Savita Bhabhi Episode 40

Ashok was bored sitting in bed and reading magazine all day. He thought “Yawn.. Villages are so boring. There’s nothing to do here! Savita is still out with Uncleji helping with marriage preparations.”

The clock showed 9 PM and he thought “Savita helping convince Ayush to marry has really impressed Uncleji. He insists on taking only her with him to help out. I wonder what important work is keeping the sasur- bahu pair out so late.”

Meanwhile, Savita and Kunal were in the backseat of an ambassador car. Savita was wearing a pink saree but her saree was all the way up her ass and boobs were popped out of her blouse. She was riding Uncleji’s cock while he sat on the backseat of the car, “Doing this… Aahhhh.. Out in the so naughty.. Ahhh..”

Kunal kissed Savita and said “Moaning so loudly even though someone may pass by any moment…I can’t believe how slutty you are bahu…”

“You were the one who wanted to try something different today… Mmm…” giggled Savita, “And I’m bahu who always obeys her elders..”

Ashok, on the other hand took the pills which guruji gave and thought “May be I can get a quickie with Shobha before Savita and Uncleji get back…”; “I can’t stop thinking about the night we had. It was the best sex I had in my life.” He knocks Shobha’s door.

Shobha, who was surprised to see Ashok there “Bhaiya… What are you doing here?”

“I missed you Shobha… Savita is out with Uncleji so maybe we can … err…”

“Oh God…You can’t say things like that outside someone may hear you… come inside..”, Shobha called Ashok inside her room.

“Come on Shobha… I know that you enjoyed it just as much as I did…”

“I did it because of the alcohol but I can’t betray bhabhi again. She’s my best friend.”

“What I don’t understand is why don’t you fuck bhabhi instead? You’ve got such a beautiful wife.”

“After that night, I don’t think the dull boring sex me and Savita have is going to excite me… And my Savita is innocent in bed… I’m not even sure she’ll be as wild in bed as you were that night.”

Shobha giggled and thought to herself “Savita bhabhi! Innocent in bed! May be it is time that Ashok bhaiya got to know how wild his wife can get in bed afterall.”

Shobha sat next to Ashok, held his chin up and consoled his situation “Atleast give it a try with bhabhi once… I promise that if you don’t enjoy it just as much as you did with me, then I’ll gladly let you fuck me again!”

Ashok felt happy “It’s a deal then. But that still leaves me with one problem tonight.”

“What’s that?”

“Seeing you look so sexy has gotten me all hard. What will anyone say if they see me with a hard-on like this?” Ashok pushed Shobha to see his standing cock beneath his trouser.

Shobha who was shocked at first giggled and said “Awwe… I can’t let Ashok bhaiya leave like that. And who knows what time Savita bhabhi will get back from the next town?”

Soon, Shobha removed her t-shirt to show her naked underneath.

“You’re not wearing any underwear!!”

“Underwear is so restricting and I look so much better without it. Don’t you agree!” said Shobha. “I’ll just give you a tit fuck and send you off on your way. Afterall technically it’s not cheating if I don’t let you fuck me again.”

Ashok started moaning while she kissed his cock “Mmm… that’s it… Kiss my cock… Make it wet with your spit.”

Shobha worshipped Ashok’s cock “Come to think of it Ashok bhaiya’s cock is not that bad.”

“Aahh Shobha!!”

“Mmm.. Well.. Does it feel good?”


Shobha giggled “let me give you a little more service”, she put the cock between her tits and pressed them together. “Ashok Bhaiya, what do you think of my breasts?”

She fucked his cock with her tits and said “Mmm… your pre-cum is so yummy…”- “I love” – “Licking your cock clean…” and licked his cock’s head.

Soon Ashok spurted his cum on Shobha’s face and Shobha licked him clean.

“Well, are you satisfied now?”

“Yess… I’m very happy now.”

Later, Ashok was in his room again “Where is Savita? I was planning on fucking her tonight!” Just then his phone rings.

“Hi Savvi, It’s so late! When are you reaching here? “

“Ummm… I’m sorry Ashok. Uncleji wanted me to meet an old friend of his who stays here.”

“So when are you arriving tonight?”

“That’s what I called to tell you…”

“It was so late that his friend asked us to stay the night. His family is out of town so it wasn’t a problem.”

But in actual Savita was with Kunal uncle and one of his friends, half naked with her boobs out and both her hands jerking their cocks.

“Damn Kunal, your bahu is such a slut. Talking to her husband when she’s stroking our cocks.” said Kunal’s friend.

“That’s why I brought her to meet you she loves cock and I wanted to share her with my best friend.” said Kunal.

“I’ll see you in the morning honey” said Savita on the call to Ashok while sucking off a cock.

The next day things went by as usual. Savita and Ashok were both busy with the wedding preparations. But when Savita and Shobha finally got some free time to sit and chat, Shobha confessed that she has slept with Ashok.

Savita was shocked “What??? You and Ashok fucked!!”

“I’m sorry bhabhi, I feel a bit guilty.”

“Noo… I can’t be mad with you. I was just surprised to know Ashok could be good in bed!” said Savita while she hugged and consoled Shobha.

“I overheard him talking to someone at the door; he’s got some Ayurveda medicine that works like a charm. And tonight he’s expecting to surprise his innocent wife in bed.”

Savita giggled to herself “In that case I’d better put on a good show for my dear hubby. Even I want to see what this new improved Ashok is like.”

What show Savita is expecting Ashok to put on for the night?

Will Ashok also confess about his cheat fuck with Shobha?

How romantic is their honeymoon going to be?

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