That Good Old School Days

It.s like just a romantic kiss and the hug of both of them was making my days run faster. I always believe there is always a love in gay life as well, when we lay down naked in my friends room we used admire each other face and his leg on top of my hip where his exhausted cock rub my thighs, where our lips are just an inch gap and his upper lip touching my lower lip he used say u look beautiful, hearing that I will just grab him on top of me, and taste his tongue by rubbing his ass, his moans get me horny again, we depart after shower together.

The chicken shop guy on the other side, used to grab me from behind and make a lubricant kiss on my neck rubbing my navel and say am the sexiest of all, his hard cock rubs my ass so hard that make me lie down and see his big monster which hits my face while opening his underwear.

Hmmmm, in between all this I got school and tuition which mean regular bus travel. We students often try to get the same bus due to timing issues and also the school bus pass, some conductors will never take us as we are school students as we don.t pay money for bus ticket. Such was my life daily school after that bus to town for tuition and then straight home. So so there was one bus which I frequently took to reach home from tuition. The bus driver and the conductor was damn close to me, as they used to see me as their pet traveler. Everyday I shall reach the main bus stand where is bus will be at halt for 15 min and the travel time for my stop is 25 mins, they used to buy me samosa tea buns and eat well along with the other bus drivers.

When I reached the bus stand, I saw this conductor and said hi chettooo, (( bro ))he replied vada muthee (( come on you gem)), he just grabbed me and hugged me tight and turn me around and made me to lien on his chest, and started to talk to his fellow bus drivers, while is was holding me I can feel his hard rock cock rubbing my ass and I can understand he was doing that on purpose, I tried to get away but he forced me to stay inside his grip. I dont know how to react for that, that was over, the other day the bus was damn crowed, he asked me to stand next to him in the steps I happily said yes as I can see the full view while the bus is on he move.

That day I was holding on to the pole nearby for support, he was holding me for his support, again he started to fuck me with his cock in my ass, this time he was doing the fucking actions and inserted his hand in to my school shirt and pinching my nipples, my god I was enjoying with the pleasure. My stop came when I was ready to get down he said into my ears, this bus will come to this stop.

At 7 30 again, come and get the bus. I was totally under confusion but loved the way he touched my body, I was thinking whether to go or not, I went to bathroom and masturbate so that I will not go since my mood is gone. After having my dinner I saw the clock it 7, I started to feel horny, I just went to the bathroom naked and started to rub my cock in shower, all in a sudden I decided to go and meet him, bathed, full perfume, semma dress, went to the bus stop waiting for the bus, near by there was a ganapathy temple, I just prayed that nothing wrong should happen, I was shivering like 106 degree fever, the bus came, the conductor gave me a wide smile upon seeing me he asked me to sit at the back, the bus moved, I was shivering, full tension, it reaches the last stop, everybody got down, even the driver, when I was going to get down, he grabbed my hand and made me to sit there, he took the bus just me and him alone, to their bus shed,

He closed all the windows door and turned of the light as well, I dont know whats this place or anybody nearby, all in a sudden he turned on his light from the phone, he was removing his uniform I can see his hairy thighs and his blue underwear with some brand name yamk written on it he wore a lungi now and a baniyan, this guy only now I noted how he looks, a slim well build guy nearly an age of 25 max, with hairy body, brownish, big mustache where his upper lips are hidden, he just came close to me. And grabbed my back and pulled me towards him, he was on,

Without any further delay, he just forced his lips to mine and was pressing it very hard, he don.t know how to kiss, his mustache was pricking me, I pushed him, he just grabbed me again and he just went back and lay on the bus sit me on top of him, I just said its not comfortable, we got down on the bus and he took me to a theatre nearby, o think it.s not functioning, I can.t even see anything, he forced me inside and now I can sense some smell of a dirty cock, he just pulled my hand and made me touch his cock, that was a big one very big, very hairy, the smell get me aroused, I am high now,

I just went close to him holding his cock in that thick forest and started to pressed it he was now unbuttoning my pants and started to rub my ass, I just went to his lips and told his by touching his lips, nyan kiss adikan paranchetharam (( I will teach to kiss )). He smiled and grabbed me like a baby and made me to sit in a platform.

He just removed my t shirt am completely naked same as him, I just hold his head using both of my hands and his hands on my thighs one rubbing my cock, I told him to keep his lips closed, I went closet to him bite his lower lips and went up again to his upper lips now my lower lips is inside him and I pushed my tongue inside his lips, I asked him while kissing to give his tongue, thick saliva accompanied his tongue and its pushed its way inside mine, this happens for 5 min, he just took me down and made me lie backside, he just started to lick my ass by opening it hard, o m g, I moaned like a mad dog in the theatre, he asked me to shut up, but I cant, seeing me moaning like a stupid he pushed my head to his cock, and squeezed it inside my mouth, is cock is full wet with his pre cum, that dirty smell of his cock makes me to lick it like lollipop, he was just pushing it inside my mouth very hard, and I happily accepted it where his pubic hair was hitting my nose now and then.

I couldnt control myself with pleasure I started to suck it hard keeping my head in between his thighs and holding his ass I pushed my mouth deep to get his cock in full, his cum splashed on to my throat direct makes me to cough which in turn made his sperm to spill on my face, thick white liquid on my nostrils, eyes and lips, he just shout when it comes out, he left me and lied dow exhausted. I was on I started to masturbate licking his sperm using my finger even mine came out and spilled on the floor, 10 mins of silence only both out heartbeats can hear.

After 10 min he started to masturbate again where his cock touches my lips in no time another set of sperm just oozing down my lips from cheeks, I tasted that as well, when I checked the time it.s 8 30 already, the last bus will leave in 10 min, I hurried on to the bus where he gave a water bottle I washed my face, got into the bus. He said bye and in now time I reached home. I can still smell in dirty cock, lying naked I masturbated again and slept off..

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