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Hello all friends, I am Aniket from Andheri , Mumbai. I am 26 years of age, 5’8″ tall, reasonably good looking, athletic yet with boyish charms. I work with a MNC . I stay alone in a rented apartment in Andheri. I have received a very good response from women all across the country regarding my earlier stories and few of them, from Mumbai, also invited me for a casual rendezvous.

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Now coming to the story, one day when I stepped out of home for office, suddenly I came across this beautiful lady aged between 30 to 35. She was married, in Saree, reasonably tall,fair, round face, rosy red pouting lips, long hair, big 36D boobs, 38 size voluptuous, big, round, fleshy buttocks. She was looking extremely sexy in that attire.

Her eyes were big round and revealing her inner desire. In saree, she was perfectly revealing her flat tummy and navel. Her large melons imprisoned in her deep neck sleeve less blouse were also visible from side of her saree.

We accidentally crashed on each other at the entrance lobby of the society. Her house hold items from the big D Mart carry bag fell on the ground. I politely apologized and bend to pick up the items from the floor. She also bend down to pick up the items.

She said, “Its ok”

Me :- No mam, its my fault. I was moving in hush looking at the cell phone.

While she was collecting the items, i saw her beauty. She was extremely sexy housewife and deprived of sexual pleasure. I was looking at her, and suddenly she looked at me, our eyes met and locked for few seconds. We both smiled at the same time.

She :- Thanks a lot.

Me:- I am Aniket and I stay on 16th floor.

She introduced herself.

As i crashed on her, I requested her to hand over the heavy bag to me so that I can drop her home. She was reluctant but finally agreed. I let her towards the lift and followed her. God dam, her 38 size voluptuous round ass was swaying left and right, and due to tightly wrapped saree she was looking extremely sexy from behind. In the lift I could see her flat tummy and navel in the mirror , she was a sex bomb.

In the lift, from the corner of my eye, I sensed that she is also carefully observing me. I was in formal, slim fit, blue half sleeve shirt clearly revealing my gym hard work. Every now and then she was stealing a glance at my broad shoulders and manly chest. Soon we reached the 20th floor at her apartment. She invited me in for some coffee which I politely refused and agreed to meet her later. She smiled and agreed.

I gave her my card and left for the office.

Next day, we again met in the lift, I gave her a smile and wished her Good Morning. She also reciprocated same. Today she was wearing a punjabi dress with skin fit leggings. She was looking extremely hot. Her slender legs, soft and mushy thighs and voluptuous round and fleshy tight ass was clearly visible from side. Her top was also very tight and her soft, round boobs can be outlined easily.

We both were standing near by. By the next two floors, the lift was completely filled up. She was in the corner of the lift and to my right side. My right hand started touching her. She was just shocked with my touch. My right hand was touching her buttocks from side. I didnt take my hand off and sensed her reaction. She was a bit startled but normal. I pressed my hand a little till the lift reached ground floor. I felt that she is longing for this touch. I asked her where she is going? She was going to Vikroli on my route. So I said I am also going to Vikroli so we can go together. She agreed. We waited for the bus and a fully loaded bus arrived.

We both boarded the bus, she was just ahead me making way to go ahead. I was holding my hands near her so that no one can grope her. She really liked that I am there to protect her. But in the meantime my crotch area was touching her round and soft buttocks. It was the greatest feeling, so soft yet round. Whenever driver applied the break, I pressed myself over her. My monster was poking her. In the meantime, I felt that she is also pressing her buttocks on my crotch area. I looked at her and she was smiling. Then I hold the iron rod in the bus and pressed her voluptuous round ass cheeks. I took my right hand and started caressing her right ass cheek.

She just looked around to check if anyone is looking at us. Due to her skin tight leggings I can feel the soft, round ass cheeks. I also started to touch and fondle her thighs. It was an amazing feeling. We both were breathing heavily. Short time after I changed the hand and her ass cheek. After 20 min we both alighted from the bus at our stop. I asked her for a Coffee making direct eye contact. She was blushing and avoiding eye contact. She said she was in hurry so maybe next time. Then we both departed to our ways. In the afternoon I received a whatsApp msg “It was a best bus ride “.

I smilingly said, “Yeeeess ”

I saved her number and replied ” How about movie tonight ”

She :- Movie is waste of 3 hrs. Instead we can meet and chat for a while.

It was clear invitation for me.

I came home early, had a nice shower, and went to meet her with a nice bouquet of red roses. I pressed the door bell and she opened the door. She was surprised to see me with the bouquet. She welcomed me in. She was also looking gorgeous. I guess, she had her bath a few minutes before and she was in gown which revealing her inner curves. I can see the bra and panty from the gown. I sat on the sofa and she brought me some water. I asked her, ” Enjoyed the bus ride? ”

She blushed again and said, “hmm, loved it “.

She became a bit uncomfortable, so on the pretext of making coffee she just got up.

At the same time I also got up and hold her hand and pulled towards me. She fell in my arms, breathing heavily, looking in my eyes.

Me :- Mam, you are very very beautiful. I just cant take my eyes off you.

She :- Really

And we both approached for a kiss. I put my lips on her and started french kissing her,slowly, sensuously, clearly feeling her soft pouting lips and long waited thirsty toungue. She immediately surrendered herself to me and grabbed my head and started pulling me for more intense kiss. We continued to kiss uninterrupted and put my hands on her waist. Wow, what a silky smooth skin!

I started feeling her waist line and extended my hand on her round, voluptuous, big, fleshy and soft buttocks. I grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and started crushing with full force. Now I was fondling her buttocks and kissing her.

After 5 minutes she broke our first kiss and looked at me in ecstasy. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were filled with lust. I untide her gown which immediately fell on the ground. Her 36DD big,round boobs were making a rhythmic up-down movement as per her breath. Her deep cleavage with rhythmic boobs movement was killing me. I hold her by the shoulders and hugged her. Her boobs crushed under my manly chest. I put my face in her cleavage and started licking her boobs, started licking upwards towards her neck and grabbed her boobs with my both hands. They were so soft, round and firm that I was unable to accommodate one boob in my one hand.

I kept pressing them vigorously. I removed her bra in the meantime and continued to press and lick the boobs. I came down licking her tummy and settled at navel for a while. I kept licking her navel and pressing boobs. I just slide down her panty and grabbed her buttocks in my hands. I started licking her pussy area and at the same time started crushing her ass cheeks. She was moaning heavily like,”  ummm………. Ohhh….” I continued my intense foreplay. I shifted a little down to her thighs and licked her thighs with some love bites. Now I lifted her from there and took her to the bed. I lay her down on the bed, she was already naked and her whole body was longing for a manly fuck.

I just lay near her and started caressing her body just superficially. I parted her legs and put my middle finger over her pussy. She just shivered by a mans touch. I just slide in my first two fingers in. She was already wet. I also put my thumb near her urethral opening and started a rhythmic to and fro motion. Thus her vaginal as well as sensitive urethral opening was getting massaged. I put my lips on her dry lips and started kissing her. Sooner I found her G spot and she became uncontrollable.

I increased my hands speed and she grabbed my head in ecstacy. She was screaming, “ummm …… offffooo …… ohhh ……”. Soon she reached her first orgasms and her body started trembling. She released her long waited orgasms and her body just relaxed and went in a trance. She just closed her eyes , she was breathing heavily but relaxing. After some time she woke up.

She wanted to have a wash, so I took her to the bathroom. We both stood under the shower and had a nice clean bath. While having the shower l removed my jockeys and my 8+ inches sprang up in front of her. She was astonished to see the size of my Dick. She immediately sat down on her knees, held the base of my Dick in her hand and gently started stroking it. She just looked at me with a smile. Just bend down and put her tip of tongue on the head of my Dick. She just tasted it and then immediately took the head of the Dick in her mouth. The touch of her tongue to my Dick felt so good that I closed my eyes. She sucked my Dick as if she is sucking a ice gola.

Slowly she started a rhythmic to and fro action on my 8+ inches meaty shaft. I was in heaven, closed my eyes and feeling the lava boiling in my testicles. She was talking brief halts for breathing. This reduced my pressure to cum. After 15 min she stopped and we both came out of the bathroom. She prepared coffee for us and we sat on the couch sipping the hot coffee. She was looking extremely sexy with wet long hairs.

After finishing the coffee I pulled her on the couch started kissing her passionately. She was also enjoying and responding well. Soon I started sucking her big boobs and grabbed her ass for fondling. I came down from boobs to her navel and licked that part for a while. She sat on the sofa neatly, i took her leg and started licking her foot fingers. I took her foot thumb in my mouth and started sucking it licking it. My tongue was running in all her foot fingers as well as her foot base. My hand was rubbing her pussy meanwhile. She started moaning again. I licked her whole leg slowly and slowly.

I spent more time in her thighs and slowly arrived at my destination, her sweet, shaven, clean pussy. Her thighs and legs were wet with my saliva. First I licked the adjoining area of her pussy and slowly came over the upper part of the pussy. My expert tongue was doing its job well. I was just touching the tip of the tongue to the pussy and teasing her. She was actually shivering and moaning. She had never experienced this before. Later I spread her pussy lips and buried my face in her with my tongue touching her G spot. I started speedy tongue movements. She was on the verge of her second orgasm. She clutched my head and pressed very hard on her pussy and soon released her orgasmic fluids over my face. She was breathing heavily. I let her sat like that for few minutes.

I just turned her up in doggy position neatly and put on a condom on my Dick. Her 38 size voluptuous round ass protruding outward was looking extremely sexy. I sat down and started chewing the ass cheeks. I simply could not control. Later I positioned myself correctly behind her and put my Dick on her pussy and gently pushed in. It easily slid inside her pussy which was well lubricated. Now I stopped again, grabbed her beautiful buttocks firmly and then gave her a mighty thrust. My Dick went fully inside her towards the end of her vagina. She just tightly closed her eyes and clutched her jaws tightly.

Similarly I started giving slow but forceful strokes which we both were enjoying. Her big, bubbly ass cheeks were slapping on my crotch which I like most. The whole room was filled with her, “ohhhhh….. Oooohh…….umhhh” and ” thamb….thamp…..” sounds of my thighs slapping her soft thighs. I was in heaven since I was fucking a most beautiful, round, fleshy, voluptuous buttocks in doggy style. Soon her moans became louder, I understand she is about to cumm, I grabbed her buttocks firmly and I increased my speed. She was crying, “Ufff…… Ummhh…… Ohhh….. Ohhhhh ….. ohhhhh…. ”

And she squirted her vaginal juices.

At the same time my boiling lava erupted for the first time during the day.

We both were satisfied. She felt so happy and satisfied after so many days.

After some time she woke up with smile and stretched herself fully. She was feeling rejuvenated. She came in my arms and thanked me.

She thanked me and told me to come home when ever I wish.

Now we are good friends and we meet often, not only for sex but also for movies, general chit chat, shopping, outing, dinner, long drives, ice cream parties etc.

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Hot Housewife Of Andheri