Jouney Of Desires Of Sex Enjoying The Lust And Desires Of Aunty

I am a young guy studying at one of the prime location in mumbai. The story is about the interaction that took place between and my mom’s friend. I am young, good looking, a wel built average guy but surely energetic to satisfy anyone.

Coming to the story.. It all began when I was in my 1st semester of graduation, let me tell you about the aunty before I start. She is the main character of this story. Her name is reema aunty . Her vital stats are 38-36-38. She has those beautiful round pair of tits and the fully loaded ass. Which any would love to fuck it.

So during my semester vacations my mom sent me to the auntys house as I was familiar to her to collect some stuff. It was usual day I went to her house collected the stuff but just while returning she called me and asked for ma cell no. I readily gave the number and left . There were never any intension in my mind about her.

Quite days past any I received a text from an unknown number on whatsapp, on which I enquired I got an instant reply stating its reema aunty. Days past well for more then a week I used to share some good morning pics wit her later one day I meet her at a nearby shop. It was day, the scene that took place completely changed my view of seeing about her. As she entered the shop she was wearing a beautiful green saree with a matching blouse, on seeing me she just came to me and patted me saying you are looking so sexy handsome.. I was totally thrilled to her statement and enjoyed her hand on my body.

After getting the stuff from there I left but that night was awesome night for me I just couldn’t sleep.. After so much of control I went and masturbated thinking about her ass and tits.

I was so overwhelmed that I texted her “The nights are so long and awesome, hope to see you soon”. That next day I realized that I did something wrong and texted her sorry.. But her reply to the txt thrilled and gave me more confidence, she replied tumhara irada kya hai beta. On this I kept quiet and dint replied anything.. Same day at night I got a msg, it was reema aunty, she said me that she will be visiting the room and told me to be there.

We have a flat which was to be sold and only I used to be there for studies and aunty knew about it. The next day aunty called me and told me to be at the flat by 2 pm in afternoon. I was there and right at 2:10 the doorbell rang. To my surprise it was really reema aunty, she was looking damn sexy draped into red saree with a red blouse.

As during the afternoon time the building and locality is quite, and hardly any1 comes by in the wing so no one noticed her. I welcomed her in she sat on the sofa, I sat beside her and before she could say anything I got hold of her leg and starting pleading her that please dont complain to my mom.. She took hold of my shoulder and said me to get up. I sat beside her on the sofa and she started talking.

She said I wont complain it to any1 unless you listen and obey to me.. I readily agreed to her and said I will do whatever you say but plz dont complain.She looked straight into my eyes..N her lust towards my body was clearly visible… She just kept her handbag on the table and within a fraction she pounded on me like a wild cat and started kissing me.. I was stunned and was loving it the most… For me it was a dream come true…

I acted for a resistance but her grip was so tight that I couldn’t do anything… Being in her mid 30s anunty was a damn passionate kisser. She was kissing me like a hungry wild cat and even was biting my lips and sucking my tongue so passionately… Now I started making my moves towards her.. When we were busy kissing I grabbed her one ass cheek and started pressing it hard. She was enjoying it fully… After along 10 minutes kiss we parted… We were looking at each other lustfully and breathing heavily…I grabbed her by her neck and planted a kiss on her neck… My one hand was busy pressing her tits…

Meanwhile her hands went down searching for my erected dick..Aunty just started rubbing it from outside of my pant… Then I pulled her towards me and unhooked her blouse.. Wow my eyes were stunned on the big melons just waiting to jump out of her red bra…In an instance I unhooked the bra and get those melons free in front of me… I couldnt stop myself and grabbed both her tits in my hands and started kissing them…

Aunty started moaning heavily and was caressing my hairs very fast …. I was biting sucking and licking all her melons as a hungry animal… She was enjoying it… I moved a little down… And kissed her navel and licked it for around five more minutes… She was totally aroused by that time… I sat on my keens and went further and open her petticoat… My cock became more hard just by seeing her wet panty..

I slowly pulled her panty down and made her sit on the sofa and parted her legs apart.. I moved further and there was a clean shaved pink pussy just like a new girl it looked… She took a great care of her inner and outer beauty…. The smell of her pussy aroused me more and planted a small kiss on her pussy… As if a current passed through her body and she made a big sigh…. She said in a soft voice in hindi.. Hum tho appke hai aaj puri kardo humari sare tamanaye….Hearing this I started slowly sucking and licking her pussy.. I tasted so damn sweet…. Aunty was moaning heavily and was making lot sexier voices….

She grabbed my head and was pushing my head deep in her pussy I was bit uncomfortable to breath but was enjoying it… While sucking she pulled me and we shifted into 69 position… She started sucking my cock hungrily.. I was unable to lick her pussy .. She was sucking my hard cock as if she was desperate for years.. For suck cock…

After 5 minutes.. She left my cock.. And then she rested herself sitting and spread her legs apart…She pointed with her finger towards my cock and made a sign to insert it… I said I dont have a condom.. On which she replied that she wanna feel the real flesh inside her pussy..

I kept my dicks head on her pussy and started rubbing it . On this she shouted on me and said ab bash aur mat tadpa daal de andar.. Bhuja de aag meri… She was fully wet and well lubricated… I placed my dick on the opening.. And in just one stoke I was fully in..I was completely inside her and was feeling all the heat inside on my dick… The feeling was so damn awesome… Meanwhile aunty was enjoying it inside….

I started giving slow strokes to her… She was making much sexier voices and the room was filled with the sex aroma and voices all around… I slowly increased my speed and started giving her heavy strokes.. She was moaning loudly.. Calling up my name…

After 10 minutes in this position .. We went into missionary pose and started … Fucking her. Sooner in 5 minutes I was about to cum and I told it to aunty. She told me dont remove it…. Fill me with your love juices today. I started stroking heavily and in next 5 minutes I filled her pussy with my hot cum.. I got my dick out.. And aunty.. Licked it fully makes all cum invisible.. She just licked my dick clean…We got ourself cleaned and dressed.. I offered her some water while leaving from the

She looked at me and with a smile she said… Hope to see you soon

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