My Mom Fucked By Dads Employer

Hi guys, I am Deepak here with my second story. This is a sex story about my mom being fucked by my dads employer. It happened on a few months ago when dad was currently working for Mr.Darshan in Dubai.

At that time, me and my mom were living in Kolkata so dad used to visit us once or a week every month due to congestion in work.

Let me intro you to my mom, her name is Harita, 50 yrs old having a hot figure of 40D -36-44. She has a long hair which goes along the back of her body.Her breast and ass are really big but the bigger one is her fat ass which bounces up and down when she walks.

Coming back to the story, as usual dad works under the management of Mr.Darshan. Mr.Darshan is a manger at an international company and he is a Punjabi who is a bit tall and well built. He is 60 yrs old now.

Dad called us one evening and said that he will be visiting us and this time he will come with his boss, Mr.Darshan.We waited for them for a week and finally they came on weekend. The four of us stayed in our home for nearly two weeks.

So as days passed, dad had to return to Dubai to continue with his work. MR.Darshan said that he will sleep in a lounge but dad laughed at him and said that he is a fool to sleep in a lounge when he can sleep at his employees house. MR.Darshan put a smile on his face mom also smiled a bit.

So the next day, dad took of and as per scheduled, Mr.Darshan would follow him after a month because he is the boss so he has no hurry. It has passed a week now and mom Mr.Darshan became close friends.

I used to closely notice that Mr.Darshan is enjoying the view of my moms navel and also her big swaying fat ass every time she wanders around the house.

Sometimes mom used to bend over to clean the house and when she got up, her saree used to get stuck in between her huge ass cheeks and he could view the fleshy delicious butt of my mom. I saw a huge bulge in his pants i also think that mom is doing those things to get his attention since dad did not fuck mom for years due to work.

Things went on slowly and mom and Mr.Darshan now used to chat sitting together and also sometimes they used to go to shopping together.

One weekend we all went for shopping and that day mom wore a very seductive saree which i think Mr.Darshan bought her because i never saw her with it. It was very tight and her boobs were visible also her big ass was very much on display and i dont think she wore any panty. She is behaving naughty i guess.

That evening, we arrived home at 5 pm in the evening.We bought so many things, Mr.Darshan also bought me afew toy cars.

That evening Mr.Darshan took bath and went to the sitting and started reading gazzete. Mom was cooking and i was playing with my toy cars. At 9 pm we ate lunch and i went to sleep.

I left Mr.Darshan on the sofa because that is where he used to sleep. Mom went to her master bedroom and at around 11pm we all slept. But my mind came to a dirty stage where i started to think of Mr.Darshan fucking my mom.

So i decided to creep slowly to see any thing and at first when i passed the sitting room i did not see Mr.Darshan and i was shocked, my heart started pounding and i knew my fantasies were half fulfilled. I crept slowly towards moms bedroom and noticed it was locked from inside and i heard moaning voices like “Nooo ! Aahhh this is wrong Darshan aahhh i like you but not in this way aahh”

Gosh! It was my mom with Mr Darshan inside the master bedroom. I saw in the window Mr.Darshan who was standing behind my mom whispering something to her then she eased herself. I was shocked to how my mom relaxed. Mr Darshan started kissing her neck from the back while pressing her massive big butt.

Mom started closing her eyes and moaning. Mr.Darshan started rubbing his dick against moms fat ass from behind and i was shocked and surprised by what mom was doing. She brought her hand behind and held his pants around his groin.

Mr Darshan saw that she was in the mood and took her to the bed and started undressing her. She was fully nude. Now he removed his pants and his 11 inch dick sprung out. Mom took it and started sucking. Mom was now behaving as a slut this is what she was waiting for all her life to be fucked by a rich man of dads boss. “Suck it my Harita, tonight its only me and you, your stupid husband is away letting me fuck his wife, suck it harita”

Mom sucked and chocked on his dick for 10 mins then she laid on her vack and he started licking her cunt

“Aaaahhh lick my pussy … aahhhh its all yours …i kept it tight all those months for your darling suck it”

I was really shocked by what mom was saying. That is why she never gave her pussy to my dad, instead she kept it for Mr.Darshan???

Mr.Darshan sucked her pussy then it was time to fuck her, he placed his big dick at her pussy lips and guided it all in and started pounding her faster. “Aaaahhh Darshann darrllinng you are going to kill meee!! Aahhh slowly baby aaahhh its so tight I cant take it any more aahhh!”

Mr.Darshan was quiet and kept on pounding her. Then he asked her…”where should i cum baby aahh tell me where should i cum”.

“Not in my pussy … nooo … not in my pussy, cum on my tits darling” mom moaned

Then Mr.Darshan removed his dick from her pussy, he turned her on her stomach and he was greeted by the jiggly big butt of my mom. Then immediately he said “am going to cum inside your stinky anus”

“No honey…just cum in my pussy then but not inside my ass…no darling”

But since Mr.Darshan always had a huge hunger for her big butt for all those days, he had to fuck her big ass. He convinced mom but mom still refused calling him hubby but Mr.Darshan did not waste time. He took out vaseline from his trouser which was on the bed and applied on her anus and some on his dick.

Then he leaned on the back of my mom. This position made mom helpless, he guided his big dick inside her virgin shit-hole and due to his strength, it went in half way and mom really screamed hard.

She bit the bed sheet with her mouth while Darshan was telling her to keep quiet. He pushed his dick more and it went in all deep inside her “first time invaded asshole”.

He went up and down on that fat ass for nearly an hour pounding her smelly anus with vigour. Moms brown shit was also coating Mr.Darshans dick due to her heavy eating. After an hour, he cummed inside the dirty anus of my mom and removed his dick which caused my mom to fart very loudly like “pppprrrr”.

His cum started coming out of her anus even her own shit started coming out. It was disgusting. She got up in difficulty holding her anus and ran to the bathroom, Darshan wiped his cock and followed her too.

From where i was standing, i could not view the bathroom but i heard another loud moans of my mom for another 30 mins or so i guess Mr.Darshan fucked her loose asshole again. That night mom and Mr.Darshan enjoyed their fuck sessions. It was now remaining a week for Mr.Darshan to return and he made use of that week by fucking my moms pussy and fat ass every night.