How I Seduced My Friends Colleague

Hi, Vishwa here from Bangalore. This incident and sex story happened with me in two months back when I met my friends colleague. Please forgive me for any mistakes as I am new in writing story. I went to my friend Office for some reason he introduced me as his friend to his colleague name Priya( Changed).

We talked as usual, next time we met in their office. She came to me and we talked about our works and personal things as my friend is talking on other call. She has one business plan for me that is Amway( multilevel marketing).

She give me one broacher saying that some beautiful products are there please see if you want to buy something in this then let me know. I went through the broacher then told her whenever I want this kind of products I will let you know. She given her mobile number and asked my mobile number I miscalled her. I talked to my friend and left.

After 2 days she called me regarding the products asking have you liked any want to buy and she is asking for the time meet with her senior, I told her I liked and whenever required I will inform you.

After that one week We didn’t talk. I called her one day as usual that time she asked can we meet someday regarding that product I told ok. Sunday, we planned as we both having holiday. We met in KFC at afternoon 2:30.

We talked casually, We ordered 2 Pizza she asked about the products I didn’t answer anything. She also changed the topic. We talked about personal things about my family and her, suddenly do you have girlfriend for that I told no. P: you are laying

Me: Promise I don’t have any. I thought we are very close now I was sat in opposite now came to beside her asked can I Sit here for the she said k.

I sat there and Pizza came while have pizza we talking each other in middle I touched her left hand with my left hand she didn’t tell anything I got courage I taken into my thigh and her I was rubbing my hand with her and her thigh we ordered another pizza as we have some more time we have I touched her waist from my right hand, she is aroused now I was too. I kissed her near ear. We finished eating and left.

Next Sunday we have planned to go to movie we went 4:30pm show show started I took her hand I put my right hand on her shoulder for the she didn’t oppose, I was rubbing her thigh.

I touched her boob, Started rubbing over top. Her hand in my thigh a put her hand in my cock over pant after inside she id rubbing I put inside my undie she is now stroking. I started to rubbing her pussy over cloth I was trying to open her pant she helped me to open and I insert hand started rubbing over panty She was fully aroused and stroking mine her panty is fully wet.

As my first experience I don’t know what to do. I inserted in panty rubbing the pussy insert one finger in. after inserted two fingers and finger fucked about 10mins she came. I inserted my hand in her top rubbed her boobs like anything I was in heaven as she is stroking I came we both sit 10 mins in our hands rubbing. Interval. We left home.

After that we are talking each other on phone. As she is telling me she is liking me and loving me. Then I made one program to meet in weekend I mean next Sunday 12:30 afternoon we suppose to meet she managed somehow in home told that she is going to her friends house.

She came at 1:00pm as I came near metro station at 12:45. As she came near me she told hi, for that I said hello how are you, she told fine, where we are going I was keep quite as I already booked room in good hotel. I asked her can we go for that she told yes.

We got auto in auto, I informed her we are going to hotel there you please keep quite, she said ok I understood that she is come to know my point as we checked in 1:30 I switched on the fan and saw whether any camera is there after confirming went near her I kissed her. She is angry on me why you did friendship with me for this only I am not comfortable here and all I thought my plan go off.

Again I kissed took her in my arms and kissed for the she is responding little after that I rubbed her bobs over cloths they we very smooth I inserted hand in her top started rubbing over bra. She is kissing me like anything she is now fully aroused I also. I told her to remove my shirt she removed and again kissed me.

I tried to remove her pant but I can’t she told me I can’t do this. I told her I will use protection for that she keep quite. I started rubbing pussy over cloth she is already wet.

Now she came over me started kissing near my ears I also kissed near her ears she got fully aroused started mooning ahhhh.. ahhhh.. she removed her pant I started rubbing her pussy over her panty

Then I inserted one finger in pussy started fingering she is now enjoying like anything then I inserted two fingers finger fucking will go on…. She is moaning ohh …..ahhhhh .. I saw her face she is in heaven last I asked about this she told me that she enjoyed a lot .fingering lasts 10 min. I kissed her boobs and lips neck near ears she is telling me to fuck me..