Chennai Lady Got Satisfied To The Core

Hi guys, I am Raj from Chennai. I am an escort and this is my first story gonna share with you all I am a very big fan of Indian sex stories.

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Once again I am going to tell about me I am raj age 20 from Chennai with slim body with 6 inch tool pink head girls love to lick that. I posted an Ad in one of the website I am an escort and can satisfy any ladies in and around Chennai.

I got so many mails I checked on by one there I saw a mail that a lady wants to get satisfy at any cost and I replied that it’s my pleasure. Then I got a mail for my mobile number then I gave it to her she added me to her whatsapp she started texting me I enquired her age name where from etc and she said her husband lost interest in sex she hungry for sex she wants me to satisfy I accepted.

Let me tell you about her name is Nimmy age 34 with 36-30-38 body with big juicy lips and big round ass and nipples are so big of 1inch. We were sex chatting for a week and she said she can’t control her husband will be out of station for a week she asked me to come to her home on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning she texted me her address and I went to her place and rang the door bell a beautiful lady opened the door she wore a red tight salwar and a white leggings I was awestruck to see her body and cute face she is a lot white than I thought then she welcomed me in and gave me a glass of orange juice then I asked her can we start she said yes.

I was sitting on the sofa she came and sat next to me immediately I kissed her hand and she smiled and I kissed her lips passionately she started touching my chest area and I placed my hand on her hips and started to move upwards we started kissing so mad and licked her lips and sucked her tongue it tasted so good

Then I lifted her salwar saw her flat tummy I rubbed it kissed and licked it she moaned and removed her tops and kissed her neck and sucked her ears she started breathing heavily and squeezed her boobs over bra she was wearing a black bra it is exposing her white skin I was mad by seeing her boobs I kissed her boobs and licked it like ice cream she moaned and removed her bra I was shocked to see her nipples it was very big and I started sucking it and pressed the other boob she moaned heavily and said suck me raj suck me hard its soo good suck me uhhha ahhhh she said.

Then I switched to other boob and pinching the nipple and sucking the other I continued this for about 15 mins she continuously moaned I saw wet patches on her pussy area I kissed her and entered my hand in her leggings I lifted her panty and entered my hand in her panty she is so wet

I rubbed her pussy she moaned and gripped my hair she pressed me to kiss her bad I rubbed her pussy and licked her lips and chin neck boobs tummy and her crotch area and removed her leggings I saw she was wearing a black panty I removed it and she was cleanly shaved her pussy she pressed my head to her pussy I licked it squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples so bad she moaned and trembled.

I licked her pussy for 5 mins and fingered her pussy and licked her clit she cant control she cummed in my mouth I drank it and applied some on her boobs and licked it.

Then I removed my pant she removed my underwear and shocked to see my cock it was 6 inch long with pink head she stroked it with hand and licked its tip and started sucking it I caressed her boobs while she sucking my cock she kneeled down to suck my cock I gave her my cock she started sucking it like a pro then I spat on her cleavage and placed my cock on the gap and started fucking her boobs she moaned and said her husband will not done this before he simply fuck her for 5 mins and hell sleep she thanked me then she walked towards the bedroom by holding my cock

Then I made her in doggy position and rubbed my cock on her pussy she moaned heavily and is started fucking her slowly and I took my pace and big strong strokes then she cummed I took her in missionary position she bent to kiss me we were kissing and fucking so bad .

I said come on top of me ride she came on top and started riding me I squeezed her boobs while she was riding the I said I am gonna cum she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it hard I cummed in her mouth I came a lot some drops fell on her boobs she licked it and we kissed and I licked her pussy and she cummed again.

We took rest for a while and my cock got hard again this time I took her to dining table and put a leg on the table and other leg is hanging and I inserted in one strong push she screamed and moaned aaaahhhh raj fuck me uhhhh then I fucked her for 10 mins and started licking and fingering her pussy she cummed and I licked it.

We came in 69 position and sucked each other and fucked her in sleeping position I was about to cum and I cummed in her pussy .

We slept for a while and I started getting hard I inserted my cock while she is sleeping she moaned and woke up and I fucked her in the same position for nearly 20 mins and cummed on her mouth and boobs she licked it an d I was about to leave she gave me 15k she was nude then I kissed and sucked her boobs and slapped her ass and left the place she thanked me for satisfying to the core .

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