Had The Pleasure Being Together

Hi, This is my first and real experience of mine that I am sharing with you guys. I am from Ranchi but right now I am employed with an MNC in Bangalore. The story is about a friend of mine with whom I lived the world of pleasure.

It all started back in 2013 when I passed my B.tech,. During my intermediate days I was very close to a friend named Manisha. She was god’s grace, If I speak of her it would require hundreds of lines so summarizing it in a few that most of you would love to know . Her height was around 5’2 as god has put right weight at right places for her

. She was the owner of envying stats 34-30-34. Whenever as friends even we used to roam around during our school days , people used to stare as if they are going to have her with their eyes only. Now , coming back to the story , I came back to my hometown called her & decided to meet her with 2 days . We went to a restaurant and shared our recent happenings, I came to know she broke up with and ex and how her bf just used her to fulfill his means. I was sad for her but amid this a saw a silver lining of getting into her life as bf. I had a big crush on her from school days and now was the time to fulfill it.

Each one of us know this that one who heals your wounds becomes the closest buddies of yours , me being her trusted friend got this added advantage too . Within a month we got close and shared everything even how her bf used her. I was little depressed but I could sense “ache din for me“ is also near . After few days I decided to propose her , I went to her home and had casual talk & while leaving I expressed it . She told she needs time .
During night I got a reply & it was yes .

From there on we started chatting non-veg and sex and same night I asked for a photo in bra she was hesitant but finally gave and after seeing that I was like when I will open this cloth, when I would put my tongue inside and see the big 34 sized gland. Our chat continued each day and whenever I used to meet her, I kissed her tender lips, feel her boobs and I have a big attraction towards ass so whenever time permitted I used to grab her ass. But down the line I was thinking when to have her fully; I was waiting for an opportunity. After few days I came to know she had filled some banking exams and her centre is Visakhapatnam , she asked me to accompany which I readily accept as I was looking for this grand opportunity. I booked the ticket of ac 2 tier so that there would be less hindrance in fucking.

The day came and we boarded the train, the train was scheduled at 6pm so literally I had many chances to fancy my ambition. Around 9pm we started to take position as if we were sleeping. She was on a lower berth and I was sitting on the same. There was no passenger in the compartment that allowed me to go for my goal.

I started coming near her and she knew what’s going to be next. She opened her lips in anticipation of a kiss and I locked her lips instantly. Her lips were juicy and tender , I entered my tongue on her mouth and was frantically searching her tongue . I could sense some soft feel in my chest & I realized that its her milky breasts poking my chest. I placed my hand on her boobs , it was a feeling that could hardly be defined , it was big 34 sized one , my whole hand was filled with her boobs, I saw her nipple was slight brown and erect ,I pinched it & she moaned because of that.

She felt some pointed thing poking at her near the naval, the gave a naughty smile & gave me the inviting stares. i started eating her mouth so did she , our eyes got closed we started to feel the eternal pleasure , we embraced each others tightly as if there was no tomorrow. I started groping her melons which were attracting me since long . i squeezed her boobs and she started moaning.

The AC compartment was providing us a perfect ambiance for this much awaited romance, by the time the clock had already hit 1am and I thought people won’t board the train further at least not in the compartment , I decided to nail the situation now . I took her boobs out of her dress with her top still on for safety took her boobs inside my mouth and the feel was full of pleasure , I eat all boobs teased her with my tongue on her nipples which had grown erect by then. I continued licking her boobs followed by her belly , she became restless and requested me to fuck her .

I told her to wait as the play has just begun. I told her to unhook her jeans as it was too tight to insert my hand. I has the pleasure of seeing her in panty, the floral print was coming right in front of her love hole. I touched her panty which was drenched in her juices. I moved it to her thighs and lastly put my tongue onto her vagina , it gave her shivers, her moaning and trembling increased as I began to put the tongue inside her. After 5 mins a huge amount of juices rushed out of her vagina which I drank , It was diff but I took it .

Now it was her turn she opened my zip and made way for the monster to appear in front of her . it stood 8 inch hard.I asked her to give me a blowjob which she obliged. Her lips was lubricating it perfect and it reached its highest size which I can confirm as she was unable to take it fully it.

I told her to stop else I would release, I made her lie in the lower birth with legs apart. I centered my cock on her vagina and started rubbing , she told me to push and not to tease her.I put the condom on my dick and finally pushed it inside , although she wasn’t virgin yet her vagina was tight enough. I entered her fully in 2 times. I sensed that she is feeling a bit of pain so I decided to stop a bit in the meanwhile I fondled her boobs gave her long smooches , then slowly I started to mobe up & down .Her constant moans ummm, aaaahh, god was driving me crazy .

My strokes got mightier as the time passed . After few mins I saw her shivering and holding me tight, she was cumming . I started to increase my thrust she looked completely satisfied.

After around 5-10 mins I could feel the pressure inside me , I increased my speed & within minutes I released a load of cum. I could feel the happiness in her eyes. We kissed and got up for getting dressed . We remained awake whole night and our smooch , pressing continued till morning. We enjoyed a lot in Vishakhapatnam too which I will narrate in later part.

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Had The Pleasure Being Together