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Hello to all beautiful ladies and aunties.I am Sam Saluja from Indore. You can get into my contact through my mail id: [email protected] . All females who want to satisfy herself can contact me, your privacy is confirmed.

Coming to story, it was around 10 months back me and my wife were shopping at a mall. There I accidentally collided a lady pragya , and accidentally I pressed her bobs badly to which tell sorry , she smiled and revert me with thats all rite. Afterwards I found that she is attender in showroom. Me and my wife went to that showroom and I brought a trouser. I give the trouser to her for alteration and get back to home.

After 2 days I went to mall to pick my trouser. It was about to come from alteration, since there is no other customer me and pragya started talking randomly. By the time my trouser had arrived. On giving trial, its fitting was still not correct, so pragya and me exchanged our nos. And she told me to call as trouser will be ready. In the evening I got her wats app that the trouser is ready. I told her I will come by 9:30 as I had to leave my wife to airport, she is going to her parents for few days. She told me that showroom might be closed by that time. So we decided that we will meet outside the mall at 9:30.

I reached showroom at 9:30. She was there with trouser. I told her thanks and asked her for dinner, she readily accept my invitation.

At dinner we started chatting about our family. Her husband is in marketing so mostly out of indore. Her home is at just walking distance from mall. And their family is in khandwa. After dinner. I leave her to home and get back. On reaching home I wats app her some msgs than she reply to them slowly our msgs converted to sex chat. We know that we both are married but her face and her beauty and way of talking is drilling me into a different phase of ecstasy.

We continue to chat for few days. Then she offer me to lunch on Saturday. I accept her invitation. On Saturday I can guess the outcome of my visit, so I took the condom and went to her house.

On ringing the bell, she opened the door, I was dumbfound looking her. She was in black gown and open hair wit boobs pouring out calling me to grab them. She welcome me inside. Her house was well managed. We had lunch and then we sat on sofa and started talking.

Slowly we stop the talk and just looking into her eyes. Then we started to kiss each other and hug each other. Then I kiss at her neck line than her shoulders. She was also giving me company. I unhook her gown, to surprise she was not wearing anything inside. She was complete nude. I started kissing her from bottom and reached her pussy. I started suckling her there. She started moaning loudly and telling me to eat her pussy and pouring out a lot of orgasm. Than we started to smooch again and meanwhile she took my clothes out.

We went to her bedroom and goes to 69 position we were in that position for around 15 mins. Now she was starving to fuck her. I put my penis in her pussy and with a single thrust get inside her. She was a bit tight. I fucked her very hard for 15-20 mins and while I was about to come she take my penis out and take my cum in her mouth and drink it completely.

We laid there for some time looking into each others eyes. Then she ask for submissive sex. I was shocked, I have not done bdsm or such things in life only read or saw videos of such stuffs. I think for some time than for new experience, I accept her invitation.

She became very happy, she went and brought rope and lash my both hands and legs on bed very tightly, I cant move a bit nor now I could unleash myself. I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. She brought a stick, she had planned it before my arrival to her house. She was now moving naked around me I saw her and smile. She came between my legs and in one shot insert that stick in my ass. I shout in pain.

Now she start stroking stick in and out. It was completely different feel but I began to like it. She than sat on my penis and put it into her pussy and started up and down motion. It was like heaven I started to shout fuck fast as I couldnt move, she slap me very hard and tell me you dog my personal dog (kutte chup kar) than she continue her strokes. She came and after some time I was about to come.

As I told I am coming, she stop and put my penis out. It was like adrenaline flow. I beg her to please make me come. She again slap me and sat on my face and tell me to come, first drink my pee..and before I could say a word she started peeing on my face . It was bit hot and sour but I manage and drink some.

Then she lift from my face and went to kitchen and bring some chocolate sauce. She put chocolate sauce on her pussy and again sat on me and ask me to eat chocolate, id did. Then she insert it in her ass and as she insert it start to pour out and she again sat on me. And ask to take it in. I could smell the shit with that chocolate sauce. It seems very kinky, but i began to like it. She then took my penis and with few stroke I came and again she clean me with her tongue.

Then she unleash me. I was damn satisfied and tell thanks to give such a different experience. We than fell asleep for some time.

Since then we used to have sex whenever possible.

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