My Mature Neighbor Aunty

Hello readers I am Ayush. I am 5ft 9 inch tall and my age is 24. I had sex for the first time at the age of 19 with my neighbour aunty. Her name is Namrata. She was 49 at that time. Her skin is wheatish with attractive figure. Her plumpy ass and waist tempts me. I was looking for chance to see her body and release my sperm inside her.

I was studying in college. During the summer break, I was in my home and my parents had gone for a week. Since I was alone, I was thinking about my aunty, Namrata. I made a plan to bring her in my house. Luckily her husband was staying in another state for official work since 2 months and didnt return home. I was lying on my bed and studying when I heard some one knocking at my door. When I opened the door, I saw my aunty Namrata in green saree. She said,” Beta can you check my gas cylinder? Its regular is not fitting well”. I said,” Sure aunty”.

She took me to her kitchen. I examined her regulator and said, “Oh aunty there is a problem. There are some balls missing”. She said, ” Oh no. I was going to make tea but now… “. I said, “Dont worry aunty. Today we can have tea in my house”. She laughed and said, ” Oh beta why are you taking trouble for me?”. I smiled and said,” Not really aunty”. She agreed. I took her to my bedroom and told her to wait. After 5 min, I brought two cups of tea and handed one to her. She liked my tea and said, ” your tea is really nice”. And then we discussed many things.

She told me that she didnt like to be alone. I said to her, “Aunty, if you dont mind, you can stay here. My parents wont be home for another 6 days”. She asked, ” beta, wont you have problem?”. I said, ” of course not aunty”. She was happy to hear that. We kept on talking and at night we had dinner together. It was the time to go to bed. She took off her green saree and came to bed. I was already lying there. I was quite surprised that she didnt ask me for another room. For the first time, I saw her in blouse and petticoat. But those would also be taken off by me.

She was facing me. I was enjoying the sight of her plumpy waist and cleavage. I shifted closer to her. She was 49 and I was just 19. She didnt know that I love her mature figure. I sniffed her boobs and naked waist. Her body aroma was nice. I reached her lips. Touched them with mine. She suddenly woke up and said, “Beta, what are you doing?” Her face looked very tempting. I said that she was quite beautiful. She was shocked to hear that how could a young guy like her. She didnt know what to say.

I thought that she didnt have problem with having sex with me as her life was well settled and there was no way anyone could point finger on her. She just didnt resist me. I penetrated my tongue into her and kissed her deeply. I hugged her tightly. She was looking at my eyes and was bit scared. She was not really enjoying. I didnt care as I was enjoying sucking her saliva and touching her mature body.

Then I started to take off her blouse. I kissed her shoulder and cleavage. She remained silent and was watching me. I raised both her hands. She smelt good at her armpits. I tighlty held her plumpy hands above her shoulders to smell and lick her armpits thoroughly. While I was doing that I untied the knot of her petticoat. I continued licking her. After I done with that, I released her hands and took off her petticoat.

She was staring at the wall of my room and didnt say anything. I said, “Aunty why are so silent?”. She said,” Do you really like me or you just want my body?”. I said, “I really like you. Your body is also attractive”. She sighed. I didnt know what was going in her mind. I myself removed her bra after which my dream of watching her naked came true. I said, “Aunty I like you”. Saying that, I laid beside her and start to suck her milk.

She raised both her hands to make me shift closer to her and suck her harder. I emptied her milk glands but I kept on sucking her nipples till she said,” Ouch”. I liked that sound of her. Then I kissed her belly button and went a bit lower to her thighs. Licked her joints and inner thighs. As I went closer to her pussy, it smelt more like urine. I slowly start to pull down her panty and took it off.

She was still silent and was watching me. I moved my hand between her thighs and caressed the lips of her pussy. Her pussy lips were pink and hanging down. That were pussy lips of an old woman. I said to my aunty, “I love you Namrata aunty”. The smell of her urine was quite intense.

I started to lick her pussy lips and cleaned it off completely. Then I entered my tongue deep into her and explored her flesh soaked with juices. I sucked it thoroughly.

At the same time I was inserting my finger into her asshole. Oh my God. Her ass was still virgin. It was so tight. I parted her ass cheeks and sniffed it. Though the smell was bad but I liked it and I wanted to taste it. I said to my aunty, “I am going to put my tongue inside”. She said, “Oh. Dont touch it”. I liked her resistance but I just held her thighs above her waist which gave me nice view of her asshole. I started to lick it and tried to penetrate my tongue as deep as I could.

My erect dick was ready to enter her. I laid beside her and said, ” Aunty I am virgin”. She raised her hand and made me hug her nicely. I knew that she didnt care as she didnt have problem. She knew me very well and it could be kept secret so it was just like another night.

I found her pussy lips and adjusted my cock over there. It slipped in and went right into her womb. She hugged me back. I start to move my cock back and forth. It was the first time for her that a man other than her husband touched her pussy and was fucking her. But I was of her sons age. She closed her eyes which showed that she accepted me as her lover.

I fucked her for half an hour. Her body and face was full of sweat. I said, “Can I release my cum inside you?” She said, “Oh I can still get pregnant. I am not that old”. I said, “Please aunty. I love you. Let it happen”. She couldnt stop me said, “Okay you can”. I fucked her for another half an hour and released my sperm in her womb.

We hugged each other tightly and whole night, we remained like that. In the morning we woke up and found something wrong with her. She said, “Beta whatever happened last night should be between us”. I said, “Dont worry aunty. Everything is normal. Outside world will never know about it”. She liked what I said and kissed me. She went to bathroom.

As she was walking by, her naked ass looked tempting. I joined her in bathroom and fucked her again. She stayed with me for another 6 days and we fucked many times. You can send email at ayush[email protected] Any ladies, looking for fun can contact me.

My Mature Neighbor Aunty