How It Happened In A Waiting Room

Hello my dear readers, let me introduce myself. This is Rajesh 25 year old male basically from Visakhapatnam. I am a regular reader of ISS for the past 4 years. So, I thought it would be better to share a hot experience of mine with you all which happened a year before when I was returning back to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam. Please feel free to mail me your feed back and any suggestions and also any unsatisfied aunties and girls from vizag and Hyderabad area feel free to reach me At, [email protected]

Let me not waste your time anymore. I am from Visakhapatnam, of Andhra pradesh state by proper. My entire education took place at my locality itself. I am habituated to masturbation for the past few years fantasizing sex with young sex deprived housewives. this was happened a year before, when I went to my home on a vacation.

When i was returning back there was a strike going on by the Transport Corporation workers. Even i have my reserved ticket i was made to wait at the bus station till the morning. It was a cold night and i too preferred to wait there itself rather than going 20 km back to my home in the middle of the night. I went into the paid waiting room that has A.C facility. Only a very few people were there at that time as it was almost 12:00 AM in the morning. I went inside and found myself a place at the last row in the left side. There was no attender at that time.

Probably he must be engaged somewhere else. I felt bore and I was watching some movie in my mobile. Then came the lady of my dreams. Entered the waiting room a pair of age 30m and 26f.

The man is bald headed and looked like a good man. The woman named Sneha (Name changed) is a fair and slim one. Her vital stats are of 34-28-34 (Guess) that was only my guess I dont know how one measures womans stats.. She has a very sexy figure and she is in violet saree.

They were searching for a seat preferably closer to the wall I guess, as the first row of seats are not well maintained they preferred to come all the way back. They sat beside me, and in between myself and the lady their bag was placed. I just stared at her face for a while I guess she observed me staring at her I then turned my face away from her and i was into my routine movie watching.

After sometime everyone was sleeping and it was around 2:00AM in the morning and i myself got to sleep. All of a sudden the power was off… There was entire silence and darkness around. Firstly i was frightened by the sight of the room. Suddenly the owner came in and said that the strike leaders are on the run and warned him not to accommodate anyone in the complex. But upon his request they allowed and warned him not to make anyone know about the waiting room is running as usual.

Finally he concluded saying there will be no lights as the complex is under strike. Upon our request he accepted to turn on the AC. All were sleeping and within no time the AC was on and everyone were in sound sleep. Then i saw this scene of my life. in the zero volt bulb far from me. The young woman was caressing her boobs over the top of her blouse by closing her eyes and her husband was in deep sleep. My junior was raising in my pant at that time.

I was unable to control myself. I was staring at her and looked around for anyone’s oversight. Upon confirming our privacy i made a step to sit beside her, so I slowly got up from my place and shifted beside her. with some courage, I just kept my palm on her belly which was juicy. She caught hold of my hand and placed it on her boobs in sleep.

I was tensed by these circumstances but got enough courage and pressed them slowly. She moaned slightly. AAAH… I was horny because of her moaning. I pressed this time strongly she turned towards me and whispered hmmmm . aaa… Kiran please fuck me…. I was shocked by hearing this words … She was assuming me to be her husband … who is on the other side …

I started understanding everything slowly … I started pressing her hard with both my hands …. She is moaning slowly …. I removed her saree and caught hold of her belly and started massaging her navel …

I bent towards her and sucked her lips hard and made sure this didn’t disturb her hubby … She opened her hooks of the blouse ,slowly I placed my hands over there and I am squeezing on one side and i started sucking the other one… i bit her tits very hard hard and she moaned a bit high …

She opened her eyes and placed her hand on my pant, she grabbed my cock over the pant and she is rubbing it.. she slowly opened my zip and kept her hand inside my undie and grabbed my cock and she was doing to and fro motion inside my brief. She winked and gave a smile …

This made me horny and i lifted her petticoat and started rubbing her pussy. She left a moan and signaled me to fuck her … I caught hold of her ass and pushed my cock in her pussy. She hugged me very tight and started kissing me all over my face.

I was in heaven and fucked her all there for sometime and changed my position to doggy style… Fucking her ass and she is uttering bad words slowly in my ears as like she is a slut of that kind. I felt the soft boobs and beautiful nipples crushed under my palm and fucked her hardcore.

I felt my cock bulging inside her and removed it outside and made her give me a blowjob for 10 min and finally i shoot out my cum on her boobs. She said that her hubby was aware of this and he was suffering from piles he cannot satisfy her so he has given her the chance to enjoy for the time being.

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