Sex With The College Friend

Hi, myself Sam 25 yrs old from Hyderabad. The lead girl of the story is Priya her stats was (36-30-36) she is basically from Orissa but she settled here with her family and she was my classmate. We were besties in our college days she loves one of my friend but she use to like me also as she said later.

This story happened six years back in the ending of our college days.

Well myself 5.7″ tall average built fair guy that girls want to be friend because of my friendly behavior and frank nature.

When I was in intermediate I was clever student in class so every one used to asked doubts and I use to clarify them easily and priya also comes to me daily and asked doubts and I use to clarify when no on notice us she use to show her cleavage to me and I use to see and some time she use to touch my cock but once she called me when no one in classroom and asked doubts but this time she started rubbing my lap and from there.

She started touching my cock and all of the sudden she kissed me harshly for 5mins I did not say anything because I was in dilemma and then we both gone to bathroom and kissed madly she was kissing me so passionately and I was also supporting her very well we kissed their and she rubbed my cock over my pant and I was pressing her boobs like hell.

Then I took those boobs out of the top and started sucking and biting she was in full mood and she gone down and started giving blowjob and I came in her mouth she drank and cleaned herself and we gone to our homes and that was last day of our college and after completion of our final exams she offer me a movie and we luckily got corner seats.

She again started rubbing my cock and this time I was also getting in mood and I kept my hand on her pussy she was already wet I licked my finger to this action she liked and she started kissing me and I started pressing her boobs after the movie we gone to our houses and that night we chatted a lot and did phone sex. Daily we sue to do sex chat and all this continue for one week and finally one day we planned to have sex and I said will go to resort and to that she said okay.

Then the next day morning I pickup her and took to resort their I booked a room and we was there by 10 am and then we closed the door she was in black t shirt and white jeans she was a sex bomb and she hugged me tightly and all of the suddenly she kissed me on my lips.

I started playing with her boobs as they were so soft and her nipples were erected and I was in no mood to leave her I desperately removed her top and started sucking boobs and biting nipples and then I removed her pant and started licking her pussy over panty.

Then I removed panty I saw a pink cleaned shaved pussy to which I gone mad and started licking I was eating it badly as its first time to her she cant controlled and came in my mouth and I tasted it and I didn’t stop there. I inserted one finger and started licking and finger fucking simultaneously.

Then it was her turn to make me mad she took my cock from my pant and started sucking it I was in heaven she was sucking like a ice cream and then she started licking my balls to that I was on cloud9 at that time and after 15mins of that sessions we came in 69 position and started oral sex and we both licked and sucked well and then we both came in our mouth that sessions is continued for an hour.

Then I make her lie and spread her legs and started rubbing my dick on her pussy and she was moaning like ah ah she was saying to fuck me fuck me and also she was begging to fuck not to tease and I started pushing but as she was virgin her pussy was too tight and I pushed my cock by saliva and in one push my cock was inside of her pussy she shouted and water drop rolled from her eye I was no mood to listen her and started my pace of fucking.

I fucked her hard and she was moaning like hell ahhhh stop shhhhh her seal was broked and some blood came out of pussy but I didnt stop I continuously fucked her for more than hour all the blood was come out and then when I feel like cumming I just take my dick to her mouth and came in her mouth to that she drank then we took half n hour rest and I clean her thighs which were in blood and I cleaned her pussy and then I took her to shower their we had oral sex.

Then we ordered some food had some food and again we started another session and I fucked her in various positions her pussy color changed to red from pink then I said to turn back because I wanted to fuck her bloody ass and she said let try other time but I was in no mood to listen to her I made her in doggy style and started spitting and trying to insert finger then I inserted two finger

Then I applied some saliva on my dick and pushed it gone half mad she started crying and saying me to stop but I was not listening to her pushed again and this time it gone fully and I also got some pain coz it was very tight and I fucked for more than 50 mins and cummed in her ass hole.

She was very tired and unable to walk properly then I licked her pussy for 15 mins she came again in my mouth and I drank it

Later I took to her bathroom for shower their I said to get kneel down and gave my dick to her to suck she started stroking and again it gained size and she sucked it for more than 30 mins.

I came down and started licking her reddish pussy for 20 mins and came up and started kissing her on neck and lips she kissed very well and we changed our saliva and I pressed her boobs very harshly and bite her pussy hardly.

She was in cloud 9 she told me later and then we dress ourselfs and I took her to her home and that night she said that she unable to walk properly because she was fucked very hard and she was in bed next day also till two days she was not able to walk properly.

I hope you guys like the story. This was my first sex story and so friends, I am waiting for comments. Mail me on [email protected]

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