Savita Bhabhi Episode 53

“Have a good day at work” Savita wished Ashok good bye with nice soft kiss, when her phone suddenly rang.

It was her old boss mishraji. Wondering why he could be calling at this early hour she answered the phone. “Mishraji is that you” she asked. “Savita Patel! You still remember me” Mishra asked happily recalling the fun times he used to have with his then new secretary Savita. All the times he asked to file papers in the lowest of cabinets, and he would sneak up behind her to secretly smell then eat her pussy.

“So are you calling just to discuss old times” Savita asked cutting his memories short.

“Actually Savita I have a favour to ask of you” said Mishraji “ I have a fantasy of mine that I would like to fulfil and I thin k you would be perfect for it”

“I guess I do owe you for hiring me for my first job” Savita agreed. She tried to question him about what the favour would entail but Mishraji insisted on keeping it a surprise and asked her to visit his home at 11pm on Friday.

At that moment ShaliniMishraji’s secretary entered his office and picked the papers up off his desk to file. She then purposely dropped them showing off her wet pussy to Mishraji. This only reminded him of how accommodating Savita was and the fun times he had had with both his secretaries. While Shalini would suck his hard dick he would be eating Savita’s juicy pussy as she lay back on his desk moaning and screaming in pain and joy.

Mishraji quickly distracted himself and focused on the task at hand. He called up his favourite massage parlour and booked him and Savita to couples massage.

Friday soon arrived

Savita reminded Ashok that she would not be in as she was spending time with her “sister” and that she had cooked his dinner and kept it In the fridge.

Mishraji House;

The door bell rings. It is a young man with a massage table. “Hello my name is Darsh” said the young man. He was from the massage company and had come for the couples massage.

Mishraji lead him to the spare bed room and asked him to set up his table so that the adventure could begin. As Mishra poured himself some wine. Darsh enquired about the Mrs. But Mishraji asked for him to begin his massage.

Darsh agreed and asked Mishraji to lie head down on one of the tables. He then poured some hot oil on his back.

“Perfect” Exclaimed Mishraji.

“Please let me know if my touch is too strong for you” ask Darsh as he began to massage the oil into Mishraji back. Mishraji asked him to continue as he was doing as he wanted his full body to relax. Darsh soon moved his massage from the back to lower part of the body slowly massaging his calves then ankles and feet. Darsh checked if Mishraji was ok if he could remove his shorts in order to massage him better. Mishraji immediately agreed and dropped his shorts.

The massage began again.  He began to massage Mishraji’s but. He kept checking with Mishraji if his techniques and massage areas were ok. Mishraji said “ I leave it to your professional discretion. Do what you feel you must”

So Darsh then sprayed some oil into his but hole and let it drip don wot his balls. He then began to massage his balls and put hole with the oil. Mishraji was now up on the table bent over with his balls and dick hanging between his legs. Darsh began to massage ever muscle and as he did Misharji’s body would shiver. Darsh kept asking his patient to relax as his massage went on.

“Might I ask you to turn around” asked Darsh.

As Mishra turned over his hard dick was standing in attention. “ I am glad you find my work satisfactory” said Darsh.

“ Icant wait for my wife to get here and enjoy this too” said Mishraji.

At that moment the doorbell rang and Mishraji went to open the door.

It was Savita dressed in a sexy blue saree” Nice to see you Mishraji but where are your clothes” she asked. “ Welcome home my dear wife, I have a surprise for you” screamed Mishraji as he lead her to his room.

ON entering the room and seeing Darsh Savita asked who he was and Mishraji explained the situation. Once the pleasantries were out the way, Darsh asked Savita to disrobe so that he could begin his massage on her. She was happy and shy at the same time. She immediately undid her bra and drooped her saree to the floor.

Standing naked in front of Darsh with her gorgeous body and huge tits she asked “ ok tell me what to do next”

“Simply relax and allow me to do all the work” Darsh said as Savita lay down on the massage table. He then began to rub some oil on her back and began his massage.

“Do not feel shy Darsh. Since this her first massage be sure to work every inch of her” said Mishraji.

Darsh was now massaging savita’s lower back her but. Slowly he was moving his fingers closer and closer to her wet pussy and used her juices to massage her further.

As Darsh concentrated on her pussy. Mishar warned him not to forget her other opening. Now both men were massaging Savita’s pussy and but hole at the same time. Savita was in pleasure heaven.

She turned to face her men “ Now if you can manage that touch with my breast I would really enjoy”

As Darsh began to use his hands to massage Savita’s boobs and pinch her nipples., She demanded that he use his mouth too. As he bent over Savita was hit in the face with Darh’s hard dick making a tent in his pants.

“Looks like this massage a being our helper too dear husband” said Savita.

“Its only fair that we all have some fun” Mishraji said as he dropped his towel and pulled out his hard dick. Savita then reached for Darsh and unzipped him realising his monster cock and began to give him a blow job.

“She has some talent does she not” claimed Mishraji as Savita began to suck harder and deeper on Darsh’s cock.

Seeing Darsh enjoy his blow job. Mishraji invited him to join as their guest.

What will Darsh do next will he get a massage on this cock himself. How will Savita enjoy his dick. Will it be a new experience as promised my mishraji? To find out more read the next episode of Savita Bhabhi.

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