hard inside her. She spread her arms wide across grabbing the bed tight and started to moan hhnnaaa hhhhaaaaa mmm hhhmaa hhhhaaaa.

As I kept crushing her pussy hard and wild, suddenly, my dick erupted as I felt the electric sensation of my semen gushing out of my dick and I literally poured my semen inside her cunt and as I ejaculated, I just fell over her and this time I started to scream in ecstasy aaaaahhh hhhhhho sssss hhhhaaa hhhaaaaa. After literally filling her pussy with my cream, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at her. She was smiling at me, rubbing my cheeks and said “Its fine. You will be all right.” I got really excited and by proposing her “I love you baby” sucked her lips sensually as she also pressed my head tight and kissed my sensually. I felt my dick getting softer, shrinking and slowly oozed out of her pussy.

I slowly sided down and slept besides her. She rolled over me and by placing her cheeks over my chest, smiled at me and asked “how did you feel?” I almost told her “It was as thrilling and exciting as it was when I fucked my sister-in-law” but suddenly realized that she might mistake if I speak about sleeping with my sister-in-law when she is asking about my experience with her. So I rolled my tongue slowly and said “It was electric having my dick inside you. I enjoyed it thoroughly. What about you?” She blushed and said “That was great. You gave me more pain than my ex-boy friend, Ryan.”

I was confused and asked her “What do you mean by pain?” She said “It’s a pain when a woman takes a dick inside her but it’s a pain that she enjoys and loves to have. Your dick is a bit thicker than Ryan’s and also, he used to ejaculate pretty quickly. I have had sex with him twice and both times it was an intense sex for a few seconds before his dick explodes. But you started off slowly, waited till your dick was fully inside me and then gradually fucked me harder and harder. I loved this longer duration intercourse and also the fact that your dick is thicker than Ryan’s, gave me really good pleasures of having sex.”

Though she kept talking about her ex-boy friend and the experience with him, I managed to keep my cool. But somehow I wanted to end the topic and slowly got up, grabbed her head and kissed her tight. We slowly rolled over and as I got on top, I started to suck her juicy lips passionately and she slowly grabbed my dick and started to shake it up and down. In no time I felt my dick growing big and hard in her hands.

She immediately removed her lips from mine, looked down my dick growing big in her hands and said “Wow, I just loved that.” I asked her “What?” She said “The way your soft and spongy dick just grew big and hard in my hands.” I smiled at her and asked “Do you want to have my hard dick just inside your hands or…” She smiled sensually and slowly spread her legs and as I stepped between her legs, she held my dick, placed it over her pussy and started to rub my dick up and down her wet and hairy pussy. I loved the way she played with my dick as it also created a heavy tickling sensation as my dick opening kept brushing over her pussy hair.

As she kept rubbing my dick over her pussy, my dick suddenly caught hold on her pussy hole and I immediately chucked my dick in hard inside her cunt. She took her hands off my dick, hugged me tight and gasped “aaayyeee” as I chucked my dick inside her. I wanted to literally crush her pussy hard. It was so hot and wet inside that I felt my dick soaking inside her pussy. I got really horny and slowly raised my body up again and started to fuck her moving my dick back and forth.

I just loved fucking her hot wet and gripping pussy and it made me get more and more horny as it created a big hichkich sound every time I moved my dick back and forth inside her pussy. I pressed my thumbs over her soft and sweaty underarms and kept chucking my dick inside her cunt. She held my shoulders tight and kept looking at me with half closed eye and a smile on her face. I felt her breathing a bit heavy with her mouth open but I felt so erotic that I started to fuck her harder chucking my dick deep and fast inside her pussy jamming my waist on her thighs pat pat pat.

As I kept fucking her harder and harder she started to moan a bit loud and slowly slipped her hands from my shoulder and held my waist tight with my thumbs locked tight inside her underarms. Her moaning was so sensual that in a matter of seconds my dick erupted once again and as I felt my semen gushed out of my dick, I went through the extreme pleasures of sex. I literally fell over her, hugging her tight and started to shout, moving my body over her like waves splashing my semen inside her as she grabbed my buttocks tight and kissed my cheeks as I was ejaculating. I then slowly rolled over and slept besides her as my dick again got softer and smaller and oozed out of her pussy.

Both of us were really exhausted and we slowly got up and sat on the bed resting on the bedside. We drank some water and saw the clock. It was about 5 minutes to 2am. She sat close to me hugged me around my waist and asked “What time is your flight tomorrow?” I told her “Not tomorrow. Its today at 7:50am.” She asked “Which means in the next 6 hours?” I replied “Yes baby.” She asked “Then don’t you need to take some rest?” I looked at her viciously and said “Not tonight” and immediately pulled her close and as she sat over my waist pressing my head over her spongy big boobs. I literally chewed her boobs and bit her flesh just over her boobs. She moaned Aaaaahh and slowly pulled my head back and licked my lips.

I sucked her tongue into my mouth and started drinking her juicy saliva as my dick started to grow big for the third time in the past 4 hours, I slowly spread my legs and wrapped it around her waist, making her sit inside my legs. She also slowly wrapped her legs around my waist as we were all set for a lotus sex position with my dick rubbing right over her hairy pussy. I slowly lowered my hands from her waist to her buttocks, pulled her closer as she held my dick placing it right over her pussy hole. I immediately pulled her buttocks closer chucking my dick fully inside her with our waists locked tightly. With my dick deep inside her pussy, I kept pulling her buttocks closer as she kept grumping hhhmm mmhhh hhmaa and I had a very close view of her boobs jumping up and down right in front of my face.

Both of us were sweating heavily as if we were drenched in heavy rains. I saw her sweat flowing down her neck to her breasts and further down to her belly. I could not resist and I bent down and sucked her sweat just over her belly button and slowly came up licking her body and as I kissed her she immediately pulled me back and told me with a heavy breath “Its just over five and half hours remaining for your flight. The airport is about an hour from here and you need to book a taxi that too at this time of the day. We have had some intense sex for the last few hours and believe it or not you have cummed inside me twice tonight. Lets relax a bit and get ready for your flight.” But I was desperate to ejaculate once more and told her “Its still five and half hours remaining. We’ll complete this position and then get ready for the flight.”

She tried to use her sexy arrogance by giving a wicked smile and said “I’m elder than you by a year. So you should obey my orders just like you obeyed my orders to have a kid when I stopped you from buying condoms.” Saying that she started smiling viciously and I also gave a broad smile and said “Sure Madam. I’ll obey your orders but after 10 minutes.” Saying that I placed my hands under her buttocks, lifted her a bit, slowly withdrew my legs from around her and by kissing her passionately, made her sleep on the other end of the bed with my dick still deep inside her pussy, slept over her and started to fuck her so desperately with a sole intention to splash my semen inside her for one last time for the night.

I literally crushed her pussy banging my waist over her waist pat pat pat as she rolled her arms around my neck and kept gushing her breath out loudly hhhhhh hhhhaam mmmhh every time I chucked my dick deep inside her hot, wet and sticky cunt. I felt inside that I was behaving like a beast with my girl friend just like a guy sleeping with a prostitute would do but I could not control myself at that point of time.

With my hands wrapped around her, I had my head a little up as she slowly dropped her hands from my neck to my waist, I kept fucking her really hard and in about a few minutes, I felt the heavy tickling sensation of my sperms flowing through my dick and as I literally poured my semen inside her, I lifted her up and sat on the bed with her buttocks right on my thighs and engulfing her sweaty and spongy boobs into my mouth hitting her belly with mine as I literally drained my semen inside her pussy.

Both of us were literally drained as we sat in the same pose on the bed with her wrapping her arms around my neck and my hands over her waist for sometime trying to get our breath back. My dick slowly got smaller and oozed out of her wet and sticky pussy. After a few minutes, she slowly rolled her buttocks down on the bed from my thighs and slept on the bed. I also slowly lied down besides her with my right hand over her belly.

After sometime, she suddenly woke me up with urgency and as I opened my eyes with great difficulty and saw her she said “Arun, wake up we are late. Its close to 3:40am and we are not even dressed. You need to be at the airport 3hours before the departure right? And its just over 4 hours remaining for your flight. Get up and get ready. I’ll try and book a taxi for you from the reception.”

Saying that she got off the bed, took a tissue paper and wiped her pussy lips dry. I enjoyed that scene as she wiped the white particles in and around her pussy lips and also over her pubic hair. She then started dressing up pulling her panty right up tightly kissing her pussy [I wish I was her panty, getting to kiss her pussy forever], wore her jeans, her camisole, her tops and turned towards me and said “Wake up. Its getting late.”. I slowly woke up smiling at her, wore my dress and she immediately called the reception and asked for a taxi in about 10 minutes, which the receptionist said she’ll arrange.

I dressed up, washed my face and as I came out of the bathroom, both of us smiled at each other with great satisfaction as we got exactly what we wanted where I wanted to sleep with her and fuck her and she wanted a baby from me.

My sexual intentions actually got bigger and more erotic as every minute passed by after seeing her, from the thirst to kiss her at the airport, I wanted to fuck her as we got into the hotel room and after putting my dick inside her I felt like literally crushing her hot, wet, sticky and tight pussy and boy that was a beastly feast I had with that foreign woman for about 4 to 5 hours. She smiled bigger, came close to me, hugged me and sensually sucked my lips inside her mouth. I was too tired to even lift her as I hugged her tight and kept enjoying her kiss.

Both of us were really smelling but we never bothered. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. As we opened the door, the room boy stood outside and said “Your taxi is ready.” She picked up my bag and I checked for my passport and ticket and checked out from the hotel.

She was so anxious and perhaps nervous to reach the airport on time. As we got into the cab, she immediately asked the driver, how long will it take to reach the airport. He said “40 minutes at this time of the day as there will be no traffic.” That is when she showed a sign of relief as she looked at me and smiled.

We left the hotel exactly at about 4am. Just as we started, she came and sat very close to me as I rolled my arms around her shoulders. She asked me “When are you going to marry me?” I said “I have already had my first night with you. To me, I’m married now. Its just about talking to my parents as you give birth to my baby.”

She giggled and rested her head on my shoulders as we dozed off without our knowledge. We reached the airport at 4:45am where the driver woke us up. As we got down there was some queue before the ticket checking counter.

We waited for about 20 minutes for the queue to get smaller. She hen said “The queue has gone down.” And looked at me smiling and asked “So? What now?” I stood up and badly wanted to kiss her deep. In a flash, I pulled her close to me and kissed her deep putting my tongue inside her mouth and sucking her lips viciously for a few seconds.

After sometime, as I slowly removed my tongue from her mouth, both of us smiled at each other, I brushed my hands on her cheeks and said “I love you. Bye.” She smiled and said the same thing and I turned around and walked towards the ticket checking counter.

I heard people laughing and a couple of claps here and there but never turned and saw the public’s reaction to our kiss in a public place. I cleared my immigration and security checks and flew back to Chennai that night sleeping all the way.

Well friends, this is my real life sex experience with my Filipino girl friend, Eden Nacar. She is 6 months pregnant with my baby inside her as I’m sharing my unforgettable experience with you and we are expecting our first baby in a few months from now. Thanks a lot for reading my story “Creamed My Filipino Girl Friend For A Baby”. Hope you enjoyed it. Your comments are most welcome.

Creamed My Filipino Girlfriend For A Baby