Kamasutra In Bangalore With My Reader

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My reader is the heroine and princess of the story.Her name is nargis khan(name changed).Aged 26.She had got married before 3 years and she was having a one and half year old baby.Her husband is running his own hotel in muscat.He visits india 2 months once and stay with her for a week and leaves again.My princess body stats are 36-30-34.She had a long beautiful hair,very big boobs,little curved hips and round ass which looked more good for her structure.She had a pinky lips and more and more fair in colour.She was little chubby and
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My princess was wearing a black color nighty with a deep neck which was revealing her big boobs perfectly.In hall we both sat in sofa opposite to each other there was a glass table between us where she had kept the juice to give to me.She stood up and bent before me to take the juice of glass to offer me I can see her boobs hanging without bra she saw me while I was staring at her boobs.She told seeing my boobs is not enough just suck it hard honey.I am dumbstruck just moved to her sofa and asked about her baby she said he was sleeping nicely in bedroom.

I asked her shall we move to bedroom and have our pleasant fucking session.Then she took me to three bedrooms and asked me which bedroom I liked I told second one we both went inside but didnt locked the door because when her baby cries she need to feed the baby with milk. I started touching her body then we both hugged her one hand was on my backbone and her another hand was caressing my cock on my pant.

I placed my both the hands on her ass to my surprise she didnt wear pant every part of her body was so smooth.I removed her nighty now she was completely nude before me and she undressed me completely we both were nude before each other.Once again we both hugged her boobs got crushed between my chest little drops of milk were oozing out from her boobs it made my body chill.I started biting her right ear lobes and then kissed her lips she was shaking my cock with her smooth hands within seconds my cock got erect.This both were going on for 10 mins.

Then I caressed both her boobs the milk came out I dont like to waste the milk so I started sucking and drinking the milk from her boobs she was moaning in pain ahhhhh hmmm yaaaaa I didnt leave her I emptied both her boobs now it become small without milk.I kissed between the boobs.Then started to kiss the navel then kissed both her milky thighs but stopped there without tasting her pussy.She was more horny and angry with my action and pushed me to the bed and jumped on me.

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Ladies humble request to you all dont grow nails its really painful when got scratched by her nails.I started pushing in and out slowly I started raising the speed and started to give harder pushes it was a very hard fuck for 10 mins then my hot semen filled her pussy fully.Then I lied near her she lied on my chest suddenly her baby cried she got up in hurry and went to another bedroom where her baby was sleeping.She fed her baby with breast milk where I left a little without my knowledge after drinking the baby slept.She came and slept near me I turned and started pressing her boobs and finger fucking her pussy.She took her boobs and kept her nipples on my mouth.

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Night fully there was a enjoyment I was fucking her in kamasutra positions like delight,jelly fish, possession, arms of mill, the mold, the dragonfly, the slept, the push-cart, the screw, the amazon, the armchair, the catapult, mirror of pleasure, possession we both enjoyed a lot.On the next day at 8 pm I left her home we both were still in touch our kamasutra techniques are going on still. I hope my readers might have enjoyed reading this story ladies,girls and aunties all your mails are welcomed at [email protected] am waiting here to satisfy you all with love,care and affection. I will be back soon with a another interesting sex experience to my sweet ones.

Kamasutra In Bangalore With My Reader