Beautiful First Night

Hello readers.. I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories and this is my first story I am writing for you guys. While I am going through the stories in ISS I felt that most of them are really rushing and missing the erotic feeling of sex. I would like those stories in which we can feel the minute experiences while have sexual intercourse. Lets not waste any more time and get into the story..

It is my wedding night.. Oh My God!! I waited for this day for a long time. My wife, the love of my life is at last mine. We were in love for 7 years. Because of her moral thinking we were not into hardcore sex and we did only a few kissing and fondlings in the past. All of our desires were saved to this day.. Believe me guys, it was worth it.

As a regular guy from Kerala, I grew up seeing those mallu films, in which wife come in white sari with a glass of milk and all, I fantasized my first night to be somewhat the same. And I had discussed it with her. I am so into women in sari. (I prefer seeing a woman in revealing sari rather than nude from the starting of a sex session.) Without keeping me waiting for long she came in to my bed room. There she was in a red sari and matching blouse we bought together for the occasion. For a brief second I lost my breath and hairs in my body stood up. I recovered my consciousness and closed the door behind her.

She was feeling shy after all these years of love. I garbed the glass of milk from her and kept it aside (I had special plan for the milk) and touched her hand. She looked at me and I knew from her eyes that she felt the same electric current I got from the first touch as husband and wife. We hugged each other.. The love and affection we were feeling is not describable.. I dont know how much time we stood like that in each others grasp.

After some time I came to sense her smell which made me restless so long. I buried my face into the joining portion of her neck and shoulder.. And I inhaled as much as I could… Ohhh!!! It drove me crazy..

Then I took my right hand and slowly touched the bare portion of her belly.. She was startled by my touch and tried to get away because of her shyness. But I held her close with my left hand. By then I was holding the left side of her smooth stomach.

Then I moved my hand towards her back pulled her closer to me. Our bodies were press together and we were able to notice every up and downs in our partners body. She smiled sensing something poking her.. I too smiled… Slowly our faces came closer and closer. And I touched her lips with mine. Just touched. Nothing more nothing less. We savored the feeling of the moment. After some time I lightly opened my mouth and she copied my movement. And I sucked her lower lip. Then I moved to her upper lip. When I sucked her upper lip she did my lower.

Then I moved to her back and holding her shoulders I brought her to the huge mirror in our room. There we were standing close together, a perfect couple. I inserted my left hand into the bare portion of her stomach. Feeling my touch was one thing, but feeling and seeing it is another. In the ecstasy she held my hand. But I had no mood of stopping now. With a faked harshness I told her to remove her hand and she did with a smile (She too wanted it). I moved my hand inside as slowly as I can manage (My mind was telling me to hurry). I was watching her reaction to my movements in the mirror. I have to confess, my rod was poking into her ass and obviously she was feeling it. My hand reached her belly button. It is one of my fav places. I circled her bellybutton with my forefinger. She closed her eyes in ecstasy and I inserted my forefinger into her deep navel. Aaahhhh!!! That was her reaction..

I gave a love bite to her left ear. She was startled and opened her eyes and smiled. From her ears I came down licking her neck and shoulder. I came to the place where the sari is pinned to the shoulder. With my mouth I removed the sari from her shoulder and let it fall down. Now my lover wife is standing half naked in front of me. I was enjoying her beauty in the mirror and she was seeing me enjoying. I grabbed her with both my hands by her stomach and massaged her. She was enjoying it.

I moved my hand closer to the portion where the sari is tucked into the bottom below the navel. I inserted my hand in there and pulled the sari fleet and I let it fall to the floor. Second by second my hands were going upwards. She sensed what was coming next and closed her eyes and rested her head on my shoulder. I barely touched the bottom portion of her breasts, but I stopped there.. (That was planned for another day) She opened her eyes and looked at me. I smiled at her. She became shy and smiled. She came around and faced me and hugged me tightly.. She thought we are done for the night, but were not..

I kissed her forehead and held her close. After a minute or so, I moved away from her. She tried to hold me close but I managed to slip away. Before she came to know what is going to happen, I pulled the sari and it was completely removed from her body. She covered her chest with her hands in shyness.

I really enjoyed the scene. My wife, standing there like that. I lifted her from the ground and laid her in the bed.. Then I removed my shirt and came above her. Slowly and very slowly I pressed my body onto her. Then I kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and I came to her neck. There I licked and sucked. All this time she held my hairs with both of her hands, not for resisting my free movements, just held. She has a mole just above her chest. I kissed it passionately. At this kiss she raised her chest into my lips. We both moaned…. Mmmmm!!!

Then I took the glass of milk she had and poured some of it to her stomach. Sensing the next thing to happen she tried to get up. I held her hands and presses it into the bed and started the sucking the milk from her stomach. She was resisting for some time. Not because she didnt like what I was doing, she was not able to control the feeling. I almost finished the milk from her stomach and stopped. She raised her head and looked at me. I had saved some milk in her navel. While she was looking I extended my tongue and licked it from there. She immediately closed her eyes and lowered her head.

Then I hugged her and gave a loving lip kiss. She too hugged me tightly and responded to my kiss. We rolled in the bed and she was above me and she slept in my chest like that. That was one of the beautiful nights of our life…

Thank you for reading my story… I would like to hear your comments and suggestions… You can reach me in [email protected]