Suma And Sunil Gave Me A Wonderful Experience In Bed

Hi guys, this is a short sex story. I am Kiran here real name 24 yrs from Karnataka fact of my cock size is 7 inch long and 2 inch width , I ‘m a regular reader of Indian sex stories .. I really like stories of couples, incest, group now I am coming to the story where I came for three some. His name is Sunil age 31 his wife Suma age 24 her stats are 32 28 32 superb boobs & ass they have 1 kid who stay in grand ma home.

Once I was searching in locanto for couples who seeking for three some and I got sunils mail id so I sent him mail to contact me ..

After 2 days he contacted me and I packed my clothes and left to his home town already I was boozed 2 beers he called me and informed me to bring 4 beers and condoms so I reached his home at 7 pm suma welcomed me she was wearing her blue nighty I was stunned after seeing her beauty I hugged her lightly and sunil told that compulsory I need to use condom so I obeyed and we have finished our beers suma drank one beer sunil went to bathroom and she sat on my lap and our conversation starts like this

Suma : you are from,?
Me: I am from Bangalore
Suma: are you virgin?
Me: no, why do you fuck only virgins
Suma : no…

And suddenly jumped on me and started kissing me very hardly on my lips and rubbing my penis, I hold her boobs on her nighty and sunil came to us and told excuse me shall we have food so we took break and had our dinner time was 9 pm and we smoked and went to bed room and bed was full of flowers.

I got shocked and Suma and me were started kissing and Sunil undressed himself and sat on sofa so I took off Sumas nighty and my sexy doll was only in red bra and panty I was sucking her right boob and holding left boob and she was moaning in pleasure and Sunil brought some honey and gave to Suma she poured half bottle of honey on my penis and started sucking it deep throat.

I took off her red bra and squeezing her boobs hardly she bite my penis and told to be soft and I told her that I ‘m about to cum she didnt listen my words and I shot my thick cum in her mouth she drank it half and sunil was masturbating looking us suma told to sunil that dear hubby pls dont be jealous he replied dear I am happy to see you like this so I threw suma on decorated bed and took off her panty and poured honey on her lips boobs and on pussy.

After that I sucked her lips boobs navel and finally came to pussy she was already wet and I sucked her pussy till she cums in my mouth and she said I cant I ‘m done now so pls leave me for some time.

So I told no babe its your time to make me on so she sucked my cock enough to become hard and I wore condom as sunil told me and inserted my cock head she shouted in pain and I didnt even care for that and pushed in one short and my cock was full in she shouted and told me to stop but I didnt listen and she was crying sunil came to her and licking her pussy while I ‘m fucking her legs were on my shoulder and I ordered to come to doggy style she refused but sunil convinced her and she obeyed.

I took out lax 2% its a lubricant for virgins and I applied on my cock and to her ass hole she asked me y you applying to my ass hole I told her to arouse you but I kept my cock on entrance to her ass hole she said no no no but I pushed hard in first attempt cock head was in second short full in she was crying due to pain I hold her boobs and pressing lightly and slowed down to make her relax and after that she told to be in medium speed.

So I started my speed and I fucked her like 15 mins and told her that I ‘m about to cum she told to take it out I took out to my shock she suddenly took off condom and started to suck my cock deeply and I cum in her mouth sunil came to me and said can I get a chance to fuck my wife I told yeah you can but only in pussy because ass is reserved for me and in 5 mins he finished his work and went to sleep in another room suma told pls let we have some break I told her ok we can have but after this session she told me ok but only oral I told no I want your pussy now.

I made her doggy style and lifted her one leg and started my game she was shouting to b slow but I didnt listen and after 20 mins I asked her where to cum she didnt toell anything so I released my cum in condom and I threw that condom in dustbin and she said she cant able to walk also and sunil was in deep sleep so I took her to washroom and came to bed I saw time it was 3 am I asked her whether she is ok she told pls just sleep for half an hour.

So I went to smoke and she was in sleep and I slept on bed nude with her at 4am she started to suck my cock so I wake up and saw her she said fucking morning my dear I said come and ride on me so she sat on me and started to ride for 15 mins.

After that I made her doggy style and entered her ass without lubrication so she started screaming in pain so sunil woke up and came to me and said dude pls be soft she cant tolerate her pain so I told him bastard she is my one day wife so you go and do your work so I rammed her ass for half an hour climaxed in her ass without condom and she kissed me hardly and bite my lips and time was 7 am I told I ‘m getting late so let we have bath so she took me to bathroom and we had bathroom sex.

I got ready after breakfast we had three some that Sunil was fucking her pussy and I was fucking her ass and said that I had a good time Suma and Sunil appreciated my stamina and Suma told me till now her husband didnt even fucked her thrice in night but you fucked me more than 6 times and she gave me 10 k I told her I am not a gigolo I dont want do this for money so she told this is not for you this is for your stamina so I left from there and she calls me to her home twice in month and I strictly told her that I wont come for money so if wanna give money then I wont come so now she only get fucked ….

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